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June 25, 2018, 09:15:45 AM

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Author Topic: Cherubines cravings.  (Read 633 times)

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Offline Immortal CherubinTopic starter

Cherubines cravings.
« on: December 23, 2009, 04:06:20 PM »
Well i decided to make this thread since i am constantly looking for some good roleplays to do with other people,at first it will only have a few ideas but i will add more.

So why don't we get this thing started,so far these are the only pairings i could think off,i'll post the plots soon just have to think of a few good ones.

M/F pairings:
Vampire x Human.
Vampire x Werewolf
Werewolf x Vampire
Assassin x Target.
Angel X Demon.
Brother x Brothers girlfriend.
Master x Slave
Guardian Angel x Human

Also interested in:

Star wars:
OC x Aayala Secura
OC X Ashoka Tano ( an older version of her settings could be set when she becomes a jedi Knight and gets an apprentice of her own)

Alucard x OC
Alucard x Integra Hellsing

Since i am a huge fan of James Cameron's movie The Avatar i am also interested in rp's of the same thematic so if you got an idea about it I'm all ears.

For more information check out my O/O's,if any of these pairings suits you send me a PM or post in this thread.


Undying Love:[VAN through BON](female vampire needed here)
(medieval setting)
They met during the first crusade war,it was love at first sight.But little did they know about each others dark secrets,both of them were immortal and their races were mortal enemies, she was a vampire and he was a werewolf .Both of them were confronted by their families because of their love.They were driven into a corner and both of them just cracked under the pressure that was constantly being pushed over them.When they met one last time they made a blood oath to never forget one another no matter what happens to them,and so they left each on their own paths in life.Several decades have passed since that day during a raid on a village he saw her again,she didn't change at all in all those years, maybe she moved on and found a new love interest?Or maybe they have been granted another chance at love?

The Sith Deliverance[NC](wanting a female Jedi)
(I want to place this RP after the third episode when the jedi were being hunted down by the sith)
A young Jedi has been captured by a uprising Sith lord,but instead of killing her,he sensed that she has a strong connection to the force.Deciding to keep her and teach her in the ways of the Dark side,so that one day she would help him overthrow the emperor and he could rule the universe.But he didn't count that he would fall in love with his student.Would love be able to shine some light in his dark and corrupted soul?

Angel Redemption[UN](Female wanted)
(Either modern or future settings)
They were so young and so in love,but faith had a different plan for them.On the night that he wanted to propose to her,his boss asked him if he could stay an extra hour longer,thinking that he couldn't loose anything he said yes.When that dreadful hour passed he gathered his things and walked out of the building,before he could get to his car he was intercepted by a young man.The man asked him to hand him his wallet,to which he refused and before he could react he felt a sharp pain in his abdomen,falling on his knees he looked at the man.Before darkness consumed him,and his body fell on the cold ground.Two years after the incident,and faith decided to make him suffer more making him her guardian angel,allowing him to watch over her but no contact could be established or he will be caste off into the darkness from which he was saved.Will he be able to honor the agreement or will his love for her be too much to bear?
This is a possible romantic story.

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Online maniac

Re: Cherubines cravings.
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2009, 03:35:32 PM »
The Starwars idea, and the Vampire human idea were interesting me.

In particular I had a starwars idea sort of an off shoot of the brain invaders story line with Barris

Offline Immortal CherubinTopic starter

Re: Cherubines cravings.
« Reply #2 on: December 25, 2009, 01:36:51 PM »
Added two new pairings and three plots.