The Yearning's of Adonis {Both Males *AND* Females Desired} [MUL]

Started by Adonis, January 04, 2010, 10:43:21 AM

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Okay, idea time ^^

This is something that I worked on on another, non-adult forum, and fell in love with. It's based off of a cheesy old book series, named Diadem. I kind of liked the idea, so I took it and ran with it.

The base description I had worked up was something along these lines:

QuoteMagic. The mere word brings forth excitement, curiosity, and intrigue. What is it though?.... Illusions? Sleight of hand? Tricks with Mirrors? That’s what everyone thinks. Or so you thought. Join a world that defies everyday logic, destroys all you have thought to be right. The world as you know of is slowly wasting away. Fewer and fewer are being born, forests dwindle, weather worsens, the air is becoming hard to breathe, water becomes toxic. A feeling of dismay follows you wherever you walk, the homeless stare back at you, beached whales look on with cold, dead eyes. The forest animals have been becoming quieter and quieter as the years pass. Something has wrong...

The basis for this is a multiple participant game, that starts out in several single threads and slowly combines over time as the characters come together in a larger group. The game itself is very, very intricate, richly decorated with pictures and descriptions, and suited to those who enjoy more than a one-liner, leading to a quick fuck. I.e., this is a long-term story-type RP, focusing more on plot than being sex driven. Diadem adheres to a very *very* loose system, used more as a reference for myself to okay certain actions. It's more of a check and balance system to keep things realistic, due to the fact that this game allows for such an extreme amount of creation.

*NOTE: The only thing that I really keep somewhat of a  reign on at this point is the magic that will happen a bit later. There is NO set listing of what you can do with what your character possess, I leave that up to your imagination. HOWEVER - If you choose to abuse the freedom I allow - it does have consequences. I.e, lifting a car with your mind and throwing it through a building because you haven't gotten your way with me? There's a very good chance I may remove a limb from your pretty little creation  ;)

As I receive PM's and/or messenger requests and character idea's, I'll post more information. I should have a link up for the general threads later today. Till then, I hope to hear from a great multitude of you !!!

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