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Started by Arkaniel, December 02, 2009, 04:17:15 PM

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I am looking for a Star Wars story. Setting: one of the movies, or shortly after the original trilogy (including EU).

Willing to play alternate versions, what if stories, and most interested in exploring Luke Skywalker. Female character can be anyone really, with any skill-set (within realistic Star Wars limits, meaning Jedi, Sith, smuggler, rebel, pilot, fighter, ...) including more canon characters like Mara Jade, Callista, or the girl from Bakura (keep forgetting her name). If you choose to play Leia, I will either play someone other than Luke... or work on the assumption Leia is NOT Luke's sister.

A mostly plot-driven story, with a lot of action, adventure and romance, with adult scenes used tastefully sparingly.

Canon characters are not a must! I am pretty much interested in any Star Wars story, also with OCs. I just mentioned Luke Skywalker because he is my favorite character and I want to see how I can play him.

There are also many plots for OC's. Rebels, Imperials, Jedi, Sith, smugglers, pirates, Bounty hunters, mercenaries, Mandalorians, or juststarfighter pilots... with setting going through the Sith Wars, the Clone Wars, The Galactic Civil War and afterwards, between the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant, but preferably before the Yuuzhan Vong. We could also give our own twist on Jacen Solo becoming Evil, and our characters trying to cope with starting a new rebellion against his 'Empire' (I am in the process of reading this book series, but it is a slow path, and I was never much interested in the New Jedi Order series. Those few books I read about it were quite disappointing.


I want to do a Spider-Man roleplay. I will be taking the role of Spiderman/Peter Parker. My female writing partner, you, are free to take any canon female character (Black Cat/Felicia Hardy, Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane Watson are definitely winners.) or even an original one (starting out without power preferably, but welcome to join the superhero world soon(er) or late(r)).

As for storyline, I intend for this story to be long, detailed and with a lot of different facets. There will be action, adventure, mystery and a lot of romance.

Points of interest:

A 'realistic' outlook on the origins of Spiderman, the pathway from the enhanced human teen to a superhero, the effect this will have on family and social life, his romantic life and the way his scret identity makes everything so difficult. The girl either getting her own powers, or being the so called damsel in distress that actually dares to fight for herself (instead of screaming and being tied up 99% of the story).

Possible later plot points I wish to play with but are not necessary -simply depending on how the story goes-:

-More people finding out the secret identity... possibly even the whole world finding out.
-Encountering other heroes and vigilantes
-Let's save the world...

Off course, added to this is a shipload of villains, criminals and crimebosses, SHIELD and obnoxious journalists (would love a kind of annoying, bent on discovering and romancing the hero Lois Lane kind of character)

As for the mythos this story would be based on:

I prefer the story to start with Peter Parker still in High school (like Spectacular Spiderman), but elements of all different Spidey-verses are welcome (Ultimate, Amazing, Unlimited, Spectacular and movies/cartoons)


There are several varieties I suddenly feel myself curious about:

-Peter Parker's son, and his struggle to follow his deceased father's footsteps as a young, new spiderman.
-A spiderman transported to the future, or a different world (possibly Justice League, Star Wars, Firefly, Stargate, ...) or just a very alternate spiderman world, where spiderman died years ago and some kind of evil now rules the world (or a similar concept to the short cartoon series: Spiderman Unlimited)


Currently craving Black Cat!

Another craving: Spiderman crossover


X-men. either an amalgan -our own twist- of all X-men universes, or a specific movie one, perhaps exploring what either happens after the second or third movie.

Crossovers involving my favorite X-men are welcome, too. I happen to think a pretty much immortal Wolverine can pop up anywhere :)



Pm or post here!

Most importantly, though... if you want a story with me, just pm or post here, even if a plot or setting isn't mentioned here. There are uncountable things I am interested in, going from Lord of the rings to completely original worlds, including many books, tv-shows, games,... and creativity. History, modern, fantasy, science fiction... all is possible.