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Alright, I should explain. I started this RP with a great friend, but he has become extremely busy and we have not had the ability to continue for over 6months. What I am hoping is that someone will see this and become inspired to takeover where He and I had left things ( I have run this past him and he is fine with me taking the RP forward). On a good note we had much of the plot begun but not a whole lot of His main character developed. SO that character can easily be molded into a creation of the person who find it appealing to do so. Its very much a SciFi RP, with strong designs toward Firefly, at least in my opinion, but read for yourself and I hope you find it of interest. If you do send me a message and we'll brainstorm from there.

Thanks ^_^

My character - Izzy has a bio on my ONs & OFFs.
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(Archive of Past RP, willing to restart though think it would be easy enough to start where this ended as well)

Isabelle.. Iz as her friend Gene so lovely called her..  stared at the screen .. tapping a bright blue finger against the desk.. she'd just about had the frequency and level for the machine right.. but something was missing dammit.. and it was right there on the tip of her mind.. so close.. something seemed to block the answer.. she decided to call the day quits.. glancing at the clock now on the screen.. 2:21am .. Oops guess she'd let her work suck her in again.. her roommate (aka Gene) was going to chew her ear off in the morning.. she shrugs moving to switch off the and shutdown the machine when something suddenly jumped out at her from the equation and code she had on screen.. "SHIT!.." she gasps .. highlighting the area and begins typing away .. the code patternized.. finally it fit.. it all FIT.. excitedly she runs into the containment room.. turning on the machine for prep to receive the new data and have a test.. the thought of calling it a night now gone from her mind.. she prep the sequence and moved into the room to monitor from behind the protective barrier.. then with a excited hit on enter the high focused sound wave and lasers came together in the center creating a focal point the slowly but evenly opened growing wider then stablized.. "YES yes...." she smiled..then watched as the screen flickered and the containment field broke down.. "What.. wait... Noooooo!" she notices suddenly the vortex was opening too quickly and filling the room as she blinked.. before she could think she was surrounded .. and falling?... blinded by the brightness.. until it all went black.. but she wasnt unconscious.. and she was on something now.. the outside ground?.. she blinked her eyes adjusting .. having been blinded partly from the light.. realizing that she wasnt in the lab any longer.. and she was outside.. but.. where she was she had no clue.. she'd stood up and brushed off her jeans.. and white lab coat.. her shirt beneath was nothing surprising just another 'no name' band she scene in a club.. dark chocolate brown hair with few bright strands of blue-purple-red fluttered around her face.. her sneakers black with multi-shade laces... she saw her shoulder bag laying amoung the clutter of equipment (most of which was tatters and sections of the whole).. nothing really in the bag.. just her MP3 player, PDA/Cell, wallet, some books (her notebook/journal), and a large hooded sweater, and other misc items.. Where is the world was she?.. she began to turn to look for some sort of clue to where she had just transported to.

It looked an aweful lot like the area surrounding the Sierra Vista lab where she'd been working. High plains desert with plenty of plantlife, foothills and rolling, broken terrain. She even recognized the mountains that rose in the distance, their peaks capped with a dusting of snow. Obviously she'd been transported, but it certainly wasn't to the secondary chamber across the facility. Damn, for all she knew she was stuck in the middle of the desert outside Tombstone, but how was that possible with no chamber on the receiving end? It didn't make sense! Still, it had WORKED! Matter energy transport! Her career was made, her discovery a success, even if there were apperently some bugs to work out. Another glance around her revealed a dusty trail, hardly even a proper road for service vehicles. THe sun hung in the west, descending toward the end of the day while the moon was already climbing. Maybe if she traveled the road she'd get lucky and someone would pick her up? A check of her cell phone would reveal the obvious, no cell phone tower in reach. Oddly, the time was flahing four zeroes. Maybe a bit scrambled by the warp and no signal to reset itself on? Well, the only thing to do was travel. Two hours crawled by without hope and annoyance began to set in as the sun dipped into its red and yellow cradle. Her feet must have been tired and her clothes dusty from the occasional dusty wind gusts. Then, from out of the falling sun, a meteor shot across the deeping blue sky and seemed to crash just beyond the foothills. Odd that there had been no reports of a meteor shower tonight. She didn't have much time to contemplate it before the sound of an engine and the crucnh of tires against broken rock met her ears. A glance backward and she spotted a truck, beat up and tired looking, barreling down the trail at high speed. The body shape was odd and there were people riding in the bed with what appeared to be rifles. Drunken hunters? It was a ride at least.

