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sinful sexy stories only females

Started by ericbrax, February 01, 2010, 07:25:56 AM

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anyone interested in detailed story based roleplays ........i use Yim.  Just a sample there can be more.

1)well its 1850's when woman can be either whores or dedicated wife... age of laces and play a shy conservative elegant religious lady of age 36...very pretty and still in shape..though your age shows....your husband has died with lot of bad debts and your in laws  want to sell you and your daughters as have one last option ..your sisters house where your parents also stay and your son like nephew is the head of house discharging duties at this young age of 19
you reach his house and explain things to him ....that he will have to provide for you three and also raise a dowry for h\your daughter.....he agrees but he has his conditions...that you shall serve him like a wife...bear his children and keep him never ever imagined this would be asked..and you would hate to do this...but you dont have any option my ons and off..
     lifes a story from different angles......