My thoughts and ideas (Females wanted)

Started by Urpleasure, January 30, 2010, 08:13:51 AM

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Well, after a few weeks in the site, of role playing and getting to know how this site works, I can say that I'm ready for the next stage, and that is opening my ideas post.

I'm mainly interested in female partners, I apologize to all the males, but I prefer knowing there is a female on the other side. I also prefer people who can write more than a few sentences, details when needed, and when not, something worth the read. I don't like reading a post that makes me feel you posted it only to post something and get a long detailed response out of me again. We are partners.. lets act like that.

Enough about that, here are some of my ideas:

1. A young man travels to the east/or some other third world country and happens to stumble across a slave market, where he sees how humans are sold as sex slaves, and how their master come accompanied with their trained slaves that serve there every desire. He finds himself very turned on and volunteers to be sold as a slave. But the lady that buys him eventually reveals to him that being a slave isn't something a man wishes for, but it's too late to regret..
(I would be the man, you his Lady)

2. A woman wakes up with no memory of the last 24 hours she is in her bra and panties tied to the four posts of the bed and a man sitting on a couch near her waiting for her to awake. (you would play the woman)

3. Opposite role from the above, the man (my character) is tied up...

4. A wife enrolls herself and her husband without his knowledge to a milking contest, she has 30 minutes to make him cum as many times as he can. (parameters for win could be number of orgasms and quantity of sperm)

5. A young man, is abducted and trained to be a house pet of a Lady, until he is trained to be on all fours all the time, sleep in a doghouse and so on. Once his Lady feels he is ready to be walked outside, he feels humiliated to be walked like a dog while people watch. They reach a park and she tells him she  is going to release him from his leash to play freely in the dog zone, but she prohibits me from doing anything nasty with female dogs, she says this at loud next to all the other owners of the dogs, and he feels humiliated  even more, she opens the gate to the dog zone, and he is shocked to see that all the other dogs are humans as well... like him...

This could be played from the part that I mentioned, or from the training to be a house pet. I will play the young man (pet) - you the lady

6. This is something I've been building up for a long time and would love to play, but will be very picky picking my partner.
A Dom and  a Domme meet to play a game, the Dom has a female sub, and the Mistress has a male sub, both subs are pawns for the masters. Each Dom has a 5 minutes turn to tell his/her sub what to do to the other sub. This is the basic, the game could end when one sub cums (s/he loses) or for any other reason , doesn't have to be a win/lose game. I have many ideas how this could turn out.

I would play the male sub, and except that it could be divided in various ways, I play the male characters and you the female ones, I play the sub characters and you the Dom... or any other combo. Preferably each plays 2 characters, but I could be talked otherwise.

Ideas without plots:
1. A teasing game, who can hold longer without cumming or something of the sort.
2. Strap-on related story.
3. Watersport related story.

Pairs without plots: you/me (female/male - unless stated otherwise)
a. Teacher/Student (College, University - not high school or younger)
b. Mistress/Sub
c. Mistress/ female sub ( I would like to try and play a female sub)
d. sub/Mistress (I would like to play a Mistress to a female sub)
e. sub/Dom
f. Switch/Switch
g. female/female (preferably first bi experience)
h. Client/Shoe salesman (foot fetish based story)

If any of my ideas triggered a new idea for you, I would love to hear it.

If interested reply to this post or pm me please.