LQ's back and looking for rps!

Started by Lycan Queen, January 23, 2010, 09:19:56 PM

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Lycan Queen

A lot has happened to me since I fell out here, so my O/Os aren't 100% accurate. As such, I will create a new thread so that I could potentially find new rp partners! Now just a few notes before we get started:

1) Basic literacy. No chatspeak, l33tspeak, or *action* type posts. If English is not your first language, I totally understand and can work with that.

2) Length and Plot. While I enjoy a long plot, I already have three really big ones going. These are more quick fucks and scenes. As such, 1-2 paragraph posts is what I'll be doing, and I really would like at least one paragraph in return.

3) I can do m/m, m/f, f/f, herm/anything. The gender of the player is irrelevant as well.

4) Multiple rps of the same plot are good to go. I'm keeping them generic on purpose.

5) I am switch, though I do get into both dom and sub moods. If I do either one too much I get bored.

1) Transformation: I do have a tf fetish, although my definition of it seems to be very different from the standard one. When I say transformation, I'm thinking about shapechangers, dopplegangars, werewolves, ect. I think about randomly (through science or magic) having the genders of the characters switched. That kind of stuff.

2) Royalty: I do love the idea of the prince and princess type setting, with beautiful dresses and romance and all that jazz.

3) Masquerades: I love masks. Not just ski masks or paper one. The elaborate, decorative ones seen at a masquerade ball. The idea of everyone hiding their true nature, and not know who you were being seduced by...*shiver* Pure concentrated awesome.

4) Angel x Demon: A random craving I've had for a while, but the big idea here is that though there are these beings, the head honchos (God, Satan, ect) are no where to be seen. They've either left or just don't directly participate in the conflict.

5) Coercion: I'm not a big fan of straight out rape plot, but for the longest time, I've always had the idea of some girl getting coerced/blackmailed into being some kind of love slave and coming to enjoy it.

6) Furry: I admit, I've grown to like furry roleplays. I prefer to play shapeshifters with no one form, as I have yet to find a fursona that really pleases me. I enjoy canines and felines, and I want to try horses and dragons. Other animal types are up for debate, too.

7) Light Bondage, Master/Pet: No blood and gore, no really rough sex, no humiliation.

8) World of Warcraft: I can play any of the races, although I prefer playing Horde over Alliance, and I don't really like belfs. You can play a belf, but expect me to play something other than a belf and rarely play a nelf. Really like Tauren and Trolls.

Take these ideas and mix & match these ideas to your heart's content!