Ideas inspired by TV Tropes! (MUL, F wanted)

Started by CirclMastr, January 11, 2010, 03:45:44 PM

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Don't blame me if you lose a few hours in that site.  Anyway, it has a story generator that's mostly for amusement, and my twisted mind can sometimes actually come up with story ideas based off the generator.  So here are some!  Expect a lot of ideas played for comedy.


1. Jedi For Sale

Setting: A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away
Plot: Bachelor Auction
Hero: Celibate Hero
Villain: Artifact of Doom

A Jedi knight attends a bachelor auction on Ryloth for political goodwill, expecting to end up doing teaching or housework, or at worst buying someone dinner. But his presence with the Force activates a buried Sith artifact that turns the already hypersexual Twi'lek women up to 11, and the Jedi finds himself in the middle of a bidding war that could either turn violent or orgiastic. Will he be able to handle the irrational emotions around him? Will he be able to keep his virginity around all the tempting female flesh literally surrounding him? Will he even want to?


2. Middle Kid Syndrome

Setting: Big Fancy House
Plot: Sibling Triangle
Hero: The Fool

In a rich family high on material goods but low on parental involvement, a young man spends most of his time with toys and games.  Socially stunted, he doesn't even realize that his two sisters are competing for his affection.  As they become more overt with their incestuous pursuit, they risk being caught by household staff.  Can the sisters get their brother's attention without alerting anyone else?  Who will win him over?  Will their mother get home from a business trip at exactly the wrong (or right) time?


3. Boiling Over

Setting: Cool Airship
Narrative Device: Getting Hot In Here
Hero: Extraordinarily Empowered Girl
Villain: Evil Chef

Life is good on an airship, until things start to break.  Mechanical failures suddenly abound, and the Extraordinarily Empowered captain finds her airship turning into a floating Sauna of Death.  The ship's mechanic is doing his sweaty bare-chested best to repair all the problems, but there seems to be more at work than meets the eye.  Will the ship be fixed before they run out of water?  Will the heat and disrobing melt the captain's heart?  And what's in the chef's awful gazpacho that she keeps trying to feed the crew?


4. Your Princess is in Another Castle

Setting: Alternate Universe
Plot:   Batman In My Basement
Hero: Lady Of War
Characterization Device: Shipper On Deck

While fighting evil, the warrior princess accidentally winds up in an alternate dimension, and emerges in... suburbia.  When she's found by the geeky young resident, he promises to protect her while she tries to find her way home.  Naturally this requires a comedically convoluted cover story for said geek's mom.  Will the Lady of War be able to find her way back home?  Will the mom's constant prodding of her son to take his new friend on a date drive him insane?  Can romance bloom despite class differences, interdimensional gaps, looming evil, and a nagging parent?


If you have any questions or are interested in giving one of these insane ideas a shot, shoot me a PM!
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