Feya the Dryad (F/F) [VAN] [UN]

Started by Zeitgeist, December 15, 2009, 08:45:40 PM

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Legend tells a story, an incomplete tale of two creatures of the wild in a fey forest, nestled in the hollow of a valley in the shadow of ominous snow-capped peaks. Tantalizing the imagination, the fragmented tale only leaves behind scant evidence of two seeming protagonists. The name of one only do we know, Feya the Dryad; protector of the valley forest. The other is only spoken of in whispers, and then only sparingly. For she is a much feared spawn of hell, handmaiden to the demons, the succubus.

The tale leaves its reader cruelly wanting. The meeting of these two sentient beings changed forever that once quiet and peaceful valley. One a guardian, the other a hunter. Neither were mindless slaves to their birthright, but neither could deny the base urges instilled in all intelligent beings; curiosity, fear, loneliness, greed and hunger. What transpired between the two is long lost to the ravages of history and war, but neither were heard from again. Did the two spar, their wit crossing like sharp swords, or did they succumb to their animal nature?

Only the birds of Feya's forest did sing mightily of that union, the rustle of the trees their chorus. Perhaps the haunting gaze of the deer bore witness to that union but the skittish fauna had no words for any that might ask. The crystal stream burbled on as if nothing had happened, its trout no ears for such questions. Nay, only Feya's oak might have for us the complete tale, but she wasn't talking either.

This story would explore the possibilities of a dryad and succubus coupling, and while not just a simple pairing of two opposing entities, each character's motivations, fears and curiosity would come into play. Given their motivations how might a story be written in a plausible fashion that would lead to such a pairing? Curiosity? Pity? Loneliness? There are a number of possibilities I think.