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Hello There ^_^

these would be preferable ^_^
Assassin/Ransom target

If you have stumbled across my thread looking for a RP then you have come to the right place.

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
2. What I do and don't
3. Plots


What I do and don't <3

Here is a list of what I do and don't. What I do is not limited to those listed so feel free to suggest anything

Modern Times
Ancient japan, china
Knights, Royals e.c.t
James bond, spy stuff
Japanese ,Chinese Gods
Fairy tales
Marvel comic stuff
French monarchy
Roman /Greeks

Anime/ Manga

Kagura/Inu yasha:
Narakua/Inu yasha
Inu Yasha/Miroku

Gundam seed

Any paring really

Lee/Ten Ten

Any paring really

Trinity blood

Princess Ai



Harry potter
Merchant of Venice
Robin Hood


Memoirs of a geisha
Spider man 3
Casino Royale

Legend of zelda:twilight princess
Soul Caliber 2,3,4
Phoenix Wright
Angle Edgey
Adrian/ Frankizka
Atemmy/ Adrian

Apollo Justice

Thalassa(Lamiroir)/Zak Gramarye
Thalassa(Lamiroir)/Valant Gramarye
Zak Gramarye/Valant Gramarye

Brother/ sister
sister / cousin
Sister /sister
Student/ student
Teacher/ Teacher
vamp/ human
Vamp /lycan
Prince/ Commoner
Princess/ commoner
Prince / Guard
Princess / Guard.
Demon/ slave
Guy/Best friends Girlfriend
Guy/Best friends sister
Highwayman/ noble mans daughter
Pirate/ Merchants Daughter.
Roman Emperor/ Wife
Roman Emperor/ Mistress



Kidnapping + Master x Slave "Raphael Granvill, 21, a pure genius who inherited the life findings of his uncle and mentor; a great chemical engineer and philosopher. Raphael had been home schooled his entire life and possessed minimal social skills, though he had the figure of an Italian model and the face of a angel. So when he finally reached the peek of his physical needs, he slipped out to the to the streets, fueled by lust and desire he one night stalked a youthful girl, no older then her high school years on her way home and within his chaotic mind he kidnapped her to his mansion far up in the city's mountains and put her fast asleep with drugs. This is where she'd be waking up, in a dark expansive steel room, weird devices and large thick steel doors hidden in the shadows, her eyes hazy and her mind clouded, strapped face up to a table and dressed in a revealing French maid outfit with a seamless collar."

Family: Step-Siblings "Only recently married, the father of the seventeen year old Brian Kidman decides that with his recent promotion and hopes for a new life, he takes in his bastard son into his new life. Brian grew up in the center of the big city life, so adjusting to the suburbia life style seems more of a drag then anything, but with the death of his mother he has no choice. Today would have been the big day, Brian's dad along with his new wife and step daughter await his arrival but, the thing is; they didn't expect to have to be off on business for a few weeks, so a more uncelebrated arrival leaves Brian alone with his new step sister."

Royal Prince - Princess (Medieval) "The 2 kingdoms of Trebond and Galla have lived in peace for Centuries. The leaders of the kingdoms decided it would be a good idea to unite the 2 kingdoms through the marriage of the young princess and prince of the kingdom. However a war broke out with the third kingdom on the country, Tyra, the king was a vicious and evil man and he attacked the princess kingdom Galla. They lost and her farther and mother both died. She gathered up anyone who was still alive and worked on building the resistance force to drive them out of their fair city.(the RP would start out at the battle, some fantasy could be added to this)

Medieval, Mage - Druid " A mage who goes by the name of Kourrem'd Acey has been ordered by the organization that he works for to explore the old underground ruins of the underground city of Tortall. Their is an ancient legend that a Medusa resided their and turned the cities inhabitants to stone and those who dared to venture their. However centuries later the Medusa is long dead, however the Mage comes across the stone form a beautiful women. Having been unable to turn the rest of them back to human form, he tries one more time and this time for reasons unknown to him he succeeds. Their Tale begins... (his would start with the arrival of the mage RP was based on this picture )

High school OR Boarding School It is present day and there is a school called Wollongong High school of the Performing Arts. Being a private school most to the wealthy are guaranteed a spot in the school whether or not they had any talent in the course they audition for. How ever those not wealthy find it extremely hard to gain entrance in the school and only a few a accepted. They are usually picked on and bullies by the others. However Alex Hastings ((you can change the name)) meets one of them. Her name is Eliza-Jane Anderson a Dancer - artist who has just got into the school after waiting on a waiting list. They meet and sparks fly however they have to choose between staying with their own class or ignoring it and being together.

