Seeking Female- Danger Awaits

Started by Ferret, November 21, 2009, 07:28:51 PM

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In a small dark town a young man is sick of his life. Bored.. he prays to change something in his life.. little did he know danger was going to accept his prayer.

A vampiress comes to town and wrecks havok with him.

I'm looking for a sexy, dark and malicious vampiress
She can be brutal, like beating people up or killing others (not him) horribly
Did I mention sexy?
She can be seductive.. heck even forceful.

Any immortal out there willing to answer my prayer?

Please post a small application. Most likely the first person is to be accepted. (also, if you know which section would this RP belong in?)
Shiny Collection: 19

Lady Sakura

Name: Sakura Hio
Age: 480 looks 25
Race: Pure Blood Vampire
Height: 5’7
Weight: Pick me up and see
Iris: Emerald
Hair color: Sable with hints of dark brown
Weapons: Halberd sometimes a sword
Magic: Can summon fire, when serious its a dark blue
Wind-cutter - A strong wind attack that has the power to slash all who aren't quick enough to catch it with their eyes.
Mind grip- Can will her mind to latch onto another and use it to strike pain into their senses.
Kinesics - Move things with her mind
Telepathy - Can penetrate people's mind to communicate with them.
Love/Crush: Once upon a time
Marriage: Once upon a time

Personality: Sakura hold a very causal personality, however, she is cunning, ruthless, and will use any means of getting what she desires. She can be loving but only to those that obey her. Yet only knows her true nature and that is her twin; Isis.

Background: Sakura has a very long history. It would be too long to tell you her full background but I will start where how she lost her place. Sakura is a pure blood vampire one of the highest ranks in her class, respected, and feared. But with a calm and lethal personality after the death of her family, Sakura sought to claim everything in the world, conquering place by place with the help of her twin sister Isis who took her place along side her.
One day, the twins decided to have a spar of which got out of control leaving both sisters injured. Sakura was on the verge of claiming France when a group of hunters about 10 attacked her. Still injured she managed to kill of 6, and injured the remaining 4. The 4 that were still alive managed to imprison Sakura into a cave, its location unknown, hoping to keep her in a dreamless sleep forever. Unfortunately, the distress of her twin sister had awoken the Vampiress from her sleep after 100 year.
A few months after her awakening, Sakura began regaining pieces of her past and her land one by one. She is currently still looking for her fledging and followers so that she could reclaim the throne that was lost to her 100 years ago.

Battle Attire

Elegant Attire