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Author Topic: Mesmerised - The Secret of Dreams... Seeking imaginative co-writer [Van to EX]  (Read 486 times)

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Mesmerised - The Secret of Dreams    Taken

The background:

The RP takes place in the Victorian era and will frequently cross the borders between the real world and the realm of dreams. It will also cross between (possibly extreme) differences in its mood and themes. The daily and social life of our characters will be that of typical Victorian upper class people, the era's ideas, interests, pastime activities, gender roles, rules of proper conduct and so on apply. The dreams, however, are an entirely different 'tale'.

Your character inherits both a fortune and a flourishing practise from a distant relative (or mentor). He also becomes the legal guardian of the old man's granddaughter Elizabeth, who was a patient of the old man. Your character would be a successful psychoanalyst or hypnotist with experience in the same field the old man was an expert in, the subconscious, the interpretation of dreams. Elizabeth is a beautiful young woman, but pale and of a rather 'melancholy disposition'. It appears the old man was an amiable gentleman and great doctor. People thought it a cruel stroke of fate that he could not help his granddaughter, whose melancholy and withdrawal became worse over the years since she turned seventeen.

In the old doctor's study, your character finds well hidden diaries, however, which the old man obviously intended to destroy prior to his death. In these notes, his genius shows. Experimenting with Elizabeth (who was unaware of it), he not only found a method to influence dreams, but to even create dreams as he wanted them. Eventually, he managed to enter these dreams in whatever form he chose, to actively participate in them and control what happened - he could not, however, control what Elizabeth thought, felt or did other than through his actions or situations he created.

The diaries not only reveal the doctor's genius, but also a secret, sexual obsession with Elizabeth. Over the years, his moral dilemma ate away at him and he began to almost hate her. By the time his method, which he had in part developed to allow him to follow his obsession without it having consequences, was so advanced he could enter dreams he had created, however, he was impotent. Even in the dreams, no matter who he 'became', each dream persona proved every bit as impotent as he was. Now, his experiments took an even more sinister turn, he created only nightmares, haunted the girl night after night. During the day, he would 'treat' her, make her tell what she remembered of her dreams (always exactly what he had wanted her to remember and not more), to analyse and interpret them. In short, he is the one responsible for her 'melancholic disposition'.

Plot ideas and possibilities:

Your character could decide to use the dreams in order to help Elizabeth get well, trying to make them less nightmarish. He could try to use and enter the dreams the old man established in order to learn how to create dreams himself, possibly because he wants to give her pleasant ones. He could also have a purely scientific interest. Or he could use them as a means to do the forbidden, explore the possibilities, deciding what she will dream, what of it, if anything, she will remember, gaining access to a world where he can do and indulge in whatever he wants without suffering any consequences. It could be a mix of what I listed, one interest could gradually turn into another, or something that comes to your mind I haven't yet thought of. ;)

The dream scenes can involve whatever we want, with only as much influence on her psyche as we want. I'd say if Elizabeth continues to have nightmares, she will simply not get better, if her dreams become good ones, she will recover. I would find it very interesting to explore those dreams, to see how they begin, what they develop into, how it will affect the personalities and daily interactions between the characters. From light to extreme, romance to darkest horror, this could be anything at all, or a mixture thereof.

Parallel to the dreams, we could develop a relationship between the characters. Whatever happens in their daily life, however, will have 'realistic' consequences. Elizabeth is a typical Victorian, and very ignorant where sexuality is concerned. To avoid having her traumatised, I prefer what happens between the characters outside the dreams to remain within the boundaries of the socially accepted of the Victorian Era (thoroughly vanilla). This could eventually stand in stark contrast to her dreams, which, if your character wants it so, can be a 'series' so that in them, she remembers and 'learns' from what happened in previous dreams.

What I'm looking for:

The RPer's gender doesn't influence my choice. I seek someone who writes longer, descriptive, detailled posts, is interested in the psychological element, gives depth and thought to plot and characters, and would like to explore the consequences of the forbidden, secret life of the dreams the doctor can create and 'join'. My partner should be fine with a slower pace, there can well be several days between posts now and then.

As I'll probably move beyond my established comfort zone* in the dream scenes, I'll chose my partner very carefully. I only want to try this with someone I feel at ease with, whose writing, tastes and imagination inspire me and are likely to mesh with mine. I hope this will not discourage you from sending me your ideas or disappoint you in case I decide against them.

I'd prefer your character to be male. However, it might be an interesting twist if your character was a woman, but in the dreams always/usually appeared as a man/male creature. I usually don't find lesbian pairings appealing, but in this RP and constellation, it might be quite an interesting twist, indeed.

*I don't wish to include a master/slave or master/pet relationship, the training and punishment of my character as a submissive, or humiliation. Other than that, a number of BDSM practises, some NC and possibly extremer kinks (apart from toilet play, infantilism, necrophilia, extreme mutilation or body modification) could well be included, depending on our ideas for the story...
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Offline MalinaTopic starter

Additional remarks:

The nightmares the old doctor created were not (at least not openly, although there might have been undertones) of a sexual nature. What exactly they contained is open to ideas and suggestions, but it is likely they were influenced by books, plays and themes popular among Victorians. There was a much interest in fairy tales and folk legends, for example, which could be twisted into nightmares, crimes (the Ripper murders, to name the most famous example) impressed people's imagination, there are fears common in most people's recurring nightmares we could use. Whatever contains an element of horror might be a source of inspiration.

The dreams created by your character would initially (while he is still learning the technique) be closely linked to those dreams the old doctor frequently used and thus firmly established, but we could change them early on and create new and very different ones. These, too, need not be of a sexual nature, but the erotic aspect of the dreams attracts me as it would create a 'world' in which, without inhibition or consequences, the wildest, strangest fantasies could spring to life. It might even be an interesting possibility to later have their dream experience and reality overlap, I find it strangely intriguing to imagine them having rather vanilla sex in their physical reality while at the same time, in her mind, she is ravished by a dream creature which in his mind is him...

Also, it might be noteworthy that I by no means intend to make Elizabeth a tragic, melancholic sufferer. She is a healthy, normal young woman in her early twenties, the melancholia the old doctor claimed to have diagnosed and treated was nothing but the pretext for and consequence of his experiments which resulted in her spending not a single night without being haunted by nightmares, thus sleeping badly - and finding hours of her days dedicated to reliving and describing some of the nightmares and hear him analyse and interpret them - and her. With the old man's morbid influence and habits removed, there will have been an instant improvement. Elizabeth might well be a lively, strong minded, witty young woman with many interest and every intention to fully enjoy her life.

Her role in her dreams will be by no means a passive one, either, she will experience them and act in them as if thrown into a different reality, as such is the nature of these dreams. It also is how your character will experience a dream once it is begun and he has ventured into it, the dreams will be vivid and seem completely real to all senses, no matter how surreal the setting and events. Only he, as the creator of the dream, can influence and end these dreams at will.