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Started by ChrisDay, February 16, 2010, 07:36:26 PM

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All of these scenes are with a dominant male and submissive/enslaved female...

1) SHiP (SuperHeroine In Peril)

I'm most familiar with the DC Universe, but it could be an original heroine as well.  A supervillian (personal favorite is playing The_Jokester, an AU version of The Joker) uses a new version of smilex gas on a heroine.  Its a pheromone laced drug that saps a heroine of her ability to express her free will, though she still has it.  It also throws the heroine into heat against her will, though it doesn't make her willing.

Kinks:  NC, Forced Orgasm, gang rape, humiliation, forced exhibitionism, light pain, bondage, pheromone.  Optional:  beastiality, enslavement

2) The Venus Rape Trap

A girl goes jogging in the woods, and stumbles across a magical plant.  The plant draws females with a subtle pheromone and then rapes them allowing it to breed. (There are two other parts to the story).

Kinks:  NC, Impreg play, bondage, size queen, pheromones

3) Amityville Horror.--Spoken for

A girl's first night in her new apartment, unknown to her its built over a pentagram, and a demon is entering the world that day through it.  It could also be a sorority house.

Kinks:  NC, demons, tentacles, humiliation, light mind control, size queen, wet and messy Optional:  beastiality, forced lesbianism

4) The Abduction--Spoken for

A girl takes a day off from work, and plays hooky at the local mall.  Her drink is spiked with a roofie, and when she wakes up her world is a very different place.  Could also take place at a new local bar.

Kinks:  Rape, forced exhibition, forced servitude, forced picture taking, enslavement, bondage.  Optional:  beastiality, marking (tattoo, branding)

5) Here cums St. Dick--Spoken for

Everyone knows St. Nick, but not many know about his evil, opposite...the demonic St. Dick.  He arrives at the houses of good girls, and entraps them delivering them to all the bad boys.  Tinsel bondage, candy cane dildos, jingle slave bells, christmas light violet wands, and mind bending mistletoe.

Kinks:  rape, humliation, mind control, bondage, enslavement

6) Buff the Vampire Slayer
I have two ideas here....

a) Buffy meets Giles...who's more Ripper than Giles.  He hates his role as Watcher, and hates buffy's flippant attitude so he decides to use magic to control Buffy, to put her in her place.  This takes place at the beginning of season 1...and I'd like to explore different 'high points' of the seasons in this AU...for example this Giles wouldn't have permitted Buff to sleep with Angel, therefore he would never lose his soul.

b) Underground demon arena.
Dawn is kidnapped by a demon fighting ring to force buffy to fight.  She does well, until she starts fighting demons that use more powers and brains than sheer brawn.

For both of these scenes kinks are negotiable as I don't have a real clear idea on where they'll go.

7) Picture thread!

I love that image...a paladin being ....used by an imp...

More ideas to....umm....come....

Winds Of Lust

If you have no problem with males playing females Then I'll gladly do ANY of your plots x3


i could do the vlenus fly trap one or the amnityville horror one ^_^ the tentacles got me


The superheroine one looks cool! *raises hand* Pick me! Pick me!
I'm back and looking for good storytellers! Turn me on!


8) Soul Calibur
Battle gone horribly wrong.
Lizardman vs Sophitia
Nightmare vs Taki
Ivy vs Sophitia (and/or taki)
Lizardman/nightmare vs seung mina

kinks:  combat, rape, humiliation, forced lesbianism, toys


9)  Actress' first job...
She thinks she's being hired to play a victim in a horror movie, a girl knifed in the shower.  However, it turns out she's the star...of a rape flick.

Kinks:  rape, humiliation, forced exhibitionism, wet and messy


Paladin and imp looks interesting, so does the venus fly trap. Which would you rather do?


I'd love to play either SHiP or Venus Rape Plant out with you, if you'll play with a male playing a female.

Elven Sex Goddess

I like to toss hat in for also SHiP  or Actress first job.   


okie...I've been gone a while, should be back again...I've reached out to a few players


Hey, I have a few ideas I want to add...

Puppy/Kitty rescue:

A girl (heroine or normal) rescues a cute kitty (or puppy) out of a tree.  Turns out that's no puppy at all, but a shapeshifting anthro.  It puts its victim into heat and the transforms into a large, dual cocked beast.

Kinks:  Rape, Humiliation, pheromone control, beastiality, incest (perhaps), forced everything, possible enslavement of the character as well



No RP's are taken, everything is back on the table again....first come is first get the point!

PM me please.