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Author Topic: Some Ideas [UN, MUL]  (Read 657 times)

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Some Ideas [UN, MUL]
« on: November 29, 2009, 06:13:22 PM »
Alrighty, so...Here are just some ideas I have had bouncing around in my head. Most are fan-based (coming from games), but I got a few originals in here ^^ If anyone is interested, post here or feel free to RP me.

Mass Effect
Simply, and RP based in the Mass Effect universe. We could follow the game with someone being Shepard on his/her quest to save the galaxy, or we just make two of our own characters and see what happens. Like some of the other ideas, plot and whatnot can all be figured out through PMs, as I just really want to see this setting.

Behind Enemy Lines
Okay, this inspired from playing both Modern Warfare 2, and Ace Combat 6. And, yes, the story is also similar to Modern Warfare 2's. But not the same past the first few levels, so, no spoilers.

World War 3 has started. The United States, for the first time since the Mexican-American War, has been invaded. A force primarily led by and comprised of the Russian military, a two-front battle sprung up out of nowhere as Russian, now controlled by the Ultranationalist party which despises the U.S. and given reason for war from a staged terrorist attack "led" by "U.S." forces, launches a simultaneous attack on both the East and West Coasts. An inside man gave them the codes to the U.S.'s sattelite defense systems, letting their forces come in undetected until the attack began.

Basically, I'm thinking there's a Russian fighter pilot is shot down, but surviving the crash is captured (or hides) behind enemy lines. If captured he/she could be persuaded into switching sides, or if hiding he/she could hole up...somewhere...with some family that remains humane despite the ongoing war. Or reverse it all and have the U.S. in Russia. Or, two complete other countries...

For Queen and Country   M/F, F/F preferred
I have a version of this in Non-Adult, but I wouldn't mind it moving to somewhere else.

Simply, there's a queen that, despite being married to a good man, he isn't a good husband. His focus on the kingdom and kingdom only, he is often off, fighting in the perpetual war on the country's borders, one of which is almost always threatened. When he is home, well, he's a battle-hardened, and battle lustful, man. He isn't cruel to her or abusive, but her emotions and needs are possibly the furthest from his mind. Either way, he's rarely home.

The queen has a bodyguard, though, one that...Well, he is a rather attractive young man. And since they spend almost all of the day together, things could happen...What starts as just an offering of friendship, a dropping of formalities (away from the eyes and ears of others, naturally), soon turns into something deeper and forbidden...

And for more drama, the bodyguard I like playing as a woman disguising herself as a man. This idea has always turned out good when I've played it before, and I really wouldn't mind seeing what could happen here on E.

Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time
It's been a while since I played the game itself, but that shouldn't matter...The RP takes place after the events of the game, when everyone has returned to their planets. Nel Zelpher and Albel Nox are back on their home world of Elicoor II, and as I'm a fan of the Alnel pairing, the RP will focus around them.

We could go off of as if some time has passed since the end of the game. Aquaria and Airyglyph are trying to improve relations, with Nel as the prime diplomat on the Aquarian side and Woltar for the Airyglyphs. Albel is his typical self, showing no real interest in what is going on unless it deals with his own entertainment. By his king's demand though, he has to attend the latest peace conference, putting him in contact with the Crimson Blade he loves to hate and hates to love. At the peace conference Woltar's declining health makes it obvious he simply can't continue his duties, and Albel is picked as Airyglyphs new diplomat.

What will happen with the two forced together? Can they bridge the same gap their homelands are trying to fix? And what happens when the technological superpower of Greeton reopens it's borders?


Alternately, the game itself can be ignored. The war between the two countries is still in full swing. Nel is a spy in Airyglyph, working as a servant in the castle with the assignment to to gather as much intelligence as she can, and if at all possible, assassinate Duke Vox or even the king. But Albel the Wicked has taken a strange interest in the maid...And despite his reputation Nel can't help but find herself drawn to leader of the Black Brigade. She's eventually found out, but manages to escape, due no small part in hesitation from Albel to have her killed. When they later meet on the battlefield, what happens? Nel has stormed his base to rescue her captured friends, but when she faces Albel and learns the whole plot was just to draw her out...

And what if she is already involved with someone, either with Clair or perhaps one of those captured friends?

And with the sudden death of Duke Nox, and sudden mention of peace talks...What will happen? Like I said, this are all WIP.

Dragon Age: Origins
I don't have any real ideas for this one, but I love the game, and have played through it enough times to have an understanding of the world...If anyone else likes the game and wants to talk something out, feel free to PM me.

Ideas rumbling around in my head are:
1. Playing off of the Magi Origin. A Templar/Mage romance? Or perhaps a Mage/Mage? Or even a demon from the Fade and a Mage, or Templar...or both?
2. Human Noble Origin. I remember flirting with that elven handmaiden that arrives in Highever with the visiting nobles, come to keep your character's mother some company. When Arl Howe betrays the family, what if she doesn't die? She has family in Denerim, and the human must go there to seek help anyway...Could something happen?
3. City Elf Origin. After killing the humans who tried to have their way with/killed the elf's fiance, he/she fled out into the city to save the Alienage. In need of help he/she ends up falling in with the local gangs, namely Slim Couldry and his Thieves' Guild and the..."interested parties" who work through the Gnawed Noble Tavern. Whoever they meet and fall for is open to discussion.
4. Dalish Elf Origin. Um...Well, this would likely require Grey Wardens assistance, unlike the others, so, this would be for anyone interested in following something like what happens in the game. A loooong RP here.
5. Post-Game. To avoid spoilers, simply, a male Grey Warden goes looking for Morrigan. Or a female if you want to play something like unrequited love or other fun stuff like that ^^
6.. Anything whoever reads this comes up with. I'm always open to suggestions!

