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Started by MagicalPen, June 19, 2006, 09:37:54 PM

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Back to the boreds for me  :o Anyone on right now interested in a One on One of some kind, let me know. Its been pretty slow around her last day or two (or so its seemed) so if anyone is interested in something, let me know, or i'll share some ideas with you.  :D

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el condor

     Would like to try a role with you!!  i am new here and hardly doing anything at all now!  I can be submissive or dominant and can play either male or female!!

  willing to try any tpe of story you like to do just let me know?? ;D

   Can do fantasy ie princess types or even barbarian mercenary, like SCI-FI also any kind of creatures or aliens,  creatures of the night is fun also like Dracula, werewolves and others...
El condor Pasa always the hammer and not the nail!!  You always have too take chances to enjoy life to its fullest!!  Too seek out new life and new civilatzions!!  Too boldly go where no person has gone before!!   Just have fun!!