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Author Topic: The Citharist of Mithymna (Female character needed) - Open  (Read 632 times)

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The Citharist of Mithymna (Female character needed) - Open
« on: December 06, 2009, 04:00:44 PM »
Seeking: Female character, literate and committed role-player
Orientation: Lesbian
Setting: Ancient Greek isles of the Aegean.

Either reply herein or PM me if interested.

Upon a Thracian hilltop the fair Orpheus first plucked the seven stringed Cithara, Apollo's gift of music to the Greek people. No more pure sound was heard afore or since. Audience to Orpheus's performance were the widows of Cicones, followers of Dionysus. It was only when Orpheus praised Apollo was the musician's spell broken. Dionysus was angered and jealous of Apollo's gift, compelling the women to rend apart Orpheus limb to limb. Into the Aegean they threw his remains and Apollo's gift. The head of Orpheus and his Cithara wandered upon the fickle currents of Poseidon's realm to finally come at rest upon the shores of Mithymna. Unknown to it's finder Dionysus placed dweomer upon the Cithara. The finder was none other than the most prominent poetess of Lesbos, who's story we all now know. It was her hand that last graced the seven strings, it was her secret gardens that last witnessed the manifestation of Dionysus's enchantment.

The years passed on, memories grew dim. Most forgot, and yet some relearned the legend; rediscovering the secrets of the Cithara. Korina of nearby Chios journeyed to Mithymna alone and in anonymity. The priestess of an ill-reputed cult of Cybele, as others of the isle, believed themselves victim of the misery trading and tax policies of one in particular, the Matron of Mithymna. The much prized olive oil and liqueurs of Lesbos rose in cost every year, plunging the already fragile economy of Chios into a depressed state. Sent as an emissary to petition the Matron for relief by the bureaucracy, the priestess and her cult have their own motivations and desires to attend to. Korina will recover the long lost Cithara and by way of Dionysus's curse, seduce and compel the Matron to rescind years of damaging tariffs placed on goods traded with Chios.

Matron of Mithymna: Titled but otherwise without a proper name, she oversees the governance of Mithymna and all aspects of olive oil production and trade. She may be overly ambitious, even greedy, trying to cull as much profit from the olive trade as she can. She is attended by obedient mistresses and handmaidens, whose feet, pure and virginal are the only allowed to squash the olives into mash. Her male partner and regent sees to the heavy labor and landscaping duties about the affluent mansion. Her makeup, attitude and appearance is otherwise up to the writer.

Korina of Chios: Cult priestess of Cybele and emissary from Chios. Unbeknown to the Matron of Mithymna she is sent to Lesbos to seek relief from heavy trade penalties. Her and her cult however however have their own agenda and means of persuasion. Beguiling and mysterious, Korina instead endeavors to seduce the Matron using the Cithara from legend. She seeks to not only to roll back the damaging taxes on olive oil but win for herself and the cult a loyal ally. She must use all of her charms and guile to win an audience with the Matron so she can release the magic of the Cithara.

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Re: The Citharist of Mithymna (Female character needed) - Open
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2009, 08:14:33 PM »

Korina of Chios, the scheming cultist of Cybele
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