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Author Topic: Alien VS Predator DEMO  (Read 581 times)

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Online mannikTopic starter

Alien VS Predator DEMO
« on: February 06, 2010, 01:20:37 PM »
So I downloaded the multiplayer demo for the upcomming AVP game from the X-box live market place, and I have one thing to say about it.....AWESOME!
As far as demo's go, this one is without equal. One map, one game mode (death match) and one skin for each race, but still loads of fun. I played it for hours without getting bored.
The combat (between aliens and predator anyway) is, in its essence, a simple game of rock paper scissors. Heavy attacks beat blocks, blocks beat light attacks, and light attacks beat heavy attacks. However, unlike the schoolyard game of our youth, making even a single mistake often leads to your quick and gruesome demise. This holds true to the predator's creed 'move well, or die'.
The marines on the other hand, have a number of toys they bring to the party which even the score. Such as the motion tracker that gives away all enemie's positions when they move. Though soft and squishy, they can avoid getting their heads removed by skillfully utilizing the various weapons at their disposal. The standard pulse rifle they spawn with is more than enough to survive a rush of aliens if your aim is true. The 99 round clip also comes in very handy, as does the attached grenade launcher. However, there are even more powerful weapons around the map such as shot guns, and my personal favorite, the smart gun. This technological beauty detects the scurrying of alien claws and highlights them as well as auto targeting them. Letting you cut down your insectoid enemies with ease.

Online mannikTopic starter

Re: Alien VS Predator DEMO
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2010, 06:43:38 PM »
Aliens vs Predator Demo Multiplayer Massacre
gameplay video of the alien (Guy knows what he's doin)

Offline Xenophile

Re: Alien VS Predator DEMO
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2010, 08:05:18 PM »
The sense is awful, the voice chatting is horrible, and the pulse rifle aim is atrocious.

That being said, it looks slick, the aliens are finally as they should look and move like, and marines die instantly as they should.

Online mannikTopic starter

Re: Alien VS Predator DEMO
« Reply #3 on: February 07, 2010, 07:22:36 AM »
I'm sorry, but I don't really understand your complaints....
The sense is awful...I don't even know what you are trying to say here. Sense of what? direction? predator vision? motion detector? what do you mean?
the voice chatting is horrible...again, not sure what you are complaining about. Is it the fact that there are entirely too many 12 year olds with annoying high pitched voices that simply refuse to shut up? the fact everyone can hear you? (it is technically deathmatch, not team deathmatch) I have had no problems with the voice chat other than the people who choose to use it....and the fact there is no built in support to mute them.
the pulse rifle aim is atrocious...this one I can somewhat understand, though I myself have little trouble taking out enemies with the pulse rifle, I don't know how many times I simply walked up and killed a marine because he couldn't aim worth crap.
I'm not just trying to poke holes in your critisism, as it is just as valid as any praise...Its just I don't really know what it is you are trying to say. Personally, I don't like the length of time you are left vulnerable during an execution...though I do understand the concept of 'shadow cost' it is an uncounterable and instant kill, so there has to be something to even it out, but if an experienced player will never use them (90% of the time you die right after doing so), what is the point to having them?

Offline Xenophile

Re: Alien VS Predator DEMO
« Reply #4 on: February 07, 2010, 08:57:42 AM »
You're right, the post I made wasn't the best.

Sense: The sensivity of the scroller. Even maxed out, the aim is slow and difficult. The previous AVP games where better, but to poke holes in my own arguement, it might have something to do with the my slightly old PC.

Voice chat: The sounds are delayed, the quality is very poor and I am getting a lot of loud and high pitched mechanical noises that overshouts everything else. And the only way to "not talk" is to remove the microphone, and there is no way to mute anyone. L4D did it much better where you spoke by holding down a button.

This game -needs- more beta testing. I think it was a smart move to give out a unfinished demo free. This way, the company can get cheap feedback.

Online mannikTopic starter

Re: Alien VS Predator DEMO
« Reply #5 on: February 07, 2010, 09:34:00 AM »
I have not had any issues with the voice chat as you describe, but then again I'm playing it on X-box 360, not yeah. Are you absolutely sure it isn't from some electronic feed back? I know when I'm doing something on the internet the sound through my headphones becomes distorted with static and other such noises. (The usb cable for my wireless adapter is right above the headphone jack so it causes interferance.) I do agree, an option to mute is needed, as is a toggle for voice chat in the case of PC users. (X-box has a switch for that)
As for sensitivity, well, again it might have to do with the fact I'm playing it on 360, but I have no problem aiming, even at the default setting (I've had people complaining at how good I was.) Then again, I'm usually predator so aiming isn't really that neccessary to begin with...
Considering the fact the game comes out in two weeks, I doubt there is much more testing to be done. It's already gone gold, so the project is pretty much finished. The demo however was based off of earlier code, so some of the issues might be fixed in the final version. But that is one thing about video games. It is impossible to catch everything, and all too often there is not enough budget set aside for propper testing.
Judging from my experinces in the demo, the game is pretty solid, and exceptionally balanced between the three races. On there are several threads complaining that alien is overpowered, or predator is overpowered, or marine is overpowered. (I do quite well with all three) If all three are overpowered, then it is balanced wouldn't you say?
Ultimately I look forward to the game, especially team modes on line. FFA is fun, but it just feels weird watching two aliens killing eachother...right before blowing their heads off with a well timed plasmacaster shot.