Master/slave"A rich young gentleman has a delema. A rather large one in his opinion. As his father has told him, that unless he finds a suitable wife within the next year, he will be cut off from the family fortune, and essentially left with nothing.
He could not let this happen. Heaven forbid he would actually have to work for his money, only to just make it by like some commoner. So he devoiced a plan of which, in his mind, could not fail. He would go to the slave market, and buy a beautiful female slave, then with her under his obedience, he could just demand she marry him, and poof, he gets his money and an easy to handle wife. What he hadn't planned for, was the girl to have an attitude of her own, and that's just what he got... "

Spy/Assasin"For years Dameon has been an assassin, killing countless amounts of people, being shot multiple times and basically kicking ass. One of his biggest rivals had just been killed only a month ago. That had been a satisfying kill for him.
What he had not expected was for the man's sister to come after him looking for vengeance. When she does arrive at his home to kill him, a fight occurs, but he comes out on top. Noting the beauty of the girl, he strikes a deal with her. She agrees to play the part of his slave, and everyday he will train her to kill him. Then, when the time is right, they will have a fight to the death. If he was going to die, he was going to die in style, and give the girl the skills she needed to be the best if she chose to stay in the business of assassination.
What he hadn't counted on was falling in love with her. "

Princess/Pirate OR Princess/Bandit OR Princess/Thief

Maya was the princess of the kingdom Tyra. One day as a part of her daily duties she is to take a break from the castle walls and visit the city and basically make the people happier. However while she is their a group of law breakers see this as a prime opportunity to kidnap and hold her for ransom. The leader of the lawbreakers is taken by her and begin to charm her, she begins to find her self falling for him as well as her love home. She becomes very confused and unsure of what to do. Which man will she choose?

Harry Potter, OCxOC OR CannonxCanon The time has rolled around again for the Hogawarts annual masked ball. The students are to wear masks over their faces , disguising their identity from other. Throughout the ball the students are to keep their name and house to them selves only revealing their year if they wish. At midnight the lights are turned of and the students take of their masks, the lights go back on and they look at who thy were talking with. Some may make new friends or even new loves. The main Idea is to promote house unity, however what should happen if 2 Rivals end up together over this?

Vampire Mystery (Vamp-Human) Modern OR Renaissance era. " Set in the city of Venice, there have been a series of Murders. There have been 12 victims already and law enforcers have now made a connection to the murder's choice of victims. They were always Female, and the bodies always had their blood drained from her body, how ever the only wounds ever found were 2 holes in the victims necks. Something more sinister was that the victims were always hours apart. They began to wonder how the sicko was getting around so fast. The religious folk and the church said a demon is among them, more specifically a vampire. "Nonesence" said the police. One day a female detective goes to investigate into the what was now the 13th victim of the murderer. She begins her own investigation, as she delves deeper into the mystery, she finds out that the killer is indeed a vampire, and of course, the vampire needs to dispose of her before she exposes him".

Trouble For the Servant (Medieval OR Renaissance Era) " A young girl called Leila has recently moved away from home and is looking for work. Being turned down by the many places she has asked, she finally spots a short article in the local newspaper. It turns out that the owners of the esteemed "Granvil Manor" are looking for a servant. It is a live in job and breakfast and dinner is provided. It was perfect, this way she wouldn't even have to pay rent! Moving as quickly as her legs could carry her, she rushed to the manor. She wasn't surprised by it's size. It was a huge , it could probably hold 30 families inside, not one. It looked luxurious and an expensive place to live in. Never the less, she wasn't intimidated by it and she walked up to the front door and asked about the job. She was lead up to the head of the house. The women spoke with her for awhile and after 15 minutes of conversation the women said "You've got the job, Welcome to Granvil Manour".