With the finally sign of life she throws her arms up at the vehicle.. having started to feel like she was going to be trapped in the center of the desert and die from dehydration the next day from the heat.. she was being dramatic thinking of the worst case as more of a laugh .. her brain really never stopped it thinking process - she always had one idea or code of equations running around in her mind - one of the reasons she could really ever seem to stop working and why she'd been the youngest in her field. She continues to wave down the truck.. running along the old road to be sure they saw her.. "HEY.. HEY COME on .. DON'T just leave me here.. !!" she screams as they seem like they are not about to stop for her.

As the red behemoth drew closer, she realized it wasn't a typical vehicle at all and looked like something that might have been military. NO surprise there, being that Fort Huachuka was nearby, but the military did not typically paint its trucks red. Where was the black and green blobs of camouflage? The truck sped along, looking as if it might initially passs by but the sudden shreik of neumatic air brakes bellowed from the six wheeled truck. Two men stood up on the high bed and leveled odd looking rifles at her. Soldiers they were not. The one on the left looked like he might have been his panic and he wore a broad brimmed wool hat and a yellow jumpsuit with a long zipper running up the front. The guy next to him was a bit taller and lighter skinned and was dressed in most of what appeared to be a space suit. The NASA logo on the sleeve gave it away. The men glanced to eachother and the latino shrugged. The lighter skinned man spoke in a strange accent, but it was English. "Wha sort of engi' are ya lady? What corp. ya with? I don't see no logo on yer coat sleeve. You a renegade, a splicer?" For an astronaught, he was scruffy looking and she could smell the stink of them from where she stood several feet away from the high bed.

She jumped back as the large vehicle came to stop.. looks up to see the weapons pointed directly at her... she stepped back slowly.. raising her hands up at her sides slowly.. "WHOA!.. um.. look.. I'm sorry.. I didnt mean to.. trespass or anything" she frowns bites her lip.. and glances around again.. contemplating if she had access to run.. if she should even try .. the one man looked ready and able to fire .. she swallows.. ".. I'm Isabelle.. ok.. i'm unarmed .. I just need a ride back to the Sierra Vista lab" she looks around.. again.. "... And I seriously have no idea what your talking about otherwise.." she took closer looks at the vehicle and the rest of it the longer she was stuck standing there.. other then knowing that the machine had obviously transported her somewhere.. though there was always the chance now she thought this was a vivid dream and she was in a coma or knock out.

"VIsta Lab? Yer outa yer mind lady, no human's set foot anywhere near that place since..." He pasued in thought and scratched his forehead, the deep lines around his mouth becoming cavernous as he frowend. "Shit I don't think since the second containment chamber weret removed to Cognia's Lab on Mars Station! If you don't know that, den you must be from wonna dem westen corps. Where you outta, D.C. Launch Systems? Or are you wonna dem Draconic Industries 'vengers thinkin' you gonna rip off the wormhole alpha's tech?" The latino next to him shook his head and babbled something in a language that sounded sorta spanish and sorta chinese.

She looked at them like they were crazy.. lowering her hands as she moved a stop closer..."What?! .. Ok look your making absolutely no sense to me.. Nothing you say sound remotely right.. I was literally in the lab not 3 hours ago.." she trys to make sense of all of it and finally the possibilities began to stretch infront of her.. she wasnt just thrown thru space.. all the things the man said began to sink in .. wormholes.. Mars Station.. "Holy shit!" she said aloud to herself more then them.. she swallows.. she got thrown thru space and time.. her initial reaction was stunning silence until she realized the two mean were still there staring down at her.. she had to to get somewhere and talk to somebody.. .."Look .. I need to speak with someone in charge.. I can't explain it .. but I am not from any of those places and but I am from Earth.. and i need to talk to someone that could help figure out how to get home.. " she bites her lip looking up at the two solider types - hoping they take her word for it.

The two men glanced at eachother once again and the latino lowered his odd looking weapon then patted his buddy on the shoulder. He reluctantly did the same. The pair moved to the tailgate and dropped it the latino offer her his hand since there was no ladder to get up into the massive boat of a truck. AS he pulled her up into the back the white guy walked back to the cab and gave the top a hard couple of slaps. The truck jerked into motion as they began to head off. The white guy snorted and spit over the edge before sitting down next to his helmet. "I"m Liam, Liam the Pilot. THis 'ere is Juan Han. YOu can call him Juan or Han, but he won't understand a lick of anything else ya say unless ya speak Spanglanese. By tha looks of ya, ya don't. Better take a seat too, it'sa bumpy ride from 'ere... ahh, whatd ya say yer name was again?"

