Stranded in the snow (M looking for F)

Started by glimmertwin, February 11, 2010, 08:06:23 AM

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Due to all the recent snow, how about this one:

Man and woman pull off the road under a RR Bridge in the mountains around 8:00pm because the snow is so heavy and the plows have not gotten up this far yet.  The road is just too dangerous to drive on anymore and you can't see anything thru the driving snow.  They may have to stay here all night and maybe another night due to how bad the snow is. 

It will encompass survival methods as well since they only have what's in their cars.

I was thinking of an older woman, maybe late 30's early 40's and the male charactrer is in his mid 20's.  But, we can change that up if need be.
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