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Author Topic: Sadistically Literate - Plots  (Read 1509 times)

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Offline Professor EiranneTopic starter

Sadistically Literate - Plots
« on: November 02, 2009, 12:04:36 AM »

Go here first.

Done? Good.


I am open-eared to any ideas or settings laid upon me; here is simply a collection of some for you to peruse through as well.


Quote from: TheBashfulOne
[Change] [Android/Experiment/Terrorist Weapon/Creature/Whatever x Normal Human]

[size=85]A normal guy with an average job, an average car, an average life meets a not-so-average girl in a not-so-average way. The man (damn his sensibilities) decides to allow the homeless girl to stay in his home, without knowing that the consequences of his actions will ignite the fury of more blood-thirsty, heartless criminals than any one man would could rightfully imagine.[/size]

Quote from: TheBashfulOne
[Dirty Business] [Mafia-ish.]

She's an average girl. She has an average life, an average home, an average job as a nurse (or a doctor, or something, or maybe she's just good with healing... I dunno). Everything about her seems normal, and her day is the endless cycling routine that every child dreads to grow up into. One a rainy night in October, she comes home to find a man beside her home, unconscious and shot. Other than the fact that its hard to ignore a man bleeding all over your front porch, it would just seem morally unethical to step over him and shut the door. She takes him in, only to be thrown into a sinister plot filled with murder, suspense, drugs, and of course, money.


Bold = part I would play
(!) = a plot is detailed, PM for details


Odysseus x Penelope
Theseus x Antiope
Atalanta x Meleager (!)
Persephone x Hades (!)
Eros x Psyche
Adonis x Aphrodite
Orpheus x Eurydice (Agriope)

Native American

Skinwalker x Human (!)
Skinwalker x Spirit Shaman (!)

Quote from: TheBashfulOne
[Oh Me, Oh My] [Fantasy/ Something x Human]

Somewhere beneath the layers of truth there lies a realm of fantasy. It contains monsters, heroes, myths and men. It contains any measure of creatures that one's imagination can muster, and it has been waiting in darkness to be unleashed.

A pen with the power to make it's completed drawings come to life is an extraordinary inheritance, but this girl's grandfather neglected to tell her that the instructions held among its contents were not to be taken lightly. The fabric of Heaven and Earth is shaken as one girl lifts her hand to draw her creations, and though not all her creations are foul creatures of evil (namely one very attractive man); those ones are simply evil incarnate.

[What Dreams may Come] [Fey x Human]


((General Synopsis: girl falls asleep in woods where chaotic fey finds her and, being the sneaky little bastard he is, enters her dreams wherein chaos unfolds))

Offline Professor EiranneTopic starter

Re: Sadistically Literate - Plots
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2009, 12:06:36 AM »

Take care to read my rules regarding demons on my O&O page.

demon x human

1. The Hapless Victim
The demon captures, torments, and generally entertains themselves at the expense of the mortal's sanity and wellbeing. As a warning, this sort of role play may include but is not limited to sexual violence, humiliation, bondage and a number of other "fetishes". It will not nor ever include incest, pedophilia or bestiality (as far as unintelligent creatures are concerned). This is not suggested for the light-hearted...

2. The Demon-Slayer

The human is, in fact, a wizard/demon-hunter of no small power going toe-to-toe with all that is evil (if we chose this, then I would suggest the role play focuses on the demon hunter and that whoever is playing the demon also plays all the other characters the demon hunter meets; their superior, their sidekick, their best friend, the romantic interest, the rival, any combination of the aforementioned, etc.)

In this setting, the dominant role could go either way. In any case, a warlock (evil or otherwise), young and somewhat naive or old and practiced, depends on the character, summons a demon to do their bidding (evil or otherwise). The demon, regardless of the warlock's nature, is obviously loathe to do these duties and remains constantly vigilant for a chance to break the warlock's will over them so that they may exact their vengeance. The outcome of this RP can go several ways; the human and the demon can gain mutual, if not grudging, respect for each other. The demon does indeed find a way to escape and does indeed exact its vengeance. Who knows?

demon x demon

1. War
Demons aren't nice creatures. Not even to each other. Not much creativity going on in this, but the potential for it exists...

2. Tutor
Sometimes, demons do get along. In this case, a demon in a place of power guiding and overseeing the progress of a demon of lower status. Effectively teaching them how to be epitomes of greed, lust, wrath, and every other sin. All at the same time.

Offline Professor EiranneTopic starter

Re: Sadistically Literate - Plots
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2009, 12:08:08 AM »


Gambit x Rogue
Gambit x OC
Nightcrawler x Amanda Sefton (Daytripper)
Nightcrawler x OC
Iceman x OC
Wolverine x Silver Fox
Wolverine x Lady Deathstryke
Iron Man x OC
Spiderman x Black Cat
Black Cat x OC (!)
Carnage x OC (Violence!)
Shadowcat x OC


Joker x Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn x OC (!)
The Riddler x OC
The Flash x OC
Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond) x OC (villainess)
Nightwing x OC

Top Cow
Jackie Estacado (The Darkness) x Sarah Pezzini (Witchblade) (!)
Jackie Estacado (The Darkness) x OC

Captain Reynolds x Inara
Wash x Zoe (when he's first consigned)
Jayne x OC

Wolf's Rain

Hige x Blue
Hige x OC

Star Wars

Knights of Old Republic

OC (jedi) x OC (!)
OC (sith) x OC (jedi)
OC (sith) x OC (sith) (!)
Revan x Bastila Shan
Revan x OC
Revan (female) x Carth Onasi
Carth Onasi x OC
"Exile" x Brianna, the Last Handmaiden
"Exile" x Visas Marr (!)
"Exile" x Mira[/url]
"Exile" (female) x Mical, the Disciple
"Exile" (female) x Atton Rand

Post-Episode 3; Pre-Episode 4

"Rookie One" x Ru Murleen (!)
OC (jedi) x OC (jedi) (!)
OC (jedi) x OC (imperial) (!)
Galen Marek (Darth Vader's Secret Apprentice) x Juno Eclipse(!)
Kyle Katarn x Jan Ors (!)
Maris Brood x OC (!)

Warhammer 40K

OC (Space Marine) x OC (Imperium Guard) (!)
OC (Space Marine) x OC (Sister of Battle)
OC (Imperium Guard) x OC (Sister of Battle) (!)
OC (Imperium Guard) x OC (Imperium Guard) (!)
OC (Space Marine) x OC (Eldar)


OC's (!)

OC's (!)

Forgotten Realms
OC's and nothing but (if anyone not only knows what this is, but plays it, they get +9000 DKP).

Offline Professor EiranneTopic starter

Re: Sadistically Literate - Plots
« Reply #3 on: November 02, 2009, 12:11:44 AM »
I prefer planning for RP's over IM for the convenience; I do not role play on IM services.

You may contact me through anyone of these mediums, though of the selections, I am on AIM and MSN more than YIM.

AIM: <snip>
MSN: <snip>
YIM: <snip>

Cheers and thank you for your interest.

Contact information is not allowed in posts made in the public boards of Elliquiy. If you would like to make your messengers available in your profile, you can edit them here, or direct people to your ONs-&-OFFs. `Caeli
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