Once the lowered their weapons she released the breath she hadnt' realized been holding for the past few minutes.. she then moved to the rear of the truck and took the man hand to jump up.. only she was more yanked lifted by the one she now knew as Liam.. .. she smiles .. thanking Liam and Juan Han both for the assistants.. "Its Isabelle.. or just Iz.. " she offers loudly so the words are swept away by the wind and truck's noise.. she bites her lip for a long moment.. as she holds on to the bed of the truck looking ahead as the truck seems to be zooming along much faster than she was used to.. "Whats the horse power for the engine in this thing?" she asks off hand.. "Where we heading anyway??"... look to Liam for the answer though she gives a quick smile to Juan Han.[color=][/color]

"Horsepower?" LIam's eyes narrowed. "Lady.. eh, Liz, where are ya from? I did't think even tha eastern Labs still taught horsepower. Dis buffalo 'ere's got a 900 megawatt wavedrive. I guess in horsepower that would beeee.... Eh, well, I can't rightly do the maths in my 'ead but I'd say its similar to the old style rollsroyce jet engines dey used ta use on tha 2030 era Ultra 900's." 2030 era? How far forward had the portal shot her? Juan leaned back in his seat and kept a wweather eye on the sky and the road behind them. The sun was dipping farther and farther into the mountains to the west. Another meteor shot across the sky, a bright crimson trail left behind it. "Were 'eaded fer Huachuka City Starport. If ya wanna talk to tha boss, dem's tha brakes Lady.. eh Liz."

She blushed slightly when it seemed she just kept using out of date terms.. "Its Iz.. with an I.. no L.. " she corrects trying to figure out if 2030 was an era.. what era was it now.. she licks her lips. "So.. What is the year/make of this beast.." she taps the side of the bed of the truck.. and .."..Seem in to be in decent shape.. " she mentions trying to sound like she knew something about what she was saying.. but really she was bluffing her ass off.. "..But never hurts to think about upgrading.. " she shots the thought off hand.. glancing between Juan Han and Liam.. well at least they knew she wasn't some sort of spy.. or else the worst ever

Liam and Juan exchanged another glance and Liam licked his dry, crcked lips and started to respond but was cut off by Juan's sudden yell. Her eyes would have been drawn tothe latino and then in teh direction he was pointing. A small flying craft had just come out of the sun's glare and was speeding toward them at high speed. It was nearly orblike and there was no discernable windows or otehr portals to the outside. A blue glimmer began forming around the "front" of the craft, the air seeming to warp like a mirage. A blue lance of light flashed before her eyes and she heard a thundrous crack. Dust shot up all around the truck as it jerked off road to avoid the blast. Juan returned fire with his odd rifle. There was no report like a normal rifle, instead just a short crack like thunder and no kick from the weapon. The orb skittered left and right, avoiding Juan's well timed shots. Liam grabbed her by her lab coat and shoved her to the bed, laying literally on top of her. "Don't move Liz!" He got her name wrong again as he covered her body with his own. She couldn't see shit but the dusty bed inches from her face and Juan's boots. The exchange of fire picked up in intensity as they truck rumbled along offroad, picking up more and more speed. She couldn't tell how fast theyw ere going, but the roar of wind suggested it was hundreds of miles an hour. The shocks and struts of the truck must have been far advanced, any normal wheeled vehicle would have been sent tumbling wildly end over end by the rough terrain. There were several tense moments as the truck shook and fishtailed wildly, a boom defening her and a bright flash blinding her for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, she felt their speed begin to drop as the truck limped along. Liam still lay on top of her, his heavy weight becoming bothersome.

She kept braced against the bed of the truck.. shocked by the sudden fire fight that was going her.. once flash of lights blinding effect wore off she ..she felt sick dizzy.. Liam pinning her down wasn't helping her body was bruised from bring braced and bouncing about of the bed of the truck.. she was shocked she had been screaming during the course of the recently passed event .. she head pounded as she shifted again.. "Let me up already.." she told hi,, "I cant breath.. " she complains.. and leverages herself when finally his weight subsides.. moving slowly as she leaning against the side of the truck bed.. her hands against her temples.. waiting for a long moment before her brains doesn't feel so much like it been scrambled ".. What in the hell was that?!.." asks them.

