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April 11, 2021, 01:17:09 pm

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Author Topic: Something completely different - looking for an imaginative writing partner.  (Read 729 times)

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Offline JesterTopic starter

I wrote some really fun stories with Elandra here a few years ago:

I would now like to try something similair but also very different.....

The Story:
Two people. They either know or dont know each other. They start  many miles apart from the other and their life has been turned upside down. They are trapped, scared and lonely. They dont know who to trust or where to go. Their only saviour is an item they find. Through this item they are allowed glimpses into the life of the other. They grow to love this person and finally where at first there was hoplessness and desperation finally there is hope and meaning in the world. The two heroes have to escape their prison and overcome many obstacles to find each other. Maybe they were in love before or maybe they are strangers. All they know is they have to find each other..... But the journey will change them. Both will commit atrocities or have them enacted on them. Both will be changed. But they have been through these things together in so many ways and surely they are destined for each other.

The Link:
The link or the item that connects them can be many things. it could be a mirror. Or it could be a diary that we are writing that updates magically each day. But essentially we will be writing and the other will know the other has done...

If our heroine is raped and includes in her diary then our hero will have read what she wrote or has seen it as if he was in the room.....

The Setting:
This can change depending on your preference but here are a few options.

1. Fantasy: A dragon torments two lovers as they struggle through their tunnels of his lair desperately trying to find each other.
2. Post - Apoc: Two people trapped in destroyed buildings on the opposite side of a State or City try and escape their prison and find each other battling roving bandits. deformed mutants and other people trying to take advantage of them....
3. Modern to Fantasy: Two people awake in a different world. Their only link is to each other. Able to watch the other and get glimpes of what the other is doing they try to travel towards each other.

Ideas for my Character:
The characters should evolve. They start off scared and lonely. But as the story progresses they become harider and learn skills of survival they never thought they had. They learn how to hunt, and forage. They learn how to use weapons and defend themselves against animals, monsters and other survivors.... Muscles form and the skin hardens both physically and mentally.

They will find allies and friend and enemies alike. They will rape, murder and abandon them all in order to survive the horrid new life they find themselves in and in the vain hope of finding the person they fell in love with when they awoke into this nightmare.

My character will start out weak and kind. A man to be easily loved. But at the end he will be strong and able. He will be agile and strong and able to defend himself and the one he loves. He will make difficult decisions and will fall into bad ways on his journey. He will steal, drink and take drugs as he struggles with his situation and battles depression and do dreadful things not realising that she is catching glimpes of his actions from afar...

The man will change and evolve while she watches from a distance and he will see changes in her. When they finally meet they will have seen horrible things done to each other and done by each other. Will the search for each other have been worth it? Will they still love each other?

What happens now?
I am interested in hearing peoples thoughts and ideas. I wont be rushing into this game and want to plan it properly and please take no offense if i dont ask you to write with me immediately. I look forward to sending in your ideas.

Offline KariKat

Wow that sounds like an incredible idea! It'd be way way way way too advanced for me, but I can imagine that it'll grow into a really incredible experience! I love the idea of them being linked by an item, letting them share each other's experiences!!

Offline JesterTopic starter

Thank you. I havent had much interest so far though!

Offline The Dark Raven

...Fascinating.  Let me think on this, and I will send you a PM. I am very interested...

Offline Belladonna1

Oooh, what an incredibly fresh idea for an RP!  Countless possibilities for character growth and then to combine them into a one of a kind love story!  I love it!  PM me if you have need of a partner!!

Offline JesterTopic starter

I have pm'd you both.