Current Craving (f/f)

Started by That Girl Analise, December 07, 2009, 07:55:49 PM

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That Girl Analise

I want to do something f/f. I want something exciting. I want something to race home to.

Some ideas:
Wolf/Red (based off this image)
Mom/child's best friend (older child!!!)

Any other ideas? Just tell me. Also, have a look at my o/o thread (link in sig). I'm open to other requests too (including m/m and m/f.)


I am definitely interested in two of your plot ideas - the wolf/red one and the teacher/student.
Are you still looking for rp partners for these?

That Girl Analise

I'm already doing wolf/red, and will only do that with you if you can bring in some new twists.

Teacher/student is open, though. pm me.