Female wanted for Brother/Sister role play! Rather different setting.

Started by Will1988, October 30, 2009, 02:07:16 PM

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First off, I'm new to this whole adult role playing thing. I won't lie to you, it's the first time I did anything like this, and it's been years since I last role played(non adult).

However, I will try my best to make sure this is fun for both of us. Don't worry, I'm not a one liner.

If what I mentioned above is ok to you, then here's my idea for my first adult role play.

Will and (your character) are born and raised in a strict Christian family. Every weekend, they would go to the local church for mass and charity events. Since both their parents are very strict in their religion, they have never taught their children anything about sex as they believe sex education is a disgrace. Because of that, Will lives his life innocently, not knowing the secret pleasures of the world of sex.

Will is currently a 16 year old student in a religious school. His height is about the same as his peers in school, however he can be considered skinny and obviously he is not as muscular as the athletes in the school.  Influenced by his parents, he believes that many teenagers of his age are dangerous and unholy. Therefore, he doesn't mix around much, except for a few which most of the teenagers would label as 'nerds'. having not many friends, Will usually spends his time in the library reading books and surfing the net with the provided computer in there.

Although Will does not socialize with many friends, he is particularly close with his sister. Maybe it's because she is just a year older than him and she studies in the same school as him. Usually they would hang out together in the canteen and also at home, enjoying movie together. The bond between them is very strong, and Will never had any sexual thoughts about his sister, until one day...

Will is searching for a chemistry book in the library that he desperately needs for his assignment. Just as he finds it, a small piece of paper slips out of the book, it must be some student that left it in the book in purpose. The paper reads 'XXX.com'. Will doesn't know it's a porn website, XXX means nothing to him. Curious, he sits down in front of the library computer and types out the web address. As soon as he hits 'Enter', he is shocked to see naked women everywhere, all of them in sexy poses. He gulps, he is curious. He has never seen a naked women before, especially not one that has a man inserting something in between her legs. Just when he is about to click a link to another porn website, he hears his sister's voice right behind him. "Hi bro!"


Wow, that turned out longer than I thought. I have no idea where did all those words came from, honest!
Anyway, here are some of the 'rules'.

1.You can play submissive, dominant, equal, both s&d or all 3 of them. We'll discuss. (Most likely I will not be dominant in the beginning.)
You can also be the rebellious one in the family, a totally different personality from me, or be as innocent as me and we shall discover things. ;d

2. Females only please. There's only room for 1 female as I'm still new.

3. Just had this idea, maybe you can play an extra character as the librarian who catches me logging into a porn website in a public computer.

4. Read my ONs and OFFs please. :)

5. Proper English please, occasional mistakes are fine :)

6. One liners are only okay if they're not too often. I would like to see effort from my partner too. :)

Erm, as for timing, I will usually be on around 2AM-12PM. (Elliquiy forum time, it's at your top right.)