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Author Topic: The resident Necromancer throws out some heavy BDSM plots. ( Male on Male )  (Read 824 times)

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Over the Hills and Far Away
[Extreme One on One, MalexMale]

Setting: Dystopian Future, Steampunk, Alternate Earth

Preface: This game is me pulling an index overload. In other words I'm taking every theme, kink, and setup I like, throwing them together and hitting turbo with them. Because I like evil characters and dark themes this isn't going to be just a nymphomaniac orgy. Violence, Mutilation, Death, Necrophilia, Gore, and Inhuman Characters will all be involved, though not necessarily in a sexual way. I have a major love for strong masculine submissives being dominates by a evil pretty boy.

Backstory: (Names are changeable) About 30 years ago a meteorite astronomers called Pandora fell to the earth triggering a mini ice age with the debris it threw into the atmosphere. The rich panicked and horded food supplies which magnified the shortages. The situation might have fixed itself if Pandora's arrival had not spread a horrible plague known as Deathsight, named because it's deadly effects also cause all living things to become invisible and inaudible to the afflicted. Pandora was not a simple piece of space rock, it was a sentient. Chaos boiled across the world as new infestations arose, fanatical cults devoted to leaning more of being arose, and all who could sealed themselves off from the infected masses. The religiously minded called the cults of Pandora 'Abominations' since some of them acquired supernatural power.
          Things are calmer now, if only because everyone is used to the way things work. The wealthy live in their own controlled areas and have little contact with the world outside. Their servants enjoy many of the same protections, but none of their freedoms. Most of the worlds population live in the gutted remains of the cities. Every one of them had to enforce their own laws since the law pays attention only to the upper class unless the abominations are involved.
          The abominations are essentially the evil mages of the setting. There are the Apostates who fill the role of 'daemon summoners' they twist the forces of life to create dragon and demon-like creatures that serve them. The Anathema are necromancers, they have a webbed power structure where a powerful enough undead slave may learn to make undead slaves of it's own. The Abberants are mind controllers that live underground. A small subset of Abberants called Incarnates provide the upper class with much of their resilience.

(I play Valas who is the dominate in this relationship, though Malak has traditional Seme traits) Malak is a commoner and a prizefighter. He had to sell a kidney and do some pretty underhanded things to get the drugs that would make him strong enough to compete. Some of his fights are to the death but most are just until one fighter is a bloody mess. Malak hardly ever loses and thankfully the drugs that go into making a prize fighter allow him to recover from nearly any non lethal injury. He has enough street credit to live comfortably, and the strength to defend what is his. More then anything he is tired of being treated like a monster. One evening his match is broken by an Anathema raid. He defends himself, but many others are dragged away screaming into the night; Raw materials for the Anathema.   In the aftermath is where he meets Valas, a man with an almost otherworldly beauty. Valas was apparently a prostitute, shot in the stomach and slowly bleeding to death. Malak tries to make his final moments comfortable by taking him into the back room of the place he fights at. Malak confides in the dieing man. Valas recovers from his injuries, and Malak finds himself morbidly obsessed with serving the other man.

Events: Some things I want to work into the RP -

Malak the provider: Malak is to proud to let him love and master do humiliating things for money, he insists that Valas let him support them.

Valas' Secret: Valas is really one of the Anathema. Malak discovers his lovers unsavory nocturnal practices. His feeling of betrayal becomes excitement when he realizes Valas can use him even after his life ends. Malak and Valas become closer then ever when Valas is given the power to end Malaks life at any moment.

The sickness:
Malak is horrified when he realizes Valas is going through phases where he can't see him. Malak sells his sex organs to afford the cure for Deathsight. Valas takes the opportunity to craft a replacement set for Malak.

Valas needs more bodies for his magic. Malak turns murderer to get them.

Guard Dog: Valas is hanging out at the bar while Malak is fighting in the pit. Some thugs make the mistake of picking a fight with the pretty boy. That night everyone leaves the bar with a very brutal lesson learned about what Malak is capable of when Valas is in trouble.

The Hive
(Modern setting with sci-fi elements. )
!Warning Extreme Content!

Inspired by the rather strange biology video that was posted in one of our general chat sections. Now I have an excuse for an RP with mostly just a mot of kinky mansex. Guy2 had a rather normal childhood until puberty threw him a a bazaar curve. While he matured into a very fine and intelligent young man his genitals grew to proportions that should have been impossible. Even odder he seemed to grow small feathery wings that give him amazing balance at least compensating for the unwieldiness between his legs) He has been completely unable to live a normal life because of it since he cant run and it's nearly impossible to cover up. At least he can support himself through posting dirty pictures of himself on-line. It hardly fills the void that being so alone brings.

Neither he nor anyone he knows is aware that his condition serves a very distinct purpose.  A small group of all male aliens is trying to start a colony and he serves the distinct role of being their drone. They need his semen to operate their bio-organic spawning chambers (pregnancy is a bit of a turn off for me so they use spawning chambers) Just knowing that you might think he is special but all it really means is that he is the breeding slave of the leader of the colony: Guy1 who is referred to as the queen but is totally male. What makes Guy1 so unique is he is the only one who can produce the pheromones that control the others.

His entrance into the Hive could be through seduction by the queen, by abduction, or by the queen's pheromones. His life goes from abnormal to a living nightmare as he had his wings removed and made a slave to the colony and the queen in every aspect. Still the combination of the pheromones the queen excretes and the attention he gets causes him to have some feelings for his tormentor.

Unfortunately while drones natural life is very long they have an upper limit to the amount of viable semen they can produce before all that comes out is genetically human. If someone is not looking for a endless game this event could be a very dramatic (and very brutal) ending to the game, or it could start a new plot hook where the queen refuses to give up his drone for another.
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