A visitor in the night.

Started by Winterborn, December 22, 2009, 03:48:25 AM

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Feedback and criticism, ways I can improve my proposed stories and such, is heartily and warmly accepted, preferably in PMs.

What sort of character you play is up to you in entirety, as I think I get just as much enjoyment out of a romance as a non-con, humans and elves, fighters and subs, whatever you like. The simple joy of interaction with other writers, is plenty for me to be gettin' on with.

And remember, nothing is set in stone. These are subject to change by your whims and mine.

First up is...

Out in the woods around the town, something is lurking. At first, it was just a boogeyman who took small, precious things; a belt knife left out overnight, tools out of an unlocked woodshed, maybe some eggs or even a whole chicken, but no one ever saw the criminal. Then it started to become more serious. Whoever or whatever it was became more bold, venturing closer and closer to the main houses. It ignored locks and drawbars, took no notice of dogs or geese standing guard. It simply entered, took what it wanted, and left, leaving only muddy prints left by bare feet and empty spaces where it's prizes had been set. Once, a child risen in the night reported that he heard the door closing as he entered the main room, and a bizarre, though not unpleasant smell that soon faded.

Then, it became truly diabolical. Soon after a rash of terrified women whispering about a silent visitor in the night, one of the younger, more nubile young ladies was taken from her bed without a sight or sound of her assailant. A few months later, it happened again. Security was tightened, men went armed, women stayed in their houses or within sight of their doors. It made a repeat appearance. Again, the town people tried to take steps to prevent it from taking their goods and girls, calling up a militia, requesting aid from the church and lord, but to no avail. It takes what it wants, and nothing can be done to it. How can you fight what cannot be seen or heard, but which only leaves a scent on the air?

So, that's the main gist of it, but here's where you come in; you can take any role you thin up, from a visiting priestess arrived to cleanse the evil, a lady knight-errant seeking a monster to slay, the local noblewoman out to protect her vassals, or one of the kidnapped townswomen. Anything you like.

Red Tressed Imp

This is very interesting to me. It has a feel of Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow. If you think we'd be compatible roleplayers, let me know. :) 
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