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Author Topic: Ryujin's ideas  (Read 1390 times)

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Ryujin's ideas
« on: December 20, 2009, 12:35:25 am »
Just to note, I may or may not open one of these up again if they've already been taken, but I'll bend my ear to you if you really want to do that scenario. If you have any questions regarding any of these just send me a PM and I'll be happy to answer them for you.

1st scenario: I'm a lone traveler, traveling across the country side, when I'm ambushed by a group of male dark elves. After doing battle with them, and defeating them their leader, which would be played by you reveals herself to me and then we would engage in battle. When the battle is over, my character would loose, and find himself at your character's mercy by what ever means you would like, and find that there is no possible chance for escape. After quickly weighing my options, I yield and offer my life in service to her. As it turns out the dark elves who ambushed me were the very best men she had under her command, among them was her patron  a lover without  any attachments. With her finest soldiers and her lover, a man that had no equal in her bed, she decides to accept his surrender and use him in place of the men she lost. The loss of a few worthless males doesn't mean much, and if she can make up for the loss of all of them with another worthless male then why not take him? Later that night she also discovers that he has other uses as well, and puts him to work pleasuring her.

(Just to note, don't bother replying to this unless you have some idea of where to steer this scene. Part of the reason I want to do this is to take the direction it goes in out of my hands.) Open and craving.

2nd scenario: The scene takes place in a peaceful country town in the mountains or in a mountainous region. There is little or no slavery in the town though they are aware that it exists. One day a lone traveler (me)is passing through until he discovers something of great interest to him. He finds a young woman (you) who has all the signs of being masochistic and a closet submissive or is at least sub curious (even though she doesn't know it). He approaches her and convinces her (possibly after raping her) that he can show her a whole new world of pleasure that she could never find staying in the town the rest of her life. Eventually she agrees and for her first task/sexual experience he collars her and takes her into a park and makes her masturbate in public.
As she continues her sexual journey she becomes more and more shaped by him, sinking more and more into a masochistic slave to pleasure.

Just to note, it is critical that this scene focuses on her exploration into a new world and not just degrade into a scene where he takes her around and fucks her all the time, but rather carefully introduces new things to her at his own pace. Closed

3rd scenario: In a land where immortals with supernatural powers walk among lesser mortal races who worship them as gods, a lone priestess/cleric/nun/mage wanders into a cave seeking shelter from a fierce sandstorm. As she goes further in she hears someone calling her. Going further in to the cave she discovers a magic seal used to imprison only the most powerful of demons. To her surprise she discovers not a demon but an ancient immortal supposedly lost millenia ago trapped inside. The Immortal in question is none other than the brother of the Immortal her sect worships. Belonging to a benevolent faith, she hesitantly releases him from his imprisonment. Feeling he owes her an explanation he tells her of how his brother lured him there and unjustly sealed him away. This comes as a horrible shock to her because the god she worships has always been know to be one of the most just and benevolent of Immortals. This horrible revelation threaten to break the faith she's held for so long. Now from here I can see the scene going in several different directions.
A: After centuries of pent up sexual frustration, he uses her body to sate his by now ancient and carnal lust and rapes her, possibly enslaving her as well. Now free and with the priestess in tow, he starts a journey to take revenge on the brother who imprisoned him.
B: Having had a strong sense of empathy and justice since she was a child the priestess takes it upon herself to make amends, and offers him her body to sate his ancient lust with. She also offers to accompany him on his journey to confront his brother, so that she can ascertain the truth for herself.
C: In gratitude for releasing him, he offers to accompany her on her journey, offering his divine protection as they travel. She agrees and offers her body to him in payment for his blessing.

4th scenario: This one is based on Saiyuki and a manga called Secret Journey that was based on it. Basically a female priest is needed and I'll play the demon(s) only need one really. Not really familiar with the story of Saiyuki so prior knowledge is a plus. I do know that the first demon Son Goku (Who I will be substituting) becomes subservient to the priest at some point in their journey. The story doesn't necessarily have to mirror the original story. If anything I'd like to leave that to who plays the priest. And the priest herself, can be anything from meek and barely able to stand up to her new charges, to a crazy sadistic dominatrix.

5th scenario: The powerful kingdom of Artennia is renowned for it's brave warriors, it's high standing with the church of magnolias and it's pope, it's great poltical influence, it's prestigious magic and alchemy academy and it's reputation for it's just, merciful King. But it has a dark secret. Deep in the bowels of the alchemy academy lay inhuman experiments to create an army of hybrid beasts for the purpose of invading other nations without political repercussions from other nations. One of it's experiments currently in testing has broken free from their imprisonment and were never seen nor heard from until just a few days ago. All reports indicate that they ransacked a village out in the boondocks and kidnapped a number of it's young maidens when they left. A decorated female paladin has been chosen to investigate the matter and rescue the village's women if she can. Little does she know that there is a power struggle within the church and she is little more than a pawn in it's games. Open.
(Just some pics to hopefully inspire you: )

6th scenario: It was unheard of. Unprecedented. It lacked rhyme or reason. Nay, it was beyond all that: it was pure perversion. Dark elves do not pleasure males, only the lowly whores of the lesser races did that. In dark elf society the women dominate the males in and out of the bedroom. But for this dark elf, it was the opposite.

