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Started by Luna Eclipse, February 14, 2010, 11:37:42 PM

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Luna Eclipse

Hello Hello,
Please call me Luna and how do you do ^^

1) First things first, if you are interested in rping with me please review my on and offs (located in siggy) just in case ><
2) I like to brainstorm ideas and plots, then create the setting and characters so you will just find themes or ideas I am interested in doing here. Also, I don't like doing all the work when it comes to brainstorming so I would like and hope for your creative input.
3) You will find some of my rp samples in my On/Off page if you would like to look them over.
4) Oh! Pm me if you are interested so we can discuss :D
5) Open to het and yuri relationships
6) I am used to rping multiple characters
7) whew...okay now for the themes :)

Luna Eclipse


Mainly what I am currently craving is listed below, for full list visit my On/Off page

Waking up in Las Vegas
Spy x Spy
Assassin x Victim ((Idea: arranged marriage involved or something that forces the two together))
--> I love the idea where the victim is just someone who happens to have really good luck, think Detective Clouseau from the Pink Panther (the old movies)! I just see a lot of fun with this one

Yakuza x Yakuza
Yakuza x Innocent bystander
Mafia with similar themes as Yakuza
Daughter / Son of gang leader x Daughter / Son of rival gang leader

Modern Royalty themes
Time mishap sending a prince / princess / sorcerer / or other past characters into the 20th century

Sky Pirates/Steam punk possibility to Scifi

Also I would like to try a Gender Bender, haven't had one yet D: And really want to! Open to various ideas and plots for it, and will toss in chocolate ice cream for those tempted!

Luna Eclipse

Luna Eclipse

*edited my first post...again* >< Crossed out steampunk though might be open to some scifi themed ideas


Luna Eclipse

received it and pmed you back :)

*edited first post, struck out the ideas which are taken, but if anyone is interested, maybe we can work something out*