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Author Topic: Airindel's Fancies  (Read 489 times)

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Airindel's Fancies
« on: January 03, 2010, 09:26:44 PM »
A few ideas that have had over the last few weeks.
If interested, please PM me.

Human Trade

Inspired by Joss Whedon's Dollhouse, and Lady GaGa's video Bad Romance.

Human Trade is a futuristic story of the illicit business of buying, remodelling/re-imaging, and selling of women.

In the early 1990s, the world was made aware of human trafficking as a global issue. The media  was congested with documentaries and reports, and Hollywood films.

As time passed, as global rings of human trafficking were broken and exposed, it eventually faded and became forgotten...

In Russia and in Germany, as the new millennium began, the mafia, the men behind human trade expanded beyond the realm of imagination; scientists were hired, and genetic altering began. Memories were erased, new ones integrated, genes altered and all to perfect the nature of women to sell to the highest bidder.

Some women had flaws, the medicine, science and being not forming coherently, and those were destroyed.

The market proved lucrative.

In 2212, at an underground auction in Berlin, Yuri Sokolov has the winning bid on a recently cloned model F561; a voluptuous woman with genetics dating back to 2010.

The auctioneer had made certain that the F561 was known to be 'flawed', that the auctioneers took no responsibility for 'it', and that all sales were final.
The scientists would upload the data Yuri Sokolov provided into the model. In time and with guidance from Yuri, F561 would adjust to his expectations.

Model F561 blinked; blue eyes glistened in the brilliant lights of the underground parking lot. All was new to her, yet not. She felt as though she had lived, had memories of her life, of lives, yet she knew not how she came to be in Berlin at an auction house. Flickers of images and information, a coding of binary, seeped into her spinal column at the base of her skull, and for a moment a look of confusion yet recognition were evident in her blue eyes. “Yuri Sokolov.” The name of her owner flowed off of her tongue, the tip of it, but little did he say as he escorted her to the car. Yuri Sokolov nodded to men though, and hand gestures were given, made. It was all foreign to F561.

He had tattoos. Many designs decorated his neck and slid under the fine fabric of his black suit shirt.
His pants were pleated. His shoes were well polished.
He too had blue eyes, and his hair was relatively cut short.
He smelled nice, and a fine stubble of whiskers adorned his face. There was a whisper of danger to his aura, his personality.

“Do you know me?” F561 asked as they stopped before a sleek black automotive car. Her head tilted to the side.

“Yes.” Yuri flatly said, his Russian accent clear. “You are my wife.”

F561 looked at her hands. No ring was on it. “Your wife?”

Yuri smiled somewhat wickedly. “Yes, my wife, and your rings are at home.”

“At home?” It was puzzling to her as the data took time to sink into all of her nervous tissue, fibers. “Of course they must be if I am your wife. I trust you. Completely.” The last word was uttered as Yuri opened the car door, and she slid onto the fine supple leather seat on the passenger side. He would join her moments later, and she studied him for several seconds. “Do we have 2.56 children?”

That wicked smile turned into something intoxicatingly charming. “Not yet.”

“I am failing you then.” She said and searched for her seatbelt when she saw him buckle himself up.

“No.” Yuri interjected, and brushed a strand of her hair aside. “We are newly wed.”

A surge of heat embraced her as the data fully downloaded into her core. “I understand now, my Yuri.” The English language had immediately switched to Russian, and a smile was offered to him as she leaned to peck a kiss upon his shaven cheek. Everything about Yuri was now familiar to her...

But she was flawed, and trickles of her memories dated from 2010 would emerge, and become conflicted with the information Yuri had provided.

I'm looking for a person to play Yuri with backgrounds of both characters open for discussion.
The story would focus on a relationship that is man-made to Yuri's expectations, a sculpting of perfection until memories of her 2010 mind comes into play. It would further explore personality fragments, multiply personalities, romance/sex, and the underworld.

I'm Your Huckleberry

The late 1800s, America.

All of her life, Letitia travelled, and never could she recollect a moment of settlement, of stability with her family, or rightly just her mother. Never was there a house, or a little garden, or a tree to climb.  Letitia childhood, instead, was filled with natural wonders for the circus she only knew.

Letitia was born as the daughter of the trapeze artist, her mother being a voluptuous and charismatic woman, but her father was unknown to her for that very reason; memories of men, her mother simply could not recall precisely who had the privilege to bless her with child. 

Utah. Colorado. Kansas. Missouri. Oklahoma. Arkansas. Mississippi. Never was there a chance to settle in any of them, and as Letitia grew and blossomed into a woman, as she learned the life behind the scenes of the circus, one became too familiar with it all, and secrets have a habit of surfacing.

Leaving her past history behind, she would travel, and find the one man who could make her smile, warm her heart, and even make Letitia blush.

He was a man of leisure, a gentleman,  a gambler, a former lawyer, who realized his skill at rhetoric, and charm, and cards could make a better life of wealth then one who made laws, and upheld them. On occasion, he had the unfortunate circumstance to end a life for he took grave insult to those who called him a liar, a cheat, or insulted his blood heritage. That he simply could not abide.

And then one night, he met Letitia, and their lives would never be the same, fates entwining into a world of recklessness and crime that would lead back to their haunting pasts.

Looking for the man of leisure (somewhat based on the figure of Doc Holliday). 
Game concept/plot and backgrounds for characters is open for discussion as is the sexuality/intimacy between the two characters.[/i]
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