Faith is back, has cracked, and wants to try anthro! =D

Started by Faiith, November 24, 2009, 04:03:23 AM

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Yaaay, I've returned, though I haven't had too many games going in the past so a lot of you probably don't know me!

I have returned and have a strange craving for something I've yet to try, Anthro.

I have a few small little requests about the game. I'm open about the story line!

- I prefer playing the submissive ^_^
- I'd like a Canine or feline anthro.
- I'd prefer a male.
- I want to play a human :P

Outside of that, I'm pretty open to suggestions.

Here's hoping someone wants to play with me!


Please consult my o&o/rabbit hole and stories page before pming :)


HI there, im more then willing to do an Anthro role play. AS you might be able to tell from my sig horses are my favorite to play. Hit me up or Ill hit you up later and we will see if we can start anything.

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