LIam goraned as Juan helped pull him off of her. Dazed and confused by the attack she didn't realize immediately that the truck had been hit. The tailgate was now a twisted mass of scorched and melted metal and Liam had taken several pices of the destroyed tailgate into his body. From the looks of his wounds, it wasn't good. The truck came to a stop and the pair in the cab she hadn't met yet piled out. One of them was a giant of a man with dark brown skin, but his ethnicity was difficult to discern. The otehr was a figure dressed from head to toe in another space suit, this one far more futuristic looking and with a gas mask on. Blonde hair poked out at parts around the mask's straps. The big guy simply sais "Shit!" as he looked first at the tailgate, then Liam. He tossed Juan a first aid kit and the lation began to work. Juan said something in his incomprehensible language and guestured at Iz. The big guy looked her over. "Name's Charlie, you any good with a lasgun Iz? He didn't wait for a reply before he reached up into the back of the truck and pulled Liam's weapon down before guesturing for Iz to jump down.

She'd felt horrible seeing the man hand protected her .. knowing had he not lay on top of her she'd have been wounded or died.. she blinks distracted by the need to watch Juan Han begin tending to Liam... she frowned.. when Juan Han gesture to her and then another man took her attention away from watching .. she was both glad and irritated.. feeling like she need to keep an eye on Liam.. she jumped from the truck bed still glancing back toward Liam and Juan Han.. finally she focus on Charlie.. "No.. i never been near one of those until today.." she told truthfully.. .."But I can .. learn ... I am quick learner.. " she says looking at the weapon like it was nothing but a challenge .. and she was good at challenges.. "Just show me what i need to do.. " she asks him.. ".. and if you could tell me a little about what that thing was it be helpful for  when i need to shoot this things.. " she smirks trying to be up front and willing to help

The big man looked at her as if she'd fallen out of the sky. "Well, here's the charge meter on tophere. THis will tell you your number of shots left. Just use the laser sight here and make sure the red dot is on a weakpoint in the target's armor. If you don't know what a weak point looks like, it's like a join or a space between armor plates. Now once you've lined up your shot, press the button here to discharge. Fire from your chest height and don't look at the end of the weapon or you'll blind yourself. Keep that lasgun pointed at whatever looks alien to you and don't hesitate to discharge the whole thing into whatever your target is. I don't wantr to see nothing getting back up from your shots. Got it? Good, come on." He waved at her to follow as he drew a strange device from his pocket and stalked forward. He glanced down at the device now and again as they distanced themselves from the truk. Over a small ridge, she spotted the orb, crashlanded in a dry riverbed thick with cactus. He waved her forward and he drew a pistol that looked similar to her lasgun. Once they got close to the thing, he whispered to her. "Knnel down there behind that rock, keep your body covered incase one of the bastards is still alive. Don't worry too much about being careful with your shots, just don't shoot me in the damned back." He nodded to her and moved forward again, drawing near the side of the alrge orb. He clicked a few buttons on the device and a seamless door sprung opan on its top. As he began to roll the orb over, something sprung from the hatch, fluttering wildly. "Shit!" He yelled and dropped to one knee. The creature was amazing, downright amazing. It was like a butterfly, but humanoid in shape, with four arms, two legs and a pair of glorious yellow and black wings. It fluttered upward trying to gain altitude.

She listened to the quick tutorial on the weapon and nods.. "I got it.. " she actually she had.. she had a near photographic memory and it worked to with hearing instructions.. she check the weapon and followed the one called Charlie over the ridge and into the crash site.. being up this close felt surreal.. she stared for the longest moment before she'd been snapped to attention by the whisper of Charlie .. she followed the orders moving to take the position behind the rock and props the weapon so to give her a leveraging angle.. she kept her eyes on him as he had approached as well as glancing the surrounding area.. her eyes snapped back to the ship as he curse and the that the creature shocked her.. she hesitated for almost a moment too long before he aimed.. the creature was gaining speed and altitude but she calculated the shot and fired.. and fired again.. the pulse of the laser hitting the target both times however the second shot made the kill thru the center of the head.. she swallows.. as the body fluttered and fell to the ground between her and Charlie.. she winced at the thud.. and looked to him smirking slightly before lifting the gun and resting it against her hip .. she had no clue what she'd just killed.. but if it had been what attacked them .. then it had to be done.

Charles looked up over the lip of the crashed space craft and then turned his eyes on the splattered butterfly. "Who taught you to shoot, Iz?" He asked incredulously. "Took his antenna right off." He strolled over to the fallen body and nudged it with the toe of his weather-worn tanker's boots. "Best we get our slvage before more company shows up. Look in the pod there and grab anything that even looks useful will ya?" He retrived a pair of strange looking pistols the butterfly had been carrying. "What lab did you say you were with again?"

