Seeking Female for M/f story ideas [UN]

Started by TheGlyphstone, October 29, 2009, 01:58:43 PM

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Um...hi? I've been here a while, but only played in a few group RP's that never got off the ground, and ended up taking a long haitus. Now I'm back, with a couple of scenarios that have caught my fancy.

Chemistry of Love

A brilliant but absentminded scientist hires a young woman to work as his lab assistant and general helper. She quickly discovers that she finds him extremely attractive, and wants their relationship to go beyond the merely professional, but he seems to be completely oblivious to her feelings and subtle hints, focused entirely on his latest experiment. Eventually, she decides to take matters into her own hands...

Looking for someone to play the lab assistant. This could be fit in pretty much any setting - contemporary, sci-fi, or fantasy (modified to alchemist/sorcerer+acolyte).

The Monster Hunter's Apprentice
-A dangerous fantasy world, filled with dragons and trolls and all sorts of other beasties who are a constant danger to the common people.
-A gruff and bitter man who makes his living as a monster hunter, travelling around and dispatching marauding creatures in exchange for whatever pay the local villagers can accumulate. He fights with grit, wits, and maybe a magical bauble or two, a lone wolf always on the search for new prey.
-A spirited, independent girl born for a completely different era, constantly dreaming about a life of adventure and excitement instead of the dreary arranged marriage that lies somewhere ahead of her.

When their paths cross, likely in the process of his destruction of a monster who happened to have caught her during one of her ill-advised wanderings, she sees him as her ticket to the life she dreamed of, and runs away from home to follow him when he leaves. Initially defensive of his independent lifestyle, he eventually (grudgingly) agrees to show her the tricks of his trade to ensure that there will be a hunter when he's gone, and as time passes, they each begin to realize deeper feelings for the other.

Again, looking for someone to play the prospective apprentice - she could be a commoner, a merchant's child, or even a noblewoman.


Hey if your still looking for a partner, Im open just Pm me. Im leaning toward the Monster Hunter's Apprentice.
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Monster Hunter's Apprentice is, at the moment, occupied, but I'll keep you in mind.