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Author Topic: Cherry's RP Ideas  (Read 2060 times)

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Cherry's RP Ideas
« on: November 08, 2009, 07:26:07 pm »

UPDATE  3/25/2011 ---  Due to RL inconveniences I am no longer accepting new roleplays right now. Please disregard this thread. However, I love to share. Feel free to use a storyline with someone else if anything appeals to you.  :3  All I ask is to please let me know you are using it because I would love to read how it turns out. Also, sorry for the big font...apparently some of you ‘all skip the face in favor for juicy parts. Hopefully this will catch your attention. <3  Thanks.

Cherry's Roleplay Ideas

Here are my roleplay ideas! If you want to know more about me as a roleplayer please
visit my Ons & Offs page by clicking in my siggie. Please note that if you are interested
in starting up a roleplay with me I only allow myself 10 ongoing roleplays at any
given time. I welcome all roleplay collaboration and I thoroughly love creating ideas
with other people, but if I am maxed out then our roleplay will have to go on the waiting
list. All of my current roleplays, and the waiting list, can be viewed in my Ons & Offs
page as well.
On this thread you will find:


  • smut roleplays
  • advanced storyline roleplays
  • roleplays where I play the submissive
  • roleplays where I play the dominant
  • Modern roleplays
  • Fantasy roleplays
  • Science Fiction roleplays


Smut Roleplays I am Craving
(please contact me if interested)

Master - Slave
Are you kidding? This is my favorite.
Buy my girl and take her home

Vampire - Human
Craving a Male x Male vampire scene
where the vampire turns the human over

Vampire - Vampire Hunter
The vampire seduces the female hunter
who is meant to slay him

Alien - Abductee
A female is abducted by an alien and
is experimented with

Bad Boy - Good Girl
preppy girl gets cornered by the
trouble-making bad boy at school
||||Doctor - Patient
Umm yeah...maybe the doctor straps his
patient down and uses her for his pleasure

Plumber - Customer
Sexy plumber is called to a house and
stay-at-home wife wants him sooo badly

Coach - Swimmer
After some swimming lessons the coach
gives her a few more lessons in the locker room

Officer - Citizen
Officer pulls over citizen for speeding but
offers her a way out of getting the ticket

Incubus - Nun
An incubus comes to a devote nun at
night and defiles her
||||Kidnapper - Victim
Guy kidnaps a college student, takes her
somewhere and rapes and kills her

Assassin - Target
An assassin takes his pleasures out upon
his target before killing her

Rich Movie Star - Common Person
Sexy movie star with a lot of pride humiliates &
degrades common person

Soldier - Prisoner
M/M or M/F; A prisoner of war becomes the
sexual amusement of his/her enemy

Gang - Girl
A girl gets gang-raped in a dark
alleyway by two or more

Proposed Storylines


Shinedown - Call Me (lyrics)      

             status: storyline pending

Follow You Home
status: storyline pending
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Re: Cherry's RP Ideas
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2009, 09:30:29 pm »
Pm'd you

Offline Snow CherryTopic starter

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Re: Cherry's RP Ideas
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2009, 09:56:36 pm »
Thank you guys so much for your interest!

I am sorry but if I am not already talking to you about a potential roleplay through pm then please check back with me later. I am maxed out on current roleplays and my roleplay waiting list is a little too long now...

Until further notice I am accepting no more roleplays and no more potential roleplays.

Thank you again!

Offline Snow CherryTopic starter

  • Roleplaying Whore
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  • I wish I could shut my playboy mouth.
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Re: Cherry's RP Ideas
« Reply #3 on: March 25, 2011, 09:45:20 pm »

~~ Expired Roleplays ~~

From Slavery To Mastery
Music - Skillet, whispers in the dark

status: Taken by Mjoelliner
& Saku Winchester

  • Male x Female roleplay
  • Snow Cherry plays Anenfel
  • Your male character will
    start out bottom but will
    end up on top
  • Setting: Fantasy/Baroque
  • Rating: Anything from mild
    to extreme, your choice
  • Snow Cherry will also
    roleplay Sal and Anenfel's
  • Post Requirement:
    min. 2 para.