She watched him check the thing for life and made a slight shrugs of her shoulder.. “I went shooting once when i was younger.. shot target with 22 rifle  when I was a kid.. but its all really a matter of angles and holding steady.. “ she moves a bit closer as he nudged at the fallen butterfly before she into the opening of the pod and pulled out anything that seemed removable. They jumped down again. “Well.. Sierra Vista lab.. but.. I think I am starting to realize I am not in Kansas anymore.” she smirks no idea if He's understand the reference quote or not.

"Sierra Vista Lab? You must have hit your head, or do you mean there is a Sierra Vista Lab in Kansas? I thought the mid west states were all crontrolled by Fractal Technologies and Draconic Industries. Bastards, the both of em. They send scalpers out here to try and get a hold of origin tech." He shook his head and quickly seperated the objects she'd plucked out of the shiny silver pod into two piles. "Crap, crap, keep, crap, keep, keep... damned control module looks busted but we might beable to get a few credits for it. I'll give ya fifty credits here and now for your cut if you don't wanna be bothered to wait for us to salvage and sell this off." He put the "keep" pile into various pockets on his jump suit before taking the weapon back from her and slinging it over his shoulder. "And what sort of 'gineer are you anyhow? You don't look like a mechnik." He said as he unsubtlely let his eyes roam over her body.

Izzy smirks shaking her head. “I'm not really either of those.. But look.... I need to talk to whoever is in charge.. I'd told Liam and Juan Han that before.. well before this thing had attacked..” speaking of Liam made her look back toward the truck, wondering if he was alright. He'd saved her life. She didnt know what he was saying about the credits but she also felt better if they didnt decide to just leave her out here .. “So look you can split whatever share of this stuff your talking about later.. I not sure we should just be standing around.. I mean.. wont more show up?” she thinks feeling somewhat like she'd been transported into the center of a Scifi movie.

"Yup, better get back to the truck." Charles smirked. She was playing dumb, but he couldn't quite figure out her game. Maybe she was a spy. Maybe she was lost. He didn't have time to deal with any shenanigans right now so he figured the truth would come out eventually. They were too small a crew for anyone but KIllamaroo to send an assassin after, and if she was an assassin, she sure as hell wasn't doing a great job of it. Then again, the Captain wasn't here and he would have been the one KIllamaroo was after anyhow. He shruged his big shoulders and huffed it back to the truck. Juan gave a wave and the as yet unnamed character in the jumpsuit and gas mask was busily finishing the bandage job on Liam. "Lets get ready to go. Grant, get Liam into the cab." He guestured a few things to Juan who nodded in understanding. "Iz, help Juan cover our ass. If there are more BUggaboos around, we'll need your aim." Juan rached down to help her into the truck again as Charles pressed an electronic keycard into the driver's side door. The truck hummed to life as Grant pushed Liam's unconcious body into the cab and crawled in behind him. As they peeled off, Charles keyed something else in the cab and spakers hidden somewhere along the bed kicked into life. ~Evening all you folks out there in Suburbia and wastes beyond, this is the voice of Huachuka City, 107.7 and I'm JaaaAAAck Lister, your ever charming host. Here's a little number called Inertia Baby. For all you star sailors out there, remember, watch your intertia and don't forget the spacebrakes!" The radio host clicked off and a rhythmic electronic sound pulsed from the hidden speakers as the sun feel below the mountains, casting the desert in that errie blue glow. The truck sped along and the cool evening and subtly toned music brought some peace to the familliar, and yet simultaneously strange surroundings. The lights of what had once been Fort Huachuka, now apperently called Huachuka City, rose in the distance as they bumped along the potted road. As the truck drew closer, she could see the mishmash of old structures and new, both flowing together in a strange mix of mortar, metal, shacks and skyscrapers. The road became flatter and then paved, though still rough, as they approached. A towering rocket sat atop a launchpad near the center of town, its thrusters smoking as it prepared for lift off.

She'd sat in the back of the truck bed, pulling her bag over her shoulder before the truck had started moving. Once in motion she was clutching the weapon with one hand and the side of the truck bed with the other. She smirks to Juan Han trying to seem ready from anything but the speed the truck was moving kept her head tilted down a lot, glancing up at the sky whenever she could. As the entered into the city she couldn't stop herself from looking structure of the city, she been to this base several times in the past, but now... it was like a mix of ghost town and middle eastern slum. Though a the sight of the rocket almost everything else was forgotten. She stared with wide curious eyes at the huge towering form. “So .. thats where we are headed?” she said aloud and realized Juan Han probably didn't understand what she'd said anyway, “Wow to think yesterday I was in my lab researching code for my machine.. now.. I think I need to be pinched .. this has got to be a dream.” Speaking in a low whispering sorta tone.

