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Author Topic: Current Craving, looking for a lady to fill in the role  (Read 488 times)

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Current Craving, looking for a lady to fill in the role
« on: December 08, 2009, 11:21:43 PM »
My own thread of ideas, looked around if something caught your attention just pm me and we can sort out the details, the strikethrough one(s) are those rps that are still underway.

The Princess and the Witch-King
High Fantasy settings, the story revolves around these two characters a Princess of a wealthy and prosperous kingdom and an adventurer. The story began some years before the rp picks up, the kingdom was under the subtle attack of a dangerous and fanatic cult worshiping demonlords and planning to bring one back to the mortal world, one day the cult succeeded in kidnapping the princess to be used as a sacrifice for their demon-god fortunately however, one daring and young adventurer was able to slip through their defenses and rescue the princess, even safely escorted her out of the cult's lair and safely to her father, the king's embrace. A ball was held at the palace ballroom to celebrate with the attendance of many nobles, grateful to him and his daring rescue, she offered to dance with him, an honor well reserved only to the nobles and from here the princess and the adventurer got close and soon romance bloom between them.

However, their romance was cut short with a war between the kingdom and its neighboring kingdom who had been harboring the demonic cult, the adventurer now a full fledged knight as well as a commander of the kingdom's army was forced to temporarily part way with her. However, the war drags on longer than the kingdom had anticipated and during that time the princess had been so lonely and depressed with the increasing news of so many deaths on the frontline until this one young and handsome nobleman came into the picture. The princess was in constant despair for fear of her lover's life as well as being lonely, so she was indeed vulnerable to this nobleman's approach and soon she fell for him, feeling guilty betraying her lover but at the same time couldn't deny the affection that she craved could be satiated by this young noble, she soon began to forget about her former lover and so when the young knight returns home suddenly after being victorious on the final battle, he found her on the palace balcony kissing her new nobleman lover. The knight's hand trembles as the bouquet of flowers he was going to give her and the diamong ring that he's going to use to propose to her fell from his hand and onto the palace floor. The princess quickly noticed the young knight, she was quick to ran to him, hoping that he'll give her a chance to explain but was stopped by the young noble, and when she looked back at her former lover, he smiled gently at her before turning away and was never seen again, it was assumed he had left the kingdom and go north to serve as a mercenary in a war that rages in the war torn northland.

2 years later, the princess had forgotten all about her former lover and at the same time, an insidious plot began to hatched inside the kingdom, turns out the cult aren't completely wiped out and the young noble lover of the princess, now her fiance is actually one of the surviving leaders of the demonic cult and that he has been using her to get into power and soon his plan was set to motion when the capital itself was under attack by a demonic host. Fortunately, the forces of good triumphed, the demonic legion was cast back into the pandemonium and the princess's corrupted fiance was killed in the ensuing battle.

In the aftermath of the battle, the princess was cleaning up her room when she found a wooden box and in it is a locket as well as the engagement ring left behind by her former lover, the adventurer-turned-knight. A sudden sadness welled up inside of her as well as guilt and soon she decided to go on an adventure to search for her missing former lover, hopeful that he would forgive her and come back with her. Against her father wishes and her friends she set out nonetheless with the royal guards and her closest friends of the mages school, with such formidable party they easily tread through the war torn realm until they stumble upon a hint that her lover had a dealing with the witch-king of the north. Setting out to meet the witch-king at his black tower, her plan of immediately gaining clues as to the whereabout of her lover was thwarted when the witch-king refused to help her until she helps him.

Setting out to recover an artifact from a ruined temple of which ground the witch-king cannot tread into, they recovered the artifact and return it to the witch-king. However, the witch-king was reluctant to tell them the truth but finally gave up to the princess's persistence. He revealed that her lover was killed in one of the battles in the north and he made apparent his annoyance of her for being so unfaithful to her lover and he left the distraught princess broke down into tears. However, before the witchking left, a good friend of the princess who was also part of the royal entourage noticed something strange about the witchking and quickly confronted him, the way he speaks and how much he knows about the princess became apparent to her, and finally she being a powerful sorceress and a good judge of character was able to uncover the truth, that the knight-lover of the princess wasn't dead and that the witch-king is indeed the princess's long lost lover.

However, in a twist of the plot, the witch-king admitted that the sorceress was half right and soon revealed his appearance under the hood and the black iron mask, that he is the princess's long lost lover but he is clinically dead. A revenant that was raised by the left over of the battlefield's necromantic power, he threw away his previous life identity and took a new one as the Witch-King Of the North, cold, cunning and filled with so much hatred to the forces that was responsible of his death, he took up an army of undead and ruthlessly annihilate all those who would oppose, him. Sadden by what had become of her lover and that she was partly to blame and responsible at what had happen to him, she refused to go home and send away all her companions so she could stay with him and perhaps in a small hope of changing him back to the loving, cheerful and chivalrous lover that he once was, even though she knew bringing him back to life from his undeath state would be nigh impossible.

Basically the story involves more romance than sexual activity between the two characters and if it does its mostly due to her approach than his. The character that I will be playing, the witch-king/princess's lover will most of the time be cold and always hard on her but deep down inside he still cares for her to the point of persuading her to leave and go back to her homeland to start a new life since it's too dangerous in the northland and my partner who would be playing as the princess would try everything in her power to melt the icy cold heart of her lover into a burning passion of a lover he once was.

Blind Passion
Another tragic love story, I don't know why but I guess I'm a sucker for it ^^; in any case here's the details. The story is about a freelancer photographer who gave up both of his sight for his girlfriend of which he blamed himself for the loss of her sight, soon after the operation of transferring his healthy eyes to hers, he promptly disappeared, telling her that he found someone else , that she should live on without him and finds herself someone that could make her happy. However, secrets could not be buried forever when one fateful day, the girlfriend found her photographer ex-boyfriend again, guided by his pet dog and it was here that she realized that the mysterious eyes donor for her operation from before was her ex-boyfriend and that he purposely told her that he wants to break up with her so that she would come to hate him and forgets about him. His refusal to become a burden to her might break her heart but in a long term it would make her happy, this is what he thought but fate has a way in bringing two people back together and so it was here that the girl would find it in her heart to take care of him, feeling guilty for all the time she blames him for her misery when her heart was broken, whereas in truth what he did was for her to be happy. However, I'm going to add in a bit of a twist to the plot that would guarantee a tragic sad ending, like I said, I don't know why but I just love tragic love story.

Inspired by this video: Kiss Because I'm a Girl [English Sub]

If you're interested just pm me and we'll sort out the details  ;D
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