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December 08, 2022, 12:54:10 am

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Author Topic: An Idea... (Need a female)  (Read 873 times)

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An Idea... (Need a female)
« on: January 02, 2010, 07:31:48 pm »
Well I came up with an idea that I thought was quite interesting, well I come to you an deliver my idea and hopefully someone will take up this Rp idea and well here's the story.

John (My Character... won't really name him that though) was in pain and sorrow after the loss of someone who he cared for and loved... it had been six years since she had died or rather committed suicide. Yet before we go on you must know what happened to this man and why the woman had killed herself. John was just every day young man, he wanted to make a name for himself and so he choose the path of the military in order to fulfill that wish.

Of course that is not the only reason John had joined the military... John had been raised in a dysfunctional family, his dad had left the picture when he was born and his mother spent most of her time either at work or trying to find someone that could fill the role of John's father. Yet even though he had no real family he found the next best thing in the neighbors next door, they had been his surrogate family which consisted of a mother, father a brother and his younger sister (Your Character, lets call her Jane for now.) They had pretty much raised the boy as most of the time when John's mother wasn't home he stayed at their house. Jane's father was in the military and soon to follow was Jane's brother and soon after him would be John as he had always looked up to them both.

John was living happily, he was moving fast within the military and was even thinking about telling Jane how he felt about her as soon as he got back home. He was set in the same Company as Jane's father and brother both of whom were his superiors and he wouldn't have had it any other way. Yet a dark cloud was looming over the Company as they were sent on a mission in Iraq to clear out a group of insurgents. Yet this was no ordinary mission, as soon as the building was cleared out and the company's technician went through their computers he soon found a crucial element that would win the war in Iraq (I know it hasn't ended but lets just pretend it has and such, after this of course) it was a "playbook" to all of the insurgents operations, future plans, targets and even the locations of their leaders... it was all there. Yet when the technician opened the file he set off a silent alarm which alerted more insurgents.

John's platoon was ambushed and nearing the end, it seemed that no one would survive but the thought of not being able to see Jane again drove John to do something that he would never think of doing. As Jane's father and brother as well as a couple of remaining soldiers were fighting off the oncoming enemy from within a building, he dressed into the clothes of a nearby dead insurgent, just when he had his own clothes and took up the Ak-47, the insurgents had come in through the door and as they looked at John and he at them, he turned at shot at his comrades. All of his Company was dead and as the insurgents went through the rest of the building for survivors, John took the opportunity to take the hard drive from the computer that held all of the vital information. It took him days just to get back HQ and deliver the Hard Drive, he was declared a War Hero and even awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Yet despite being praised and respected throughout the U.S. he felt guilt over the fact that he had murdered his friends and brothers in arms. Jane was saddened about the death of her father and brother but still felt proud that they had fought to end the war and saved countless lives and that at least John was still alive, throughout it all John was there for her and eventually he confessed his feelings to her. Eventually the guilt within John began to overcome him and he finally had to come clean... if not to the world then at least to her. He felt that even though she would hate him and wished that John was dead rather than her father and brother, that if she loved him enough that she would forgive him. She didn't...

John was a tough bastard and Jane knew that, even if she told the truth of John's lie to the world and even if the world hated him for it, John wouldn't care... in fact he might have found it a release from all of the guilt. So in her crazed state of mind she decided to hit where she knew it would hurt him... she would kill herself and leave him with nothing, just as he had left her with nothing and add to his list of burden. So now John was left with nothing, all he was left was  medals, pictures of the past, scars and the incredible pain and guilt that he was no charge with carrying for the sins he committed.

He wanted Jane back, he didn't care how much she hated him or even if she would want to be with him if he brought her back from the grave. He had delved into the occult and black magic but found his answer in Science, it was said that a scientist in Europe had perfected the art of cloning and John sought and found this scientist. The scientist would make a clone of Jane but it would cost him an arm and a leg... at least 2 million dollars to cover all expenses and labor. John did not even have even a fraction of that money, so he began raising the money by profiteering from within the military, selling to the scum of the earth just to raise 1 million to the scientist in order for him to begin, the rest would be delivered after the clone was completed.

The scientist promised him that she would look exactly like Jane and that he got to choose her memories and her personality, John decided to let her keep her personality (With some slight modifications) but her memories would be changed. She wouldn't remember anything about her family, instead she would remember another family and a false memory would be implanted that would dictate that John was her Master. Yet the clones the scientist created aren't always perfect... due to genetic memory some clones who they were in the past and important events in their lives... Jane's clone is one of them

-Well thats the story, I need a female to play the female role (Obviously XD.) It will start out as a SlavexMaster thing where she serves him and does his bidding... you know the usual but over time she would remember who she used to be and eventually she will remember everything about John... and a choice will be made by her. Well thats a pretty much the RP! Hope to hear from someone who is interested ^^
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Re: An Idea...
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2010, 09:04:14 pm »
I'm intrigued...