The radio was drowned out for a moment by loudspeakers around the city blaring annoucements. "Titan VII prepared for lift off. Control center, all strobes are green. Fuel levels are at maximum. Hyper Core reads normal flux. Prepare containment field for rocket departure. Roger Pad this is Control Tower, containment field in place. Ignition in 10, 9, 8,7 6.." The countdown was brief and the ignition from the rocket could have easily leveled half the town if it weren't for a strange field which appeared to be dissapating the heat and force from the gargantuan engines. She'd seen rockets lanched before of course, but nothing compared to this towering monstrosity. It was nearly half a mile high! It dawrfed even the largest of the decrepit skyscrapers around it. "MIssion is a go, release inertial dampners. Release stage one clamps, stage two, stage three." The massive shockwave rippling across the strange blue surface of the caontainment field was immense and as the inertial holds dropped away, the great beast of a rocket began to climb into the air, spiraling upward like a spear thrown towards the heavens. The blue field clung to the vessel until it was safely out of range before dissapating, leaving a wash of heat and thrust to pour down into the city sending dust and small rocks everywhere. Juan looked up witha  smirk on his face as he pulled his goggles down over his eyes. A series of smaller vessels swarmed around the streets now that trhe rocket had pulled away from the earth, some gliding across the pavement on wheels, others on air and still otehrs swarmed through the air like a pack of car sized insects, then another anoouncement. "Warning, warning, unsceduled docking attempt at Pad A. Centurians deployed. Warning, warning. "Shit!" Yelled, CHarles from the dirver's side wondow as they cruised down the narrow street. "Captain's coming in hot. Sorry Iz but if you're gona get off here, you'll have to jump for it!" They were doing at least eighty miles an hour... She as in a daze of the activity that was going on around them.

As she approached the loudspeaker seemed to vibrate her bones. And clutches the side of the vehicle with a death grip, not to mention she was having a hard time hearing anything Charlie said. Had he just susgested she jump? She frowns keeping her head down as they kept zooming forward, ignoring anything that wasn't to do with staying in the bed of the truck and holding on for dear life. The truck roared along the pavement of the narrow street, Charles adept driving keeping all four wheels gripping the blacktop as they danced around slower moving traffic. The lights of the crawling city flickered past and flying pods zoomed by at high speed. Juan Han laid down in the bed and guestured for her to do the same, though he kept his goggled eyes up so he could see what was happening. The sound of the radio as inaudible over the traffic but the feeling of the bass through the carbon fibre body was electrifying. They took a turn at high speed and the launch pad came into view. Soldiers were gathering along the edge of the pad with weapons raised while a large object spewing fire behind trurned to meet the truck's trajectory before speeding past. It was hard to make out the exact dimensions of the ship against the glaring lights of the town and the dark sky. It was easily ten times the size of the truck though, if not larger, perhaps something like a light frigate. The ships inertial dampners kicked in and it practially stopped on a dime before its rear bay opened. There was simply no way the truck, moving at over eighty miles an hour, was going to get into the ship without a catastrophic wreck.

When Juan Han had braced himself against the bottom of the truck, she'd followed suit, though in doing so she also realized what Charles was about to do. She sudden felt herself getting light headed. She was about to die. “OH shit..” she screams up toward the cab from the bed of the truck. And with out much thought at the moment she just reach out to the closed thing to hold onto.. which happen to be Juan Hans arm. She glanced at him fear etched over her face then put head flat as possible again the truck bed. Her hand clutching the arm of the stranger, but dammit she wasn't about to let go.

Anyone could have the grip of an ape when faced with imminent death. Adrenaline coursed through her body as she unconciously braced herself. Juan's face had a massive smile on it, as if he had done this insanity a thousand times and enjoed every second of it. As she pressed her head to the bed and closed her eyes the truck roared and the front wheels connected with the angled edge of the landing pad. One would have expected a crash and thundrous boom a moment later, but none came. Her forward momentum was robbed from her. It wasn't like being jerked back by a seatbelt or hitting a wall and transfering your energy to it. It wasn't even like hitting a mile thick wall of foam. She had no way to describe the feeling that suddenly washed over her. It was as if her inertia had simply vanished. Every school kid knew that an object in motion tended to stay that way and that only reaction with another object could dissapate that force, and yet she had gone from traveling eighty to not moving at all without so much as a feeling of slowing overtaking her.

