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November 29, 2022, 09:19:14 am

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Author Topic: a sci-fi/super-power-fantasy experiment, with some celeb sex XP M or F welcome  (Read 638 times)

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This is an ad for an unconventional kind of parallel roleplay, if you will.  I'd like to convert several of my recurrent daydreams into an ongoing storyline, basically a kind of detailed power fantasy that includes sex with celebrities but is not primarily focused on sex.  The main character will be traveling to various places and having all kinds of amazing, desirable experiences, all based on being powerful in some remarkable way, in sexual settings, sci-fi settings, and various real world situations.  Ideally, with luck, I want the end result to be a readable, if somewhat meandering, piece of fiction, with complex, developed characters and strong physical description.  Most importantly, there will be a coherent, continuous plot with rising conflict and resolution.

The story is already mapped out in some detail.  It will start in a real-world college setting, then suddenly take on sci-fi elements, then probably have some sex scenes.  The sex will often involve pop culture figures (models, actresses, etc.) from the last few decades, and there will be at least a few pictures of them in the thread.  Eventually, the story will return to a modern, real-world setting, but super-power-type fantasy and sci-fi elements will continue throughout, as will occasional sex scenes.  Because I hope to have an interesting plot, the sex -- however graphic -- will only be a small part of the overall story.

I do not plan to do the story as a roleplay, at least not at first.  What I want is to have someone read what I've written as I post it and then do your own version or variation of it.  The central character of your story will have most or all of the same fantastic experiences as mine, but customized to your liking -- with similar but different characters, settings, etc.  The level and sort of differences can vary and will be largely up to you, though we can discuss them.  You can consider my writing as a template of ideas for your character to explore or ignore, as you will.  The result should read like a kind of alternate version of my story:  an exciting fantasy that resembles mine but has intriguing differences, too.  If the experiment lasts long enough, the stories may eventually intertwine, but only if it makes sense and seems worthwhile.

Although I'm posting this in the One-on-Ones section, it isn't really a conventional roleplay at all, so there's no reason why there couldn't be multiple people trying this simultaneously.  Because I anticipate people inevitably coming and going, I intend to have new people join later if necessary.

What I'm looking for in co-writers are the following traits:
1) Your writing style should appeal to me, that is, it should match or exceed my own in terms of overall coherence and level of sophistication, or come close.  This requirement is by far the most important one.  Peeking at my past threads to see my writing and that of my partners will give you a good idea of what I'm after. 
2) You should be comfortable with the whole concept outlined above, that is, writing an ongoing long-term story based on someone else's story.  Of course you can stop anytime, but please don't approach me if you aren't open to the possibility of long-term participation.
The next two can bend to accomodate you if your writing style really grabs me.
3) You should be comfortable with the celebrity-sex aspect and with the occasional inclusion of pictures of the characters.  (I can show you how.)
4) I don't care if you're male, female, or other in real life, and your character can be any gender.  However, because I'm a straight male and would like to find the sex personally exciting, you should be comfortable writing about having sex with female partners, exclusively or nearly so.

Essentially, you get to take your character on a fantastic journey being directed by someone else; the ingenuity and oddity of the scenes are what will make it interesting for you.  For me, I get to see how someone else might envision something I've already figured out for myself.  If I don't find any suitable partners, I may repost this later along with the first story post, as a demonstration of how the game will look at the start.

PM me or post here to express interest or ask any questions.  Thanks for reading,
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