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January 24, 2021, 01:36:34 PM

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Author Topic: RegularRaskolnikov's one on one reference guide!  (Read 527 times)

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Offline RegularRaskolnikovTopic starter

RegularRaskolnikov's one on one reference guide!
« on: November 16, 2009, 03:22:50 PM »
I know that I am inundating these forums with new topics from me today, but today is a rare opportunity for me to be active.

I don't really think it's necessary for me to explain that I want to have an intelligent roleplay partner is it? I think most of us have come to sites like this one for just that reason. Well, that and all the "self help" material. Nonetheless! We're all people who want to make a story in some sense, right? Right. That means that we're all a big fan of language and want to know how to properly utilize it to evoke thoughts and emotions in our readers. We all want to challenge the other and have a good time!

I'm going to be honest. Sometimes I'm just in the mood for a quick, nasty sex scene. Real "Alley Behind a Porno Theater" kind of stuff. Other times I'm looking for a sexual roleplay that's more long and involved and details multiple encounters and sexual development of the characters. Still other times I'm looking for a good story where sex takes a back seat, or isn't there at all. However the most likely scenario is that I'm up for all three of those in some capacity.
(My ons and offs thread)

I'll spare everyone the suspense: I am dominant. I am also a sadist in the bedroom and a relatively quiet individual when it comes to interacting with people in a normal way. It's sort of a balance thing, I guess. I like to get really dark and sadistic with my sex, and then after I've released all of my aggression I revert back to a relatively polite person and I find myself wanting to discuss Proust or something.

I generally play fantastic or science fiction settings. Horror is another big theme with me. Honestly? I'm up for whatever background setting one could want with the exception of stories based off of books or videogames.

I like original characters, and what certain writers (who shall remain anonymous) have done to vampires upsets me a lot. Don't get me wrong, vampires who don't cry are totally cool. So, to sum it up. No Naruto, Firefly, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Twilight, Pirates of the Caribbean, nothing that's not original!

Finally, I want to stress something:
If there is something strange that you would like to do then come to me with it! I will not judge. The worst you'll get is a polite "No Thanks". The reason I only put scat in my Turn Offs section is because it is the only thing I can think of that I would not willingly and happily do.

Offline RegularRaskolnikovTopic starter

Re: RegularRaskolnikov's one on one reference guide!
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2009, 06:19:11 PM »
I just had someone ask about this and I felt like I should clear it up.

Yiffing: Yes, I have roleplayed it before and many of those have been very enjoyable. It's a definite yes on my list. Also, yes, I do homosexual roleplays that involve yiffing as well. I just felt like I should clear this one up specifically as it's a fairly popular genre.

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Re: RegularRaskolnikov's one on one reference guide!
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2009, 09:57:25 PM »
I wanna play :D

I can write a sadist scene from either point of view, male or female.  I can also play the willing (or not so willing) victim.

This will be my first one in a looong time and my first here ever, so you might have to show some patience!

Let me know if you're interested.

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Re: RegularRaskolnikov's one on one reference guide!
« Reply #3 on: April 09, 2010, 05:01:00 AM »
Ah! It's nice to stretch the old fingers out again. I've been gone for a while now, and I suddenly find myself with some free time again! I'm going to be posting around the site. I'll keep checking my thread periodically.

Glad to be back!