Looking for an Avatar RP (As in the film that just came out..)

Started by Aerys, January 10, 2010, 12:11:19 AM

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After seeing this film, I've become a big fan of James Cameron's world, so I'm looking to do an RP based off of his AU. I prefer intermediate to advanced writers, among other things, so give me O/Os a once over and either post here or PM me if you're interested in doing something.

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I'm a fan of his films as well, especially avatar. Im skilled enough for what your looking for, I think, so what are you thinking up in terms of plot. Its on Pandora, I know that much, but what else.


I've been a big fan of sc-fi/fantasy and James Cameron's work, for quite a while, now. Needless to say, Avatar and the world of Pandora have become my new favorites; both in storyline and visuals. I've read your O/Os and believe I can meet the requirements that you've asked for. PM me back if you're interested.
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I agree with you there. I've got posters of avatar on the way, and my flatmate has the cd soundtrack coming. She's seen it four times and ive seen it twice.


I'm quite interested in this as well, but I do have a question: Will this simply focus on the Na'vi, or will be Humans play a part as well?

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