She had the honor of being chosen to lead a multi purpose operation on the surface lands. By design it would consist of other races and travel to almost every corner of the known world if it meant advancing the machinations of it's Dark elf masters. She had been chosen to lead this force for her superior abilities, her sharp and cunning mind and for her unusual height, which most surface dwellers found incredibly intimidating. But there were two unforeseen and critical flaws. Exposure to a world with cultures vastly different to her own had an effect on it's leader who had only ever seen males act subserviently to her. Now she was forced to live in a largely male dominated world. A world which gave voice to desires and ideas any of her peers would consider taboo. Ideas of being dominated by a lowly man in her own bedroom. Of being forced to pleasure them with her body regardless of her own desires. These thoughts only made the other flaw worse. The mercenaries that she hired did not all have the same respect and deference for their female leader that the male dark elves were raised on. This sometimes lead to discord and breakdowns in the chain, and no one was worse than the dragonian she had hired. Despite the results he gave, he regularly argued with and contradicted her before the entire company, speaking to her with only the barest minimum of respect to her at times.

With his attitude toward her, it didn't take long for her realize that amongst the group only he could make her fantasies of being dominated come to fruition. And finally, on the night she held him back from taking part in an important operation under the guise of disciplinary action, she brought him to her chambers to offer herself to him, provided he agreed to never speak of it to anyone. If it ever got out to other dark elves, let alone her superiors, that she was letting herself be used like a whore of the lesser races it would be the end of her. But will he really be satisfied with continuing their arrangement or will he decide to take matters into his own hands? (Open.)

7th scenario: I'm still not set on a story for this one, but I think it might be better to leave that open for now as we can go in many directions with the story. The basis of the story is that the goddess of love has fallen from grace for her arrogance and is being sent to the mortal world to learn some much needed humility. Okay a few ideas for this one.
A) Despite receiving proposals and gifts from every god, the self appreciative goddess has refused the affections from every god who has made advances on her. Even Myrmidon, the king of the gods is refused. Angered by her refusal to take a husband, he punishes her for her insolence by casting her down to the mortal realm. However, though stripped of her powers she still retains her divine immortality. Death still cannot claim her and any wounds or injuries she receives will heal quickly, ensuring that she takes the full brunt of the mortals ministrations.
B) After Myrmidon, the king of the gods, is refused by the goddess of love he punishes her by sending to the mortal world to live out her life in hardship for a few centuries. Her terrible fortune is only compounded by another god's intervention. A god who also has reason to see her suffer. This god has sent word to one of his followers who is a merchant in the slave trade, and leads them to where the goddess fell. At first distressed by this turn of events, she soon meets one of her followers whose life has taken a similar turn and discovers for herself that a life bound to her new masters will isn't so bad after all and finds that she enjoys this new lifestyle. This is contradictory to why she was sent there in the first place. In order to rectify this the respective gods send their respective champions to take her back from her new master. By force if necessary. (Open)

8th scenario: This one takes place in ancient Japan when demons still roamed the countryside. Humans and demons alike wage war on each other and it seems like the people are always caught in the middle. Just when things don't seem like they can't get any worse they do. A demon warlord had made a pact with a foreign demon army known only as the Genma. As they march over japan the Genma capture demons and humans alike for grotesque experiments. One day a demon (me) escapes his confinement and discovers a power that the Genma fear and are trying to seal it way. But before he can escape he is infected with one of the experimental weapons the Genma are using and will slowly die unless he can find a cure. After fleeing he comes across a village under attack by the Genma and intervenes. However the village priestess (you) strongly dislikes demons and is loathe to accept help from him, but the Genma have come in force and she grudgingly joins forces with him. Together they fight off the Genma, but with his last breath the captain leading the assault places a curse on her. The curse places her in a heat that can only be relieved by that which she hates: demons. Likewise the demon's affliction can only be cured by being in contact with the holy aura of a priest or a priestess. Now that they Genma have marked them the only option they have to survive is to travel together, until they can put an end to this new threat. (New. Open)

Not really a scenario but I would like to do something in the Star Wars Universe. To this day I still get turned on watching Jabba pull Oola over to sate his carnal lust. I have a creature partly based off of Jabba and liked to recruit a twi lek slave girl in a skimpy fishnet outfit for my very own. Kinda need to develop this one some more, otherwise it'll just degrade into a directionless fuck fest, so if you have any ideas to expand upon with please send'em forth.

More ideas coming soon.
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Re: Ryujin's ideas
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2009, 12:48:16 am »

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Re: Ryujin's ideas
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2010, 09:38:50 pm »
updated 02/14/10

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Re: Ryujin's ideas
« Reply #3 on: April 11, 2010, 04:58:54 pm »
updated 4/11/10 reopened the second scenario.
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Re: Ryujin's ideas
« Reply #4 on: April 18, 2010, 12:35:28 am »
04/17/10 added the fourth scenario.

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Re: Ryujin's ideas
« Reply #5 on: March 25, 2011, 04:56:59 pm »
Updated 3/25/11 added a new scenario.

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Re: Ryujin's ideas
« Reply #6 on: April 17, 2011, 05:41:17 pm »
updated 4/17/11 added two new scenarios.

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Re: Ryujin's ideas
« Reply #7 on: May 25, 2011, 06:31:22 pm »
Added another new story.

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Re: Ryujin's ideas
« Reply #8 on: May 26, 2011, 09:32:28 pm »
I would be interested especially in 7. and your in developement star wars story. Message me if the star wars one has an update.

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Re: Ryujin's ideas
« Reply #9 on: July 29, 2011, 06:22:41 pm »
Updated 7/29/11