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time OR Twilight Princess   Likely NC, Bondage
Just two ideas here that have been picking at my brain.
1. Gannondorf/Link - Oh, wait! But Ace, you don't like M/M pairings...Well, true. I tried this particular idea out once though and it turned out fun. Remember at the end of Ocarina of Time (and Twilight Princess I believe, not sure), when you are fighting Gannondorf in his tower? Before he turns into the giant dragon-pig thing. Well...Link looses. The King of Evil overwhelms him. But Link refuses to give up, even when he's being batted around like a toy near the ends of the fight. Sure, it's the Triforce of Courage, but...Gannondorf in intrigued. Instead of killing Link, he forces the Hero into submission, enslaves him, and...well, for his own amusement, transforms Link into a female. With the Hero of his slave he just needs to break him and claim his piece of the Triforce...

Zelda could also be brought in as well, since, Gannon would want her piece as well. Likely by using the same methods (minus transformation) as he used to break Link...

2. Zelda/Link or whoever else you want - Just a twist with this particular pair. What if Zelda wasn't freed from her possession/corruption/dark side/whatever it was at the end of Twilight Princess? Instead, everyone thought she was freed? Or maybe she isn't possessed, she's just turned evil, perhaps after taking the Triforce of Power away from Gannondorf? Anyway...

She's ruling her kingdom, slowly expanding, and...Well, this can go many ways, it all depends on whatever you want if you want to do it  ^^

3. After playing Ocarina of Time again, and reaching the point of the game where you are held captive in the Gerudo fortress...Well, what if he didn't have the hookshot, and couldn't escape his cell? With Ganondorf as the only Gerudo male, and one I highly doubt cares for much aside from his own power, that's a lot of lonely women there...Or what if Link does escape, at first, and frees those other men, but gets captured again? His resourcefulness could have gotten him the interest of some of the women. They have a strong, handsome, capable young man in their clutches...why not put him to good use?

And for fun, perhaps Sheik eventually comes to try and save Link, and gets captured as well.

Star Wars - Preferably the Old Republic era, but really, anywhere is fine with me
No real ideas for this one, but...Well, I wouldn't mind working something out. There's certainly plenty of things to do and mess with in the Star Wars universe.

Or something along the lines of The Force Unleashed. Vader's secret apprentice (doesn't have to be Starkiller, can be someone completely original, male, female, whatever race you'd like) who does Vader's dirty work before possibly falling for their pilot like Starkiller falls for Juno, or some soldier who is just a bit too good and is captured or tracks the ship down and gets on it for an ambush, or whatever else. We can talk it out ^^

Of Purity and Corruption
An original! And it comes with it's own (WIP) world! Just with probably uncreative names...Note, the idea below is just something I had in mind. Feel free to offer changes, suggestions, or...just ignore it completly ^^;;

In the Kingdom of Corilessa, there's an order devoted to protecting the kingdom for the forces of darkness, evil, demons, and all those other fun cliches. They follow the Goddess of Light, are are essentially an order of blessed knights and templars. They are led by her High Priest (occassionally priestess) and are made up of men and women from all wakes of life. Noble, commoners, peasants, beggars, former outlaws, even non-human races...They hear her call and they find their way to her temple. Under the High Priest are her Champions, five strong warriors of different disciplines (magic, hand-to-hand, sword and shield, great weapons, and summoning). As the newest to be marked as a Champion, you left you former life behind to join the order. At least, they say you were supposed to.

You still keep in contact with a close, childhood friend of your's who is a wyvern-riding knight in the king's service. He still comes to see you, as the temple is actually close to the capital city, and really the two of you are a couple in all but name. The High Priest and some of the other Champions frown on the relationship, but as there is really no prohibition against it, they leave the two of your alone...mostly. One day he announces to you that he's getting tired of his life as a knight, and think he may retire...perhaps move to the city built around the temple, and pick back up the family tradition of being a blacksmith? As his service and distance were the only things keeping the two of your from really being together, and he leaves you that day with a ring he forged himself...

The following week however, word arrives from the castle. Treachery and foul magic were at work. The king and all his knights are dead, the throne usurped by a necromancer in service with the God of Darkness. The last the messenger, a soldier under your friend's command, had seen of him he had been struck down and surrounded by the necromancer's forces...

It isn't long before the Necromancer marches on the temple. The city is barred, as many soldiers and order members have been recalled as possible...A siege is inevitably. But on the first day of battle, you notice something...The Necromancer's right hand man, his general, riding a foul black dragon...It was your fiance.

Can you do your duty and kill him? Or, is he captured, and do you insist that he can be saved instead of allowing him to be killed?

There was a bit more to it, but I think it sounds complicated enough as it is...

Again, if anyone is at all interested, feel free to post here or PM me.
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Re: Some Ideas [UN, MUL]
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2009, 08:43:02 PM »
Ideas added.

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Re: Some Ideas [UN, MUL]
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2009, 07:16:22 PM »
Updated. One idea taken, 2 added.

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Re: Some Ideas [UN, MUL]
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Added some more...