Offline TheWriter

Re: Alien VS Predator DEMO
« Reply #6 on: February 08, 2010, 09:11:44 AM »
Whenever one of these games rolls around I'm reminded just how damn sexy Giger's xenomorphs are.   :-[

Offline Sabby

Re: Alien VS Predator DEMO
« Reply #7 on: February 08, 2010, 11:42:04 AM »
I love Alien vs Predator. Adore it really. The pairing just makes sense and has real chemistry to it. I even liked the movies... yes, both of them. The only reasons I have for not playing any of the games yet is their hard to find in real life, I haven't had the internet to download them or a reliable enough friend to do it, and they seem very focused on multiplayer, which is a huge turn off for me.

This ones been censored here (Australia) so is generating a lot of hype (thats what Censoring does you dicks :P just helps piracy) and I'm getting it in a week... totally uncensored. I hope theres a good singleplayer mode, because if theres not, I won't be playing it.

Online mannikTopic starter

Re: Alien VS Predator DEMO
« Reply #8 on: February 08, 2010, 01:00:13 PM »
I've always enjoyed the single player for the AvP games...the aliens in particular despite the fact it is all too easy to get lost.
In part 2 you actually start off as a face hugger, and once you find your victim you must chest burst, then find a cat to eat so you can change into the drone. That's when the fun begins...*Remembers the screams of terror and pain fondly*

Offline DrakeCaven

Re: Alien VS Predator DEMO
« Reply #9 on: February 08, 2010, 02:45:21 PM »
I loved the hell out of that Demo. Preds where wildly OP if ya have half a brain to use- disc's need a nerf somethin' awful. I abused those babies one game and went on a 10+ killin spree, not even fair. The Preds vision modes already give 'em a huge edge, I don' no real issue with their other weapons though. (Spear is a tad hard to aim in my personal opinion, and its easy to see the plasma comin' if you're payin attention)

Aliens where a blast to play, first time I really truly experience 3D combat, attackin from sides, from above and below, flankin' and tearin' apart with jus' your claws. Its a unique gamin' style, one I look forward to delvin' further into. They like a varity like the human and Preds got, but maybe that'll be addressed that the final product.

 Humans where terrifin' to play. In a good way though, every time I heard the beep on the motion sensor I felt a shudder go down my spine. and came to a screechin' halt, lookin for what was gonna be my doom. I wasn't a real fan of the shotgun, its got its uses but as I played the game more an more I found myself usin the pulse rifle almost exclusively (With the exception of the smart gun which I grabbed every time I got a chance). I wish the flame thrower was a bit better- but all an' all the Humans have the best atmosphere to play as.

Online mannikTopic starter

Re: Alien VS Predator DEMO
« Reply #10 on: February 08, 2010, 05:04:07 PM »
Honestly, the preds aren't really overpowered. You just have to know how to fight one  ;D . Running in, usually don't work...letting them get a bead on you with that disk or plasmacaster, don't work. Attacking them from behind with a power, quick, quick combo works every time.
Learning to anticipate what they will do and how to counter works wonders too. See them charging for a power attack? hit em with a quick attack. They constantly rush forward with a quick jab? Block and counter.
Like I said, it all boils down to rock paper scissors.

Offline DrakeCaven

Re: Alien VS Predator DEMO
« Reply #11 on: February 08, 2010, 09:27:27 PM »
Its seems to me the Pred's have a huge advantage in both firepower and first strike capability- and thats what matters here. They can be beaten, but they have a large number of advantages that the others don't really compare to. The vision types are amazing: and while you can make the argument that Thermal makes it extremely hard to detect humans, and vice versa for Xenovision.

Now we need to be honest.

No intelligent player uses anything but xenovision unless you have an enemy predator to worry about. Humans won't see you unless your right on top of them, and more to the point they can't one shot you if they manage to get behind you. Aliens can. With Xenovision the alien sneak up becomes much, much more difficult, and if the human is using a flashlight- which he probably is- he is pretty easy to pick out too.

Then there's the fact that no one but the Preds can OHKO from a range like they can. Sure, the humans have the sniper but it doesn't have anywhere near the versatility of the Disc or the Spear. I found the Plasma cannon kind of useless to be honest, easy to dodge unless they catch you off guard, and if they catch you off guard your dead regardless.

And the disc is just insane. Quick reload, accurate, and deadly you can clear rooms with it while flickering around untouched. I feel kinda bad when I use it.

Online mannikTopic starter

Re: Alien VS Predator DEMO
« Reply #12 on: February 09, 2010, 06:31:09 AM »
Well then it would appear you don't fully understand how the pred's cloak works. Its quite similar to the movies. The faster you move, the more visible you are. If you creep along slowly or don't move at all, the marines will have no hope of seeing you, even at point blank. I don't know how many times I just stood in a hallway and waited for an oncoming marine to run right into a waiting heavy attack. The humans can see a cloaked pred easily if you aren't being careful and actually trying to sneak. And if seen by a skilled human, the pred is quickly turned into swiss cheese.
I do somewhat agree about the pred's ability to kill at range, though argue against your statement regarding the plasmacaster being useless. It can quickly score you multiple kills if used correctly. For instance, and I've done this many times. Two marines join together to defend the horseshoe room where you get the disk....I creep into the room on the second story completely undetected by their motion trackers. Take aim and fire before they have any chance to react. Because the two are standing literally side by side, the resulting blast kills them also works well on rushing xenomorphs as well as when two enemies are engaged in melee combat with eachother.
That said, in melee the xenomorph is a little better because of greater range (If you know how to use them). That, and when on a wall their little tail attack takes no time to charge up. Their pounce attack also seems to be a little better at stumbling opponents.