It was disorienting to say the least. The sound of multiple lasguns firing  with their distinctive miniature thunderclap met her ears first, then a hydralic sound like a piece of machinery working. A hand touched hers where she gripped Juan Han's arm, gently working to loosen her grip. The sound of his strange speech came next as the rear bay door closed out the sound of gunfire.

Izzy was panting she could hear her heart pounding in her ears, and her fingertips throbbed with her pulse, as she clutched around Juan Hans arms, realizing at the moment she could let go. So she did, turning slowly as she did, sitting up and blinking in a weird sort of shock. She was alive. They were on the ship, and they been shot at. “Ok.. well, um.. “ she started to talk but she just didn't have idea where her questions should start. One thing was for sure, Izzy had had enough of this truck! Once she had the focus to do so, she stood up leaving the weapon behind on the bed of the truck and her bag slung over her shoulder she jumps down out of the truck bed and onto the bay area floor. Swallowing as she looked around.

Charles and Grant dragged Liam out of the cab and carried him over to a series of beds along the cargo bay walls. The beds were pretty basic, tubular steel frames and webbing made of elastic that could be folded against the wall for more room. They laid him down and strapped him in, Grant pulling a needle from a pocket on his arm and injecting him with it.
"Anybody back tehre not strapped in better do it fast." Came a voice over the intercom. "Inertial dampners dropping in thirty seconds." Juan lept from the bed a moment after she did and took her arm, pulling her insistantly toward the beds. Grant passed out syringes to Charles and Juan before climbing on top Iz and strapping them both together. "Sorry," came Grant's ambiguously muffled voice. "No time, have to share." Grant's blonde hair hung down, tickling Iz's face, though she hadrly had time to complain before the interial dampners dropped away and they shot off at what must have been inconcieveable speed. Iz could feel her blood pooling in her limbs.

She was going to say a simple 'What?' but words never made it out of her throat. once minute she'd fine. The next thing she knew everything went black. She'd never felt the force of a take off other then a simple airline. This was not like that. She'd felt a moment where her' blood rushed from her head and after that blackness. she was breathing again. she let her eyes flutter open, looking around. the burst of gforce was gone. and she tried to move. taking several long deep breaths before she did. It was disorienting to say the least, much as everything else that had happened in such a short period of time.

It had been a whirlwind couple of minutes culminating in her loss of conciousness. The intercom was likea  voice in a dream as her head swam back to the surface of the inky black that had encapsulated her mind. "Warning, warning, distance to debris field, one-hundred fourty meters and closing. Trajectory change; denied, main navigation offline, secondary navigation offline, tertiary navigation offline. Main sensor array operating with dopplar. Change of mode; denied, main navigation offline, secondary navigation offline, tertiary navigation offline." The semi femanine voice of the computer continued its repetative drone as it ignored orders. "Grant, Charles, Juan, any of you guys awake back there? HIghtail it to the bridge damnit!"

Grant lay like a lump on top of her as she came to and looked around. The otehr three were also unconcious, maybe from the drug Grant had administered. Grant hadn't had time to give Iz the shot before the dampners ahd dropped and Iz's head was paying for it. She felt like a train had run her over and was lucky she wasn't dead. "One of you guys get up here or we're gona have a hell of a time getting ourselves..." the computer cut in. "Distance to debris field, one-hundred twenty meters and closing." “Fuck..” she clutched her head slightly as she pushed Grant off and rolled out from under him. She was in a confused haze as she stood up, too fast. Leaning on the truck wall to brace herself. Taking a deep breath she felt her nose start to bleed slightly but at this point she was more worried about the computer and the 'denied warnings'.

Dammit, She didn't to die in a burning spiral toward the ground he there was something she could do, well she hope there was, because she was the only other person that seemed conscious. Swallow down the nausea she moved straight 'up' the corridors and hoped she was heading the right way. “Hello?!” she spoke out confusion of what the hell was happening still fogging her head. But finally found what seemed like the bridge as  the warning reached '80 meters and closing' and she went into an overdrive she didn't realize she had. “What what can I do..?” she said to the figure seated with his back to her as she entered the bridge.

A gloved hand guestured toward a console on teh right ahnd side of the beidge. "Nothing if you can't do trig and calc on the fly. Our lateral thrusters are out and the naviga..." main navigation offline, secondary navigation offline, tertiary navigation offline." "Yeah, that" He growled. "Have you ever navigated space before? We need to change to 137 mark 248 but only have dorsal vectoring. That means we need to use the gravity well of that subspace rocket to avoid the debris field tehre and there. Since the computer can't crunch the numbers, you'd better be a mathematical genius or else we're dead." The captain kept his back to her the whole time as he barked out the situation. The main viewscreen was on and she could see that they had entered space. The titan rocket she'd seen fired was now drifting into a higher orbit while they were spiraling toward a field amde of old satellites and discarded hunks of space station. "Shields are down so if we hit, we're going to have one hell of a hull breach. Even if we survive the hit, the escape pods are jammed and we'll fry in here with a leak like that in our skin if we reenter, and if we don't we freeze to death. NO pressure."

Izzy would have laughed if it hadn't been for the fact her head was pounding, and her eyes were just barely holding focus. She slide over to the panel. Taking a deep breath as she scanned the trajectories on the console.. numbers flying over the screen for several moments.. until she realized the problem, and how to input the the vectoring with the calculations. It took her perhaps slightly less then 2 mins to complete the entire process, as she completely zone out the last half of whatever he'd said.  She was leaning the majority of her weight and balance against the side of the console itself. Though the word pressure seem to have gotten thru to her brain because that's all her head was feeling 'pressure' the amount of gforce she'd subdued was catching back up to her and now her body was shutting down. “Ok..” was all she got out as the system accepted the calculations and starting flashing green rather then red.

"Trajectory input; acceptable, collision averted. New bearing on one-three-seven mark two-four-eight. Self repair; initiated. Non standard sub-systems; shutting down. Captain Harts, unauthorized life-form on the bridge. Shall I intervene?" The captain swiveled in his seat, bringing his visage around, a half smile on his lips. He wore a strange uniform that looked a bit old and faded. His boots and the various metal bits of the dark purple jacket were polished to a high shine. His face was angular and his short cropped hair made him look almost Fae-like. "That won't be necessary Shiva. She just saved us both."

She'd forced herself to remain upright until she heard the computer warning disappear. Izzy eyes were fluttering, when he'd turned toward her. She blinked the last of her focus used to view his remarkable features.  She somewhat stared at him until her body finally gave out. The hands that had been clutching on the console released and she slid to the floor like a limp rag doll.

Warmth and comfort, the softness of a bed and the darkness of the room brought deep sleep. The day had been more than a trial, it had been a storm of events that seemed to merge and flow together in a jumbled mess of incontinuity and fiction. Starlight danced throughout the room, let in by a broad window to flitter across the many reflective surfaces. Above her head a conflagaration of gadgetry was poised on the end of a long robotic arm. Needles filled with unknown potions, sharp tools used for delicate surgeries and other strange instruments jutted from the arm at purposeful angles. The dark bay looked sterile as one would expect, with nothing out of order, not a spec of grime or dust even on the troublesome glass and metal surfaces that would collect such  unfortunate mess with ease. It took a moment to realize that she wore nothing beneath the tight sheets and blankets covering her. No doubt the doctor, whoever they might be, had examined her in detail while she was unconscious. The view through the broad window was exquisite. Earth rolled by below her like a great rotating ball while the upper half of the view was a shimmering of various stars. THe constellations were difficult to make out at first, each appearing slightly jumbled. The stars had moved, she would realize, a great deal of time had passed. Debris from a thousand-thousand satellites cascaded around the hull of the ship, an occasional thump of some ancient television hulk bouncing away harmlessly.

Izzy had had the most chaotic dream. She rolled slowly on her bed to reposition, eyes still half shut. Only she barely caught herself before she rolled off the bed completely. A new dawning hit as her eyes shot open to look at a floor that wasn't in any way a part of her home. She lifted her eyes examining the room the odd technology that poised, with nasty looking needles, over her head. She realized none of it had been a dream, and she had no idea how long she'd slept. The room she was in, was near silent and dark. She didn't yet move from the bed, though she pressed her hand to her chest as she sat up to hold the sheet in place, feeling a blush fill her cheeks as she looked around for her clothing, and to find out what why exactly had they thought it necessary to strip her. Looking over her arms and legs for injuries or marks. She bit her lip, then wrapped the sheet around herself toga style before she called out ,"Hello...? Umm.." she pauses filtering through the jumble of memories, trying to weed out what was fact and what might have been dreams that altered the truth. Mostly she remembered the truck, but everything after being hurtled to the bed of the truck and landing in the cargo hold was fuzzy. She remember a voice, and alarms, and having homework? She'd had to calculate something, but the memory was like looking through the bottom of a glass bottle, warped and blurry.