She's an Uptown Girl [Non-Con, BDSM]

Started by Cecilia, February 10, 2010, 06:42:23 PM

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Yes, I was listening to Billy Joel last night.  If you don't know the song, here it might just want to listen to it rather than watch the rather hokey video:
Billy Joel - Uptown Girl

This story is about a transformation.  My character is Juliet Mathews.  She is upper-class and part of the non-working rich.  Her daddy and his money have kept her out of trouble for a very long time, but at 25, Juliet is finally put in front of a new judge who sees her as a spoiled little rich girl who's taken advantage of the system long enough.  No amount of daddy's money is going to get her off her latest escapade, and the judge orders her to serve community service or go to jail. 

Your character is the director of the local halfway house for teens.  He came from the streets--but put himself through college working hard and long hours to get his PhD in psychology so he could go back and make change...He has had enough of girls like Juliet walking by him with their noses high in the air.  He has a chip on his shoulder about privilege, but he is also an understanding kind of guy for the most part.   He's not exactly thrilled that he also gets to supervise the community service time handed to Juliet.  But, she's educated and actually not stupid, he realizes she's not mean spirited-- just clueless.  He isn't  giving her any breaks or making things easier for her.  In fact, he gets to teach her some things about real life--things that would change her forever.   

I would like to really delve into the dichotomy between rich and poor, and use this story to explore these themes as well as those of class, race, gender identity as well as sexuality.    I'd love for your character to not be WASP to contrast with the very white-bread Juliet.

Please PM me if you are interested to discuss where this story can go.

And, to keep the soundtrack running, I imagine that this would be a song that fits Juliet rather well to begin with:
You're so vain - Carly SimonTry our new player