Being Familiar [NC-E] Female wanted

Started by thymoit, December 14, 2009, 10:47:49 AM

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Being Familiar Max = me, looking for F to play 'Max's girlfriend'

Max has had an interest in magic, both stage magic and the occult since a young age. He even made it into his career running a store that sold both stage magic props and occult books. He never really believed it was real. He'd tried some of the rituals, just in the spirit of experimentation, but he never expected them to work. It was just fascinating. Max was excited when he acquired an ancient occult tome that purported to hold the secrets of 'true' magic, not that he believed it. Still it was interesting. What interested him most was it had a different take on the familiar.

Witch familiars were generally regarded as being demons in cat (or other animal) form. They fed off the body fluids of the user to survive and acted as their master's eyes and ears. This book claimed that the familiar wasn't a demon at all, but a bound and transformed human. Furthermore, the book claimed that it was the familiar that was the prerequisite for all other magic. The familiar was a conduit and focus for all the magics of a mage. Still, he never would have done the ritual, except that it looked like just the thing for impressing his girlfriend.

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My writing partner would play Max's girlfriend. She must be willing to take part in an occult ritual.  Your choice on why.  Maybe she really believes in magic.  Maybe she is a skeptic who is pretending interest because she likes Max. Maybe she is a stage magician who is just looking for some occult trappings to add to her act.

Naturally the spell is going to work and transform Max's girlfriend into his familiar starting a journey of sex and magic. As Max's familiar, she can take the form of a cat-girl or a cat, but has lost her human form (may be regained later in the story). She might gain some mystic abilities of her own, but she'll be mystically bound to Max, her master. There will be several layers of control involved.  One of the most important is that she will be physically addicted to semen, specifically Max's.  I'd also like to have some mental controls in place.  I'm inclined to have her having to obey the letter of Max's commands, but able to twist around the wording and disobey the spirit.  You can probably tell I have some ideas, but they are subject to negoiation with my writing partner.

I'd like this to be a non-consensual story.  Max's girlfriend didn't realize she was signing up to be a sex slave and shouldn't be entirely happy about the situation.  I'm looking for someone to play a strong independent woman.  She had her own a life and career dreams of her own.  Max had a part of that as boyfriend with potential for something more, but despite being a volunteer, she didn't want this.  Suddenly she's a freak who can't even go out in public.  As for Max, he isn't a bad guy, but power corrupts.  When he discovers he has the ability to command his girlfriend, he will use that power.


Liquid Nitrogen has agreed to play the part of Max's girlfriend Leah.  This story will be played out here: