Water fun! wet & messy/wet clothes/water games - looking for kindred spirit!

Started by Tiaan, February 07, 2010, 01:28:21 PM

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I am looking for someone who is interested in working on an idea for a story involving a dunk tank type of game, or something with lots of water and collapsible seats/trapdoors/collapsible bridges.

Crazy inventions or machines that drop people into water or get people wet/covered in whatever.

Could be based in a carnival, a circus, a castle as a court jester, an outrageous game show for TV, a hidden camera type of show – inside some crazy castle or mansion type of place with lots of traps and things going on. The key themes are humiliation, getting wet/messy, surprise and fun!

This idea might sound a bit bizarre to some people but I really get off from this stuff; if there is an idea that you always thought a bit too bizarre to mention or something that you haven’t managed to find anyone willing to take up then PM me; as long as it’s something simple and not a complete story setting I’m sure we could incorporate the two together!

If you have any erotic interest in wet clothes, water, getting yourself or others wet or messy then please PM me and let’s work out something fun ^_^!

I look forward to hearing from you!

:-* **Baci** :-*

PS I have left this idea pretty open since I didn't want to narrow it down too much and exclude anyone who may have tastes in this area but not in the specific scenario I would have described. I have plenty of ideas though so if you are into wetlook in any way or just intrigued to learn more about it PM me ^_^


Interesting idea. I also checked out your O/O and we seem to have a few common interests. Let us discuss it further in PM!  :-)



Thanks guys, I responded to you all.

There is still plenty more of Tiaan to get wet in case anyone else is interested ^_^



Just to confirm that this story will include sex of some description; just with a water theme and the wetlook/games taking place along the way.

I will post up some possible scenarios and story ideas next; in the meantime this is still very much open.