Angel needed (males please)

Started by Queen Be Damned Sheiba, November 15, 2009, 02:56:14 AM

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Queen Be Damned Sheiba

Hello guys. I've been looking for a partner to play my other in this rp for a while now, but have yet to find the right male. It's one of the few non NC ideas I have, but it has to be done right. HEre's the first post for it, and I'll let you all decide what you do with it.

Rain pounded against the cold limestone of the castle walls, the thunder so loud it broke through the sound barrier surrounding the building. Standing on the balcony at the very center of the palace was the Queen, the tears on her face mixing with the heavy onslaught of rain. Her long raven colored hair was soaked through as was her expensive silken gown, now ruined by the heavy drenching. Though she knew her tears would be seen as weakness by some, the Queen could not keep herself from shedding them. Tears for the love she'd lost and for the son she'd to give up. Tears for the other who shared her pain.

She held her arms out, feeling the gentle wings of her lover caress her, soothing her as they held her in there embrace. How she long to truly be with him. To be his for all eternity. But the bands placed on them all were very specific, and this was the only way she could be with him. When her pain was so great he could feel her hurting and could summon enough strength to be with her in astral form. She stood against him, wishing she could touch him as he could her, but as she reached to trace her finger across his handsome face, she felt air, cold rain and nothingness.

"I love you Lucien," She whispered to him, knowing he could hear her voice and find comfort in the words. As her tears began to fade so did the rain, and form began to slowly disappear from her sight. She reached for him, knowing that she would never actually feel him and turned away when he was gone from her view. "My love." She whispered one last time before entering her bedroom. 


What exactly were you looking for in this scenario?

Queen Be Damned Sheiba

Well, the story fits in with a World I created. Here's the link for it. After you read it I'll be able to explain a bit more.

After you read that, it's easier to understand who Valerian and Lucien are. She is the Queen of the Demon Realm and he is an Angel banished from his lands for loving her. It was all fine until she got pregnant with there child. The rules of the land say that there are to be no mixing of the species, and the abominations produced should be put to death Lucien has to take the baby to the Outlands in order for it to live, but in doing so they cannot be together. So I guess this can either be there nightly escapades in the spirit realm, or what happens when she finally gains enough support to abolish that rule and they can be together again.