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June 22, 2018, 06:34:16 AM

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Author Topic: Pleasures of Onyxsonal  (Read 402 times)

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Pleasures of Onyxsonal
« on: February 18, 2010, 10:13:24 PM »
Hello All. I suppose a little information on me would be necessary. I am a very open minded roleplaying and I have been at it for several years. I prefer to write one to two paragraphs, but I have been well known to do more than that. I do NOT do one liners. But I am also very creative. I tend to find ways to keep a roleplay going far beyond one scene. I like doing more than one scene. I really do. I also like plot bunnies and random fun. So long as I am having fun and you are having, that is all that matters.

In my signature is my on and off link. If it is not there, then run it by me and we'll talk it though so that I understand exactly what you want and so that everything is clear so I don't fumble around in confusion.

Current Plot Line Desires:
1. Arch Angel and Demon Lord [Or Lady]: I do not care which you wish to play: Now I know that may seem very cliche and everything but let me expand on the idea. The Arch Angel is none other than Micheal's right hand Angel. She was made just for him and only him. She knows little about emotions and tends appear very blank. A War breaks out on Earth when Lucifer falls in love with an angel and decided to wed her on Earth. Now the battle for supremacy on earth is being wages in the forest of Earth and in the cities. The Arch Angel, with her black wings, uses her appearance to trick the demons into thinking that she is a fallen. This has won many battles until the most powerful demon lord found out about it. Careful months of watching the angel led to the Demon lord finding out about her lack of understanding for emotions so he set a trap. The trap was having her take care of a mortal child then force her hand. Her or the girl....with emotions now in the way, she could not make a proper decision and gave herself willingly to the demon lord for the child. The child turned out to be a demon in disguise. He tricked her and gained the ultimate prize; Micheal's Angel.

Now that can either be played out entirely if you truly want to or we could just go with the end of that summary and grow from there with what he does once he takes her to hell. Again I use he and she to differentiate between the two character and that does no necessarily mean that I only would play those characters as those genders.

2.A loner wolf, were wolf to be precise, wants to gain dominance over the wolf packs of the continent. The head alpha has died and now each wolf who wishes to take his position must prove that he is the best and most powerful wolf out there. With no real pack of his own, no real power other than a superior strength and agility Rather ambitious right? Not with his plan. The Elementals are a rare breed of people who, once mated, can make their mate have the same abilities as themselves. Couple that with the rumor of an ancient elemental who can control not just one or two elements but all, and you have yourself a full proof plan for gaining the Head Alpha status. However there is one problem. The elementals are an allusive bunch who won't give away a prize like that but if this wolf catches the scent of her just once, he just might be able to find her and claim her for his own.