One Shots - quick and easy, but can go longer! I hope you like them.

Started by Winsome Lass, January 14, 2010, 11:41:17 AM

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Winsome Lass

First come, first served.  PM me, please don't respond here.  I'll be back later.

1.  Caught Red-handed!  Requires a female player.  The young girl who is babysitting sees the single parent (a female) leave for a late night dinner meeting with some out of town clients.  Unbeknown to her the parent had only driven about 10 minutes when she got a call on their cell phone that their flight was canceled due to bad weather in Chicago.  How surprised the sitter will be when the returning parent opens the front door just in time to see the girl with her skirt above her hips and her hand in her panties.  And her father is a minister.  What would he think?  And what would the girl be willing to do not to let her father, the minister, find out?

2.  Spin the Bottle. Requires a male player.  A girl and her brother are grounded, and the parents out of town for the weekend.  They argue and fight, but eventually begin to play games out of boredom.  The girl asks to play "Truth or Dare", and they spin the bottle to see who chickens out first.  The boy will certainly get the upper hand over the sweet young girl!  Or might she turn the tables and teach him a lesson?

3.  Sleepover.  Requires a female player.  Two teen girlfriends were having a sleepover.  The parents were out of town, and the girls on their own.  They had bought some lingerie, and showed off what they got.  Things started to heat up as they "felt the fabric" of each other's purchases.  Lots of giggles, and a couple of glasses of wine later, the girls turn romantic.
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