Despite The Lies That You're Making....
*          Anenfel Dulany is the Mistress of a good fortune - a woman who gained recent authority and control over the Dulany Establishment when her father, the Lord, passed away. She has a duty to perform; she must marry a man who can take over the responsibilities of running the estate, land, and region that her family name ownes. Lord Sal Tuskai has agreed to take up these responsibilities. Although his land is a grand distance away she knows that Sal can provide everything they would ever need. To everyone under her care she is delighted about the marriage and the man she is going to wed. But that is just a lie she is making; her heart is dying inside for true love and she knows that she cannot love Sal Tuskai. She hardly knows anything about him.
*           He is a pleasure slave from the Tuskai household; broken and trained in the art of sexual delights. He does not fight for his freedom because he has accepted his position, and enjoys it. He is a valuable slave who is trusted and has gained the respect of his Master, Lord Sal. As a gift of courtship he has been given to Anenfel Dulany so that, in Sal's words, she can look forward to the many more pleasures awaiting as his wedded wife. Secretly though, our pleasure slave harbors a lie. His true profession is assassination, long ago trained by the deadliest assassin known in the Guild of Shadows.In a mission of assassination he had failed and ran for his life, for any assassin who fails his mission is nothing but a dead assassin. To hide from the Guild of Shadows he subjected himself to the life of a slave, burying his true dominant nature and submitting himself to the demands of others.
Your Love Is Mine For The Taking....
*          Although he is strikingly handsome, Anenfel has no interest in her gift. She is appalled that Lord Sal would send her a slave when her own culture has spent many years trying to absolve slavery from the Dulany lands. Her two friends seem to have more interest in her slave then she does. She allows them to take their amusement out upon him.
*         He serves unquestionably but is innately disturbed that Anenfel has no interest in him. He starts to pursue her...accidentally in a more dominant personality then allowed from a slave. And as things naturally fall she finds herself submitting to his domineering personality. Before too long he has turned her into his little slut - nearly his own slave, and she realizes that she cannot marry someone she does not love.
My love is just waiting....
*          It comes time for Lady Anenfel to marry Lord Sal but she refuses. She wants to follow her heart and be with the man who captured her love. Sal is outraged and will not accept this. He arranges for her kidnap and takes her to his lands where he prepares to force her into marriage.
To turn your tears to roses.
*          This is where our slave sheds his slavery and clothes himself back into the true man he really is; a killing longer willing to hide from his past and no longer willing to submit as a slave. Must I say anymore about this storyline?

Bah Humbug Bitch
Music - Christmas Time is Here by Charlie Brown (youtube piano lesson J3H3h2b4m2k)

status: Currently Taken by

  • male x female roleplay
  • snow cherry plays analise
  • your male character is dominant
  • setting: christmas time, modern
  • rating: non-con human
  • post requirement: min 2 para

Analise Ringold is an office manager for a major marketing research firm called C&C. Jason Miles has been working with her for over a year as assistant manager. Generally Jason is a very cool-headed guy; relaxed, calm, and smooth. His type of character speaks volumes with the motto ‘follow, then lead’. All of the employees love Jason and how they can talk to him as if he stood on their level, and they look to him as the buffer between them and the perfect bitch, Analise. Oh yes, our darling Analise is quit the control snob. She expects nothing but perfect work from all of her employees. C&C is her world and she assumes that the marketing research firm is everyone else’s world as well. She treats her employees like they were dogs meant to mush her into success.

Christmas time is here and everyone is looking forward to the holidays away from the office! Jason, especially, who has promised his fiancé that he would spend the holidays with her parents to get to know them before their wedding date. Analise, however, finds herself bombarded with loads of marketing work and only grants her employees two days off for Christmas. Everyone that is, except for Jason. She expects her assistant manager to look over the office the entire Christmas holiday. Disappointed, but rarely one to complain, Jason tells his fiancé that he cannot make it to her parent's house.

