Weekend Game (possibly later weeknight evenings as well?)

Started by Lyria, May 26, 2006, 11:08:29 PM

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Hi everyone.

I find myself very bored on the weekends (later evenings during the week as well, but not so extreme), with all of my other games seeming to practically halt during this time.

I am looking for something other than an excuse for two characters to get together and have sex. Of course if sex comes as a natural development of the story, that's wonderful. I love writing explicit scenes, but I love the sexual tension that builds and grows before two people actually break down and desperately take each other better. I like romance and a sensual feel.

While I do put a lot of thought and effort into my characters post's, I like to be a ‘player’, and let my partner lead the story as the ‘gm’.

One idea I am particularly interested in is #5, but am open to talking about any idea, yours or mine.

If you think you might be interested, please check my ons/offs, and send me a PM.


A woman inherits a ranch, hires a man to come help run it as she is pretty clueless. She’s a complete city person. Another land owner close by is trying to pressure her into selling, eventually resorting to not so nice practices.

A woman is driving through the mountains when a blizzard hits and she ends up in a ditch, possibly injured. A man who lives in a home near by finds her and brings her back to his house to let her stay through the storm until they can get dug out. Which could take weeks. Not sure how much adversity we could put the characters through though. Taken.

I am also toying with an idea where a vampire has fallen in love with my completely mundane character that has no idea vampires or the supernatural exist. Maybe they start dating; or just become friends first, he is hiding what he is. Possibly in a moment of passion he gets lost and feeds, and is forced to turn her or watch her die. She wakes up a vampire, and he must help her adjust. Or she could just stay human.
A woman witnesses a crime, maybe not as bad as murder or anything, and is taken hostage until after the trial. She and the man holding her end up being attracted to each other, but of course are on the opposite side of things. Right now he has orders from his boss to just hold her, but the order could come to get rid of her, bringing up mixed feelings. Possibly there are other associates there with them that she has to fend off, and he has to keep from taking liberties they aren’t supposed to.

A woman is being stalked. She goes to the police for help. The romantic interest could either be a cop/detective who takes interest in helping her despite the fact that there is little the law can actual do until she is hurt in some way, or a private bodyguard she would hire. Either my writing partner could play both the stalker and the romantic interest, or there could be three players total, my character, the stalker, and the romantic interest. Possibly the stalker could even kidnap her, we can discuss this more if someone is interested.
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