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Author Topic: New Interests [MUL]  (Read 637 times)

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Offline MerilanTopic starter

New Interests [MUL]
« on: January 06, 2010, 03:30:42 PM »
OK, so I've been itching to do some more RPing on here.  In general, the two biggest kinks I have are non-consensual bondage and rape, and powerful characters being subdued and made helpless to be sexually taken.  I'm not so big on the actual master/slave or dominant/submissive theme, though, and the usual site limits (guro, watersports, vore, etc.) are off-limits as well.

I don't mind a male or female partner, player gender holds no barrier for me.  I would like to, in these scenes, play the submissive role, however.

Some of these scenes have links to picture, mostly to my DeviantArt account where I draw bondage scenes.  You can find the link here.

The Life-Binder: NC, Bondage, Warcraft
Link: Inspiration picture

Alexstrasza is one of the most powerful figures in Azeroth.  She is the queen of the Red Dragons, and holds a lot of enmity by many in her illustrious career as one of the world's foremost champions of life.  I can do all sorts of things playing her, such as her captivity by the orcs (like in the picture above), or perhaps defeated by Malygos, or something else to your liking...

Other WoW characters are also possible in various situations, such as Sylvanas, etc.  My preferred races are blood elves, draenei, night elves, and maybe humans.

The Little Shop: C/NC, Bondage, Modern

Imagine an attractively cute young woman, brunette, with that girl next door appearance, perhaps wearing a poloneck or sweater... who is the owner or at least an employee in a little kinks shop down town on main street.  You come in looking for a toy or something to spice up your sex life.   and then to your surprise, she asks if you'd like to sample the merchandise in the stockroom behind, flipping the store sign to 'Out to Lunch' as she does...

This can either be a consensual bondage scene with experimentation, or the customer could be taken in by passion and do nastier, raunchier things to her...

The Campus Darling: NC, Bondage, Modern

She's the adorable heart of the college campus.  Charming, witty, smart and attractive, she's a community person and a go-getter, and everyone likes her.  Perhaps she plays music at the campus bar, or she's organizing a charity group.  She has lots of friends, and everyone knows her.

Which is exactly what appeals to you.  Just seeing her squirm and mmph as you shut her into a private space, and see if you can't fuck all that enthusiasm out of her...

The Superstar: NC, Bondage, Modern or Fantasy
Link: Illustrated example

She's a popular travelling minstrel who visits city to city, village to village... or perhaps a pop superstar who's set to make her next album's debut at a large concert hall.  Being a lifelong, obsessive stalker, you've collected hundreds of graphic pictures of her and plan to do something quite special for her next large hit...

This can go several different ways.  He (or they, even) grab her and fuck her before she gets up on stage in her dressing room, kidnaps her somewhere for his own enjoyment, or even brings her up on stage to be fucked there.

D&D heroines: NC, Bondage, Fantasy
Link: Rogue, Wizard, Cleric, Warlock, Avenger, etc.

This was part of a series I did on D&D or fantasy themed heroines being caught and bound and gagged.  Obviously there's potential for all kinds of situations to happen from that point on, so I'm open ears to your favorite ideas :)
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