Christmas comes and goes and Jason spent the entire time locked up inside the office watching over, and completing, work assignments. One week later though, when things start to get back to normal after one of the biggest days in the year, Jason’s fiancé calls him up and breaks off the wedding and dumps him. She is upset that he would put his job above her and their personal goals. Jason begs for her to not do this to him because, with all his heart, he does love her. But the woman is steadfast in her decision and refuses to work things out with him.

Jason flips out. If it wasn’t for that bitch, Analise, and her crazy work regime then he would still have the love of his life, and would still be on his way to living his big dream in marriage. He feels as though he has lost everything and that it is the end of the world. His heart is so broken that he falls into a depression. This misery causes him to do the unthinkable. In a drunken stupor he kidnaps Analise and takes her to a hotel room to take out his frustration on her. She is, afterall, the cause of everything that had gone wrong in his life…

...after all is said and done, and after he has spent his anger out upon her, they both realize a startling truth. Analise recognizes that Jason is, deep down, stronger than she is. She is now very much attracted to him despite everything he had done to her. Jason, on the other hand, sees Analise for who she really is. After he had broken down all of her barriers and stripped the bitchiness out of her he sees a different person who he can better get along with and is fairly attracted to her personality.

They return to the office the following work day. What will happen between them now? Will things be the same as before or will more drama unfold?

_____ Enemy Mine _____

  • science fiction roleplay
  • male x female
  • snow cherry plays female
  • snow cherry plays A.I. Hunter
  • your character is dominant
  • romance - erotica
  • a survival based storyline
  • rating - anything from mild
      to extreme. Your choice
  • post requirement: min 2 para

status: Taken by Served Cold

In the Solar System of Tyme, a hostile war rages between two dominant, galactic empires comprised primarily of the human race. This war has been fought for so long that the culture of both empires, Erdonia and Eldonia, has been bent to accommodate the effects. A socially accepted hatred for each other's empire has been pushed so deeply into everyones lives that government laws have been set up to exclude the other from political, economic, and social mix. In fact, some are even moving to accelerate the ever increasing popular notion that the other empire is a completely different race altogether, even if it cannot be proven physically.

Today, in the field of space comprising the ServinX Sector, an Erdonian starfleet armada and an Eldonian starfleet armada meet head on to engage in a battle of epic proportions.

Your male Erdonian character named Riknas Torguen is a pilot who flys a one-man starship fighter. He has a free-spirit and a rough edge, but comforts in the decisive and clearcut safety of logical sense. The battle of ServinX Sector was some of the most tense and excruciating moments of his life, but he survived. Erdon seemed to have won, and the Eldon empire began drawing back and fleeing the territory. Riknas was sent out on scout patrol to locate any last minute enemy ships who might be straggling behind, and to destroy them. The Eldonian ship Riknas found was hiding in the asteroid belt of Antheldia, a planet whose name means 'arid desert'.

Inside this one-man ship is my female character named Kia Straitnu. It was one big mess up that landed her in the middle of ServinX Sector in the first place, but the reasons were life-threatening. Yes, she is Eldonian bred, but she is a spy who had stolen important information from her own government to try and usurp some inside powers. Her own people sent an assassin after her, namely A.I. Hunter, who seeks to destroy her life. Hunter had chased her into the ServenX battlefield where she hid among the asteroids.

Riknas pushes Kia's ship out of her hiding spot and pursues her. Hunter finds his target and also gives pursuit. In the precise calculations of his artificial intelligence he blows Riknas out of the way, and then manages on damaging Kia's ship as well. Both injured starships gets clawed into Antheldia's gravitational pull, and they crash on the deserted planet.

A distance away from each other, both Riknas and Kia survives their starship crashes, but now comes the daunting task of surviving Antheldia's arid landscape and finding a way home. Kia's ship is damaged beyond repair so she has no choice but to travel to her enemies crash sight to see what is left. Riknas captures her and, instead of outright killing her, takes her as a prisoner. His ship will fly again if he can take a part from Kia's ship and configure it to work with his technology, but he needs Kia to show him how it works.

For a couple of days he tries 'interrogating' Kia to get her to tell him how it works. She refuses to tell him because she fears he will either kill her once he figures it out, take her to an Erdonian prison, or put her into slavery which is commonly accepted in his Erdonian culture. Little does Kia know, Hunter landed his ship upon Antheldia to confirm the termination of his target. When he finds that Kia still lives, the robot will go at all costs to kill anything that stands in his way from assassinating her.

Riknas and Kia both find themselves working together to fight-off and survive the robotic terror. To escape Hunter, Kia finally tells him how to work the part so that he can configure it into the technology of his ship, but she makes him promise to take him with her and not leave her on Antheldia alone with Hunter. Will Riknas keep his promise? If he does keep his promise what will he do with Kia once they are off of Antheldia?

Time in Gil'ead
"Many people have died for their beliefs...
The real courage is living and suffering
for what you believe."

status: Taken by Oracle

  • Based off the book 'Eragon'
    by Christopher Paolini
  • male x female roleplay
  • cherry plays the female, Arya
  • you play the male, Durza
  • your character plays a dominant role
  • setting: fantasy, with magic
  • Interrogation type roleplay
  • rating: extreme
  • post requirement: min 2 para.

To read a prologue that details
Durza capturing Arya, please go
here: Prologue

Ok, the movie was horribly made and did not give the written story any credit at all. Have you ever read the book Eragon by Christopher Paolini? If you have not read it, or have no clue what in the world I am talking about, that is alright! You do not have to know the story or the movie in order to play this roleplay. I am only focusing in on one tiny scene in the midst of the entire plot and have written everything you need to know in the next paragraph in order to understand what I have in mind. Yes, I believe this is a beefed up, smut roleplay with a whole bunch of glitter. I have provided all the pictures, inspirational music, information, and even an excerpt of the prologue to get you rolling... all we need to do now is smut it out. ;) Please keep in mind that this roleplay requires a partner who enjoys extreme, sexual dynamics in all of its glory. If you are not someone who enjoys the elements of objectifying, degrading, humiliating, beastiality, pain, and force in a roleplaying sense, this roleplay is not for you. I do recommend any of my other roleplays tho! ^.^

There is an elven princess named Arya who was charged to carry a dragon egg between the hidden elven city Ellesmera and the underground organization called the Varden. A Shade named Durza who works for Glabatorix (the bad guy) ambushes Arya on her travels trying to get the egg. Arya transports the egg to another location by using magic before Durza could get it. But the magicial spell taxed Arya so much that she passed out and Durza took her as prisoner. For months she was tortured by Durza to try and extract critical information from her; namely – the location of Ellesmera, the headquarters of the Varden, and where she teleported the dragon egg. Christopher Paolini says that Durza drugged Arya to keep her from using magic to escape and skillfully interrogated to a breath’s distance of killing her, over and over again. He even gave her to the guards in acts of sex to wear down her spirit and willingness to give up the information. He also invaded her mind with magic and searched her memories to try and find it. In the end, Eragon (the hero of the book) rescues Arya from Durza before she gave up the info and expressed to Eragon how she had wished for death many times and had even contemplated taking her own life to keep Durza from getting what he wanted.

So about my roleplay? Well I was very disappointed that Christopher never allowed the reader a glimpse into the few months that transpired between Arya and Durza. We just know this happened because Arya tells Eragon all about it. So I thought I could roleplay it, lol.

I would play Arya of course and all I need is to find some sick-minded person who wants to play Durza, haha. The roleplay would be casual and can start either when Durza ambushes Arya or when Arya is already taken as prisoner to a cell. My goal would be to keep Durza away from the secrets Arya holds and to make sure that she withstands his interrogation. The person playing Durza would have the goal of trying to get her to give up the information without killing her.

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