Spiderman roleplay - Female wanted

Started by Arkaniel, February 16, 2010, 03:50:50 AM

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I have several ideas swirling in my head that I want to try out, Most involve me playing Spiderman, and you playing obviously a female character of your choice. I have plots in mind for both Canon and original characters.

Some of the themes I want to work with:

-Possibly a son of Spiderman, years after his father died under mysterious circumstances, finds out he has the powers of the superhero vigilante that died at the same time his father did, or might even be suspected of killing his father before disappearing. He has to hide his powers and what he cooses to do with them from his mother, whom hates Spiderman (allthough she knew her husband was him, but she blames that part of him for taking him away from her).

-A spiderman dying or destroyed (literally or figuratively) in his home dimension and ending up in a different world (either an alternate Spidey world, the X-men world, the Justice League or Smallville, Charmed, ... Heck, Star Wars would be even cool :))

-A new origins story, the start of spiderman, his interactions with Gwen, Mary Jane or whoever you pick to be.

-Black Cat (She is hot, enough said)

-A different Peter Parker. One that doesn't let himself be bullied by everyone and everything. Mary Jane could reject him and hurt him terribly in the process, forcing Peter Parker to grow up and become a real man, having its effects on being spiderman, and maybe Peter using his canon brilliance to become someone succesful. You character (still anyone, except Mary Jane obviously) can be his new love interest, or there to pick up the pieces, or being the assistant of the new and improved Peter Parker, or trying to be Spidey's sidekick..

- Spiderman dealing with being publicly revealed... And all the dangers and troubles that come with it (could be tied into a crossover, as Peter Parker has no choice but to flee and starting over somewhere else.

- A female reporter or cop, lawyer, prosecutor, whomever could want to investigate dangerous cases... gets spiderman as her inofficial helper...

-An alternate version with Venom

-Spiderman not choosing to use his powers for good... where would this lead?

-.... many more ideas, and open to suggestions.

*****This story will be mostly plot driven, not a smut fest. Long posts wanted, playing multiple characters sometimes necessary. Adult scenes can be as light or extreme as we agree on.*****

These stories include most likely for my female partner to play a strong willed, spirited character, with or without powers, not one that takes a back seat, but is an active part of every part of the story

Black Orchid

I'm quite surprised this is here, spiderman is my favorite hero, I've also been doodling small ideas for a story with him—or somewhat like his son or something—I have a character planned out for someone like him, but I'm not sure what story you're looking for; I can't seemed to choose what scenario I would want to play (Though I strongly dislike them having him reveal his self as such). I also favor villains, so my character are usually on the bad side—kind of like a black cat/cat woman type character—not really trying to conquer something, just trying to get what they want in an unwholesome way.

You also state that you want a “strong willed, spirited character” not one that blends in a crowed? My character wont be a spitfire vivacious vixen, but she will definitely be strong will and spirited. She will be very active (I'm more certain if I could find a scenario to fit her into) and I feel she would meet up to such standards.

With the thought of my vigilantly villain, are you able to elaborate on what exactly they story would be about? Just to know how I should bend her.
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I pmed you.

Still, I am interested in multiple versions, so, anyone still interested, I am open for it

Le Immortelle

I'm very interested in this. Maybe Spiderman's girlfriend who has also been taken over by Venom? She can enter his life as a femme fatale, attempting to enter it to corrupt and destroy him by a completely different manner? I think it could present an interesting complication. Let me know what you think of it.


I pmed you. Multiple versions still open.