Looking for Dom Male for Incest RP

Started by Jaenal, February 11, 2010, 12:20:01 AM

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Looking for a dom male for this scene. As you can tell from the scene setup I would love for beast to be involved, Id love for their playtime to be rough. Id also like some watersports if you are comfie with that. I'm heading to bed right after I post this, so wont be able to respond till tommorrow when I get off work. Check my O/Os to make sure we will be a good match, and feel free to read over my games to make sure our RP styles are a good match as well.

Story Title: Daddy's Girl

Mark was a normal man. He was married with three children, had a nice safe job as an accountant, owned his own home and two cars. He had two beloved dogs, a german shepherd and a labrador retriever named Max and Jake. His oldest son was married with a toddler of his own. His middle child, also a son, was in the military, stationed in Germany at the present time. And his youngest daughter Kate, his beautiful pride and joy, was in college studying prelaw in the city.

Mark loved his wife, Marie. Marie in turn loved her husband, but she was a distant woman. Lost in the world of bingo and backyard margaritas with her friends, she paid little attention to her husband. Mark turned to the world wide web, and descended into the world of internet porn. Mark was quickly addicted, spending hours on the computer, watching videos, reading stories, and masturbating frantically. He loved all of the filth, the roughness, the depravity. Things he had never considered before began to interest him. He fantasized about incest with his young college daughter. He fantasized about watching his dogs take his wife. He fantasized about many more, much dirtier things. Soon he ventured from websites into chatrooms. He thoroughly enjoyed himself here, finding several women he loved to play with. One in particular caught his attention. She called herself Leah, and said she was 19, working in the nearby city. They chatted often, sharing fantasies. He told her how he would love to bend her over and take her ass, would love to make her suck him while his dogs mounted her from behind. She in turn told how she kept herself shaved, how she masturbated to fantasies of him every night, how she wanted to spread herself for him.
He told her how he looked, and he was truthful. Balding head, potbelly. He was truthful about his eight inches too. She said she didn't care how he looked, she still wanted him badly. She described herself, slim, brown hair, green eyes. She was still a virgin, she wanted him to take it. 

Mark had never considered cheating on his wife till now. But for days he couldn't get the idea of meeting his playmate out of his mind. When his wife told him she was going to her sister's for a week, his mind was instantly made up. No sooner was she out of the driveway when he was online, contacting his Leah. She delightedly agreed, and they arranged a meeting spot in a restaurant in the city. She even told him what booth to sit in.

He arrived with sweaty palms and trembling knees. He wanted her desperately.He couldn't wait to have her naked under him. She had not arrived yet, and he sat in the booth nervously, sipping the wine he ordered. Then she was there, sliding into the booth across from him. He stared into the sweet face of his daughter in stunned silence.