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Author Topic: Let's Get to it...Ladies? (M seeking F)  (Read 841 times)

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Let's Get to it...Ladies? (M seeking F)
« on: December 08, 2009, 09:44:41 PM »
The Rules:

1. Be Female! This is the most important rule!

2. Now, I know that the ladies prefer to be submissive and all that stuff and it's ok, really. But for christ sakes, you're women. Do you not know the power you can hold over men with your bouncy boobs? I would like to play opposite a dominant female once in awhile, ya know. That's not to say that my characters will be completley submissive themselves. They too, will have a sense of power and if the roleplay permits, will compete for dominance in the roleplay.

3. It might irk some people, but I would prefer that character profiles be made prior to the beginning of the roleplay. If you have character profiles stored somewhere on here or on another webpage, just send me the link. And if you don't really wanna go through with it, a pic of your character will do just fine as well.

4. Literacy! The second most important rule! I can understand writers cramp once in awhile but if you are in the roleplaying game, you should at least be able to learn how to type up at least a couple of paragraphs containing at least 5 or 6 sentences of descriptive detail. There is no excuse for one liners and if I see even one, I will cancel the roleplay immedietley.

5. Activity. This one is a bit finicky for me because I can only be on so many hours at a time before I have to log out for the night. If you can be on a few hours during the day and leave a post or two, that's perfectly fine. But if it takes more than a week for you to reply to a post and you haven't given any prior explanation as to why, the roleplay will die right there.

Another note I should make about this topic here is that I rarely post on the weekends. Mainly because I like to get out once in awhile and spend some time with my real friends doing real life activities. Also, in the case that it takes a few days for me to reply to a post, it usually means that I am very busy with work during this time. But rest assured that when I start a roleplay, I try to make myself as dedicated to it as much as I possibly can.

6. Limits. The rules of this site are clear on the loli/shota thing. DON'T DO IT! Other than that, anything in a roleplay is fair game unless I deem it inapropriate.

7. Doubling. To be honest, I have rarely roleplayed with a woman who was willing to double with another female character. I, however, have no problem doubling with either gender. If you would like to double, then that would be great.

8. Messaging. Unless you are a good friend, please refrain from asking me to PM you in this thread . Chances are, you will most likely be ignored. And speaking of PM's, when you do PM me, please specify what roles you want to play and if you would like to do one of the plots that I have listed below. I don't want to have to waste my time making another PM having to ask what your preferences are for roleplaying. That's not cool.

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Re: Let's Get to it...Ladies? (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2009, 09:46:05 PM »
I won't bore you with the specific roles I want to play. If you do want to do something not mentioned here, then let me know and i'll think about it. In the meantime, here are some plots to water your mouths.

An Heir for the Future! (Android/Human)

A young man and woman, madly in love with each other are about to have sex for the first time when a strange time portal opens before them. A woman appears from the portal and claims to be an android from 50 years in the future. She has come to bear a child from the young man who she claims built and programmed her prior to his passing. Apparentley, the young man in the future was left a virgin before his passing and wanted an heir to carry on his scientific work. The young couple in bed find this too strange to be true as they were about to deflower each other before they were interupted. But the android insists it is true and says she will use any method neccesary to achieve her goal like she was programmed to.

The Wizard's Task (Human/Demoness)

A young man loses his friends and family at a young age to a powerful monster. In a cruel twist, the monster spares the young man's life in order to spread the message of his return and tells him that he will return for him once he kills 100,000 people. In order to prevent this from happening, the young man trains in the art of wizardry in an attempt to stop the monster and get his revenge. During his training, he discovers a forbidden tome that would allow him to summon a powerful demon familiar to aid him in battle in exchange for a price. Feeling that he could use all the power he could get, he summons the demon, but it isn't quite what he expects. The demon is a beautiful woman and decides that in exchange for her services, she will take him to the demon world as her husband when his task is complete. Their meeting, however is more than a coincidence as another wizard appears with a connection to both the young man and the demoness...

A Reflection of our Passion (Ghosts/Humans)

This is the story of a couple who each shared a deep passion for sex and excitement with each other. One day, they decide to do it while bungee jumping and it doesn't quite go as planned. The bungee snaps, killing them both in the process. But the story only begins from here. Instead of moving on, they find themselves stuck to the earth as ghosts. Though they still lust for one another in death, they are unable to physically express their sexuality to one another and soon find themselves desperate for an answer. That's when one of them finds out that they can posess and control another human's body as long as they are staring at any reflective surface. They then find a freshly made couple who have no sexual experience whatsoever, but share a sense of love for one another. Feeling that these two should get it on already, the dead couple decide to help them out and take over their bodies. So begins an adventure where the ghosts of young lovers bring love and passion back into the lives of struggling couples and perhaps even complete strangers...

The Idol Spy (Idol/Fan)

A young man develops a crush on a new pop idol that's recentley become very popular. He is excited to learn that she is coming to his town to do a special show and he buys a ticket right away. Little does he and the rest of the world know that the idol is actually a secret agent who is undercover. She is looking for the son of a former colleauge who left a very important secret to him before dying on his last mission. When the young man and the pop idol meet, she pretends as if she is his long lost sister in order to infiltrate his home and obtain the secret that was left behind. But before her mission can be completed, the two attacked by a mysterious organization and everything comes out in the open. Now the two are on the run, not only from the organization, but from some of the overly obsessed fans of the pop idol looking to score with her.

These are just a few of the plots birthed from my solid mind. I'm pretty sure if I dig in there with a spoon long enough, i'll find more.
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Re: Let's Get to it...Ladies? (M seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2010, 06:38:54 PM »
+1 new plot in Bold