Thrilled, Leila moved in the next day. She was given the rest of the day off to get settled and the day after she would begin her duties. She was assigned to be the Maid of the Granvil family's only son. She would basically keep his room in order, draw his bath, deliver his meals and be at his beck and call. Today would be her first day on the job. She arrived at his room with his breakfast with a smiling face. It was at that instant that she noticed that he was the very man she detested with a passion. Awhile back she had been at a social gathering with her parents and the two had ended up in a fight over a womens place in society. They had basically been at each others throats and the argument had ended with him having a glass of wine over his head.

Leila saw him as a self centered, arrogant womanizer who knew nothing of the real world. This could have been the most dreadful thing that could have happened to her, but she needed the job. So she grit her teeth and and resisted the urge to run in the other direction. However while she worked she began to notice another side to him that he hid under his cocky mask"

The Princess that Hides her True Face (Princess/ Guard)Medieval "Alexandra, the princess of the kingdom of Gala had long put up and act, a ruse if you will. She realized at a very young age that one day her parents would marry her off in order to increase the prosperity of their own kingdom. She knew that if she ever wanted to be happy, she would have to make her self look useless. So ever since she was a child, instead of making her self look beautiful and graceful, and the perfect women as her parents would have hoped. Instead she did the exact opposite. She was naturally pretty so their wasn't much she could so about that, but she was constantly causing trouble, she was forever dropping things, falling over, trying to sneak out of the castle, getting her self dirty. Anything her parents wanted her to be, she was the exact opposite. Instead of learning how to play music and cross-stitch as her mother wanted, she read books and got her self educated and learned how to use a sword, quite well I might add. Eventually, when it came around for her to be married, her plan had worked. No one showed any interest in her, and she was happy about it, to her parents frustration. Then, someone did show interest in her, and when she rejected them, the man was a pompous anyway, war broke out. Now, she has been shipped away to some recruit camp in the north, where she is kept under lock and key, and she wonders, weather her plan was really the right thing to do. She wonder if she should just have had married the man, but the problem is, she's gone and fallen for her own personal guard.

Inside the Law firm
Leila and Adrien both work in the same law firm. They have been pretty successful on cases in the past, the only problem is that they are almost bitter rivals. It wouldn't be so bad being rivals, if Adrien was not infatuated with Leila. Too bad she already has a boyfriend, and once again, it's too bad that he's a compleate ass, she just hasn't noticed it yet.***note, names can be changed. Its just easier to write the plot with names.

Its a Conspiracy (Renaissance)
Antonio (name can be changed) worked for the church his whole life. Being orphaned as a child, the church was the only family he knew.  He worked as the churches hit man, taking care of any dirty work for that they couldn't touch. One day he gets told to bring in a young women. He observed her for a while and begins to wonder why the church would want her dead. After talking to her and getting to know her more he decided not to kill her and to save her instead and perhaps redeem himself for all the other innocents he has killed.

Ace Flyer

I'd be interested in some of these.

Highwayman/Noble Daughter
An Eragon RP
Or a Zelda RP: Either Twilight Princess or Link with one of the Soul Caliber 2 girls

PM me if you'd like to talk any out ^^


Hey Shibby, I'm open to a few different ideas... pm me to talk about it if you want to rp together


Must say the Harry Potter masked ball caught my interest, pm me if you would like. We can talk about who to be and/or OC's.


Definitely interested with a couple of your ideas, though if I had to choose the Spy/Assasssin one piqued my interest the most.

I'm new to this site, but not to role playing in the least, so just shoot me a PM if you're still up for this. :-)


Hi:) Are you still looking for someone to RP with?


I'm interested in a great many of these, so I'm going to send you a PM with some and we can sort it out from there, okay?


Quote from: upanddown4life on December 30, 2009, 02:27:19 AM
I'm interested in a great many of these, so I'm going to send you a PM with some and we can sort it out from there, okay?
Thats fine


just an update post to let you peoples know that I would like some new rps.



Would love to discuss doing a Shikamaru/Temari RP.