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Author Topic: The Shallow Home Life  (Read 743 times)

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The Shallow Home Life
« on: October 30, 2009, 04:54:47 PM »
(A cure for a niche, sorta. I still feel like writing, but even now there are a lot of private threads and not very many open for just anyone. So, I make another! This will have a slight bit more of a criteria to join than before, but I hope to keep it on-going, long after my approval.)

Profile Set-Up:
Age (15-18):
Brief description of home:
School (either Kyoura School for Boys or Kira School for Girls):
Year (1-4):
Description of self:

My Profile:
Name: Takashima Fibuki
Age (15-18): 17
Siblings?: Yes, 1 younger sister (12)
Brief description of home: Simple, three bedroom residence, with living area and kitchen conjoined.
School (either Kyoura School for Boys or Kira School for Girls): Kyoura School for Boys
Year (1-4): 3rd year
Description of self: Taka's eyes are a sparkling blue, which is his most appealing physical quality. He also has a very strong jaw-line and chin, with a wide smile and a demeanor of always being in an easy-going mood. Outside of the school uniform (which are slacks, a white button-down and a red tie) he wears several named labels, but bought from second-hand stores, so that was the expense is not great. He has a great work ethic... outside of school. He can be accused of being too easy-going within the four walls of the private school. He maintains his grades so he can remain in the school and for his clubs. Standing 5'10", Taka is one of the tallest in his class, towered only by the basketball team and a few members of the soccer team. His physique is nothing spectacular. A toned musculature and built for endurance. His hair is black, and about shoulder length in the back, with his bangs coming and draping across his eyes.  Taka excells in Kendo and Judo, the two clubs he's closely affiliated with. Outside of school, Taka can be found doing jobs around the area, making money for a home that is living pay-check to pay-check. Taka's mother works late into the night as a programmer for a firm. Taka winds up baby-sitting his younger sister, who is everything resembling a brat. Taka's father left shortly after Sayori's (Taka's sister's name) conception. She had been raised fatherless and ultimately developed every insecurity and complex that could be obtained from such. Taka tries to be a father-figure, but its difficult with her already relying on her bratty identity.

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Re: The Shallow Home Life
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2009, 05:13:03 PM »
Saturday, at last. Takashima Fibuki woke up sitting upright and shaking his head, brushing his hair from the side of his face and then trying vainly to spread it across his forehead evenly. Leaning forward from his seated position, he crawled to the end of his futon and pulled over a change of clothes folded neatly at the foot of the futon. As Taka was standing he heard a gasp from beside him. With eyes wide open, Taka glared at his sister, who stood, staring, agape at the sight of Taka in nothing but his sleep clothes, and presently pitching a tent with them. His face flushed and he kicked his pillow at the door, striking the now empty doorway. His sister screaming "Ewwww!" down the halls.

Grumpily, Taka changed and walked into the bathroom, only to be confronted by his little sister once more, who was brushing her teeth. Upon seeing him, Sayori (with brush in mouth) turned defensive and started performing the stereotypical karate motions that you always see in the movies with a froth on her lips.

"Okay, okay, I'll come back later," a defeated Taka breathed, backing slowly out of the bathroom and waving his hands in a "Take it Easy" motion. Changing direction when he got in the hallway, Taka walked towards the living room. The sound of the television airing the latest news from Tokyo in the background. The sound and smell of something sizzling on the stove immediately caught his attention. Walking into the kitchen, he happened to see a delectable dish being cooked by his mother.

"Oka-san," Taka said softly, not wishing to startle his distracted mother. She turned her head and smiled sweetly.

"Hello, dear," she returned.

"It smells delicious," Taka said, walking closer to the stove to see the eggs and vegetables in the pan.

"Thank you," without much more hesitation, she turned the pan into a serving dish and without losing a breath, she spoke to Taka again, "I have to work today, too. I know... I know-" she interrupted a protest from Taka- "- but the more money we have, the better, right?" Taka could only nod. He picked up the platter and walked it over to the table, where toast and marmalade had already been placed. The table was set and everything was laid out very neatly.

"I decided to do something a little more... Western for breakfast," Taka's mother said, washing her hands and the pots at the same time.

"I'm sure it'll be good," Taka praised.

Sayori rushed outt the hallway and took her seat, shovelling food onto her plate with the spoon and immediately diggin in. Taka stared at her for a moment, and waited for his mother to sit down. It only seemed proper that he be the last to sit. Soon, Taka was eating his breakfast, wondering what he'd have to be stuck doing with his little sister for the entire day.

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Re: The Shallow Home Life
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2009, 09:28:07 PM »
Clatter. Clang. Splash. The dishes, dropped into the soapy water, rattled in their descent down the bubbly water. Taka's hand worked in earnest, scrubbing what food remained on the platters, attempting to achieve a level of spotless that would impress his mother. She walked from the hall in a bustle. Her hair was pulled back neatly, a pencil hanging from her mouth, and her purse held tightly in one hand. The other was fumbling with the keys to the family vehicle.

"Take care of everything," his mom said, breathing around the pincil. She lifted the purse and tossed the pencil in with her lips. "And stay out of trouble. Love you."

"You too, oka-san," Taka called as the door shut. The house became instantly quiet. Not a single noise. Even Sayori couldn't be heard. With a sigh, Taka completed cleaning the dishes and wiped them off with a freshly laundered towel then placed them in a plastic tub to finish drying. He looked around the empty room. Clean and unmarred, even with his mother working more than 70 hours a week, she still maintained the house hold whenever the two siblings were out, or in school and she had free time. Taka began to grow uncomfortable in the silence and began walking back down the short hallway, knocking on his sisters sliding door and calling:

"Get ready for the park."

"Okay!" came a terse reply. After the acknowledgement, Taka went to the bathroom, to finish the freshening up routine. Brushing his teeth, he heard his sister's door open and the patter of her feet as she ran towards the bathroom. He looked surprised, but became more befuddled when she grabbed him around the waist and pushed him out of the bathroom. "I gotta pee!" Her explanation was well understood, but what the Hell was Taka doing with the tooth brush half hanging from his mouth and the blend of foam and mucus running down his chin. With a sigh, he walked to the kitchen and spat in the sink. Rinsing the brush and the spittle out from the bottom of the steel basin. He used the back of his hand to wipe the rest from his chin and then washed his hands. Done, he went back to the bathroom just as the door opened, and Sayori came rushing out with a piece of toilet paper stuck to her heel.

"Use it," Taka called after her, "Don't abuse it."

Sayori, embarrassed, grabbed it from her heel and threw it away in the nearest wastemasket. Slightly humiliated, she ran to the door and shouted, "I'll race you to the park!" Taka placed the toothbrush into its cup and then ran from the bathroom, towards the front door. There, he slipped on his shoes and stared out the open door. Sayori long gone already. Taka smiled and grabbed the spare keys, locked the door, and began running after his sister. She rounded the corner and began headed towards the local park. Taka had just made it to the intersection of the walk and road and was about to make his turn, to follow his sister.