Idea for a switch sadistic master/mistress rp

Started by overfiend87, February 10, 2010, 07:26:19 AM

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Here's an idea I got from an old rp that I did sometime ago. I'd like to see how many of you like this. It'll be intended for a switch and someone who likes doing both sides. As I have offered, I'll cover all other NPCs if that person does both characters. Won't even need to rp them simotaniously since one of them will be with him or close to him at any one time.

I'm willing to be the Master and Servant if you wish, but I would perfer being slave 1 since I love being dominated more than dominating others. Especially if violence is involved, but not too much. I'm not a fan of Vore.

My character:

Slave 1 who is a new slave and will require some breaking in since he will not respect his master/mistress and will have to be taught exactly how low down the food chain he actually is. He can either be a once Master turned slave after his town was taken over or have been a general in combat who was captured and instead of killing him, sold him to the slave market.

Any other character that may get involved, depends where the plot takes us.

Your characters:
Master/Mistress who causes punishment in painful ways to get their slave's attention and knock them down a peg. S/he will be pissed off at this slave trying to take over and think that he can dominate her/him. I want the Master/Mistress to be really sadistic and threatening him with torture and beatings if he doesn't co-operate, maybe even brand him at one point just to make sure he knows his place.

Slave 2 who at first is just an average slave who was given the duty to show the other slave around his new home and living quarters. He tricks her/him into thinking that he loves her and that she is important to him, however he just likes to take control of her because he wants to make her his first slave before attempting to take full controll of the mistress/master if they will let him get that far.

It can be any setting you desire. Anything ranging from Fantasy or Sci-fi where either of our characters could be non-humans or even both. The possibilities are endless.
Here's my request thread. Dominant Sub, male or female, I don't mind: