You smell so good [NC:H or E, BON] M/F

Started by Fragile Dreams, November 07, 2009, 06:40:46 AM

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Fragile Dreams

I'm going to try a different approach about requesting a roleplay. It will be around the same idea but it will take some discussion from both sides to end up to the final plot. I will post a music video from the German band Rammstein, don't worry if you don't understand the lyrics, neither can I. The point is to watch the video and write here or in a PM to me any ideas, the video might gave you. It's like a writing prompt, though it's going to have more depth and it will continue fully. I already have some ideas about it, so the revise will be, by combining our thoughts and imaginations. So, here it goes... hope you like this approach:

Rammstein "Du Riechst So Gut" Video