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June 24, 2018, 11:30:22 PM

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Author Topic: Anything unusual, it's here. All genders welcome.  (Read 411 times)

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Offline Ragnar121Topic starter

Anything unusual, it's here. All genders welcome.
« on: February 16, 2010, 07:00:01 AM »
So, I was accepted a good while ago, and so, I figured, what the hey, let's get something rolling.

I'm very much a fan of multiple characters, so do expect me to bring around several permanent characters, usually of every gender, into each story.  So anyone who's not interested in playing several characters at a time, I may not be the guy for you.
That said, these story concepts are all written from the core concept of what would result in a PG-13 movie (except where noted).  Adult and mature scenarios are welcome, and encouraged, but are not the focal point of the stories.  As far as mature content is concerned, I'm open minded to almost anything, as long as it fits within the story, and contributes to it rather than taking away from it.
My number one turn-on is originality in character and story design.  Coming in at a close second are real character romances that really develop the characters as well as the story (this is of course barring non-con, which can be developmental in its own way)

The Marionette - About 150 years ago, a world war ended pretty much everything.  The planet went from a population of over 7 billion to just over 1.  Now, menial desk jobs are almost non-existant.  Medical technology has all but died, so life expectancy is much lower nowadays.  Today, people are junkers, or mercenaries, or pennyless shop owners, and so on.  It's everyone for themselves.  Our story deals with a number of junkers who stumble upon an ancient computer database which leads them on a quest where they learn of a sacred ship, the Marionette, which had been built before the war.  This ship had been built with a warp drive, and was capable of transporting millions of people across the stars in an incredibly short amount of time.  Thus, these few junkers set out to find this legendary ship, praying against all odds that they may be able to find salvation for the human race. (I did this one with another roleplaying partner, and it was incredible.  I would love to get a fresh twist on this idea.)

Like bringing fire to cavemen - A team of fugitives/travelers/merchants crash lands on a relatively backwater moon (similar to the dark/middle ages of Earth, so think 600-1300, depending on the area), finding themselves in the midst of a war between multiple factions.  They have to pick sides between groups where ideals are not necessarily black and white/good and evil.  Females would play a big part of this, as one of the factions holds a military power which almost exclusively female.  A big part of the story would come after leaving the planet, as I always intend to bring some remnants of it with our characters, be it new characters, or objects/artifacts, et cetera.  It would develop and grow from there.

Medieval/fantasy and beyond
A world of dreams - In a world where magic is not unheard of, but still something of a rarity, a scholar stumbles upon an ancient technique of lucid dreaming, which allows one to join a subconscious, telecommunicative world, in which two or more dreamers can share an experience.  The entirety of the aristocracy begins to spend their days dreaming, spending every moment of time in dream world communities, indulging in their greatest desires, and in the process, setting up their demise in the real world as the common men and women begin to plot their demise. 

The Wondrous People [MA] - A solitary tribe of hermaphroditic people living out in the savannah find themselves in a predicament.  Their tribe is small, and gone are the days of trading children, for they have travelled far outside their native homes in search of scarce food.  The androgynous tribe must either seek out local dwellings of single-sex beings and mate with them, creating single-sex children, or risk inbreeding the longer they refuse to break tradition.  It might only take one to break tradition, however.

I'll work on more as I come up with more ideas, but these are good for now.  I have tested or tried most of them in the past with players outside of Elliquiy and many of them